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Top 5 Governor Races To Watch On Election Day [VIDEO]

Top 5 Governor Races To Watch On Election Day [VIDEO]

Top 5 Governor Races To Watch On Election Day [VIDEO]

Election Day is tomorrow. It is crunch time for multiple races across the country. Deanna wrote here about some key Senate races, Lisa wrote about Cantwell and Washington State, and Darleen explains very simply why we must send the Democrats into a very long time-out. But hey! How about those Governor races? Let’s take a look at the five races eyes will be on throughout Election Day.

Photo Credit: Pavel Mironov/Vector Illustration


Will Ron DeSantis win, or will Andrew Gillum pull an upset? Keep in mind that Gillum was elevated to Mayor of Tallahassee after the Trayvon Martin killing. He is no fan of guns and, in fact, campaigned against Florida’s “stand your ground defense law.” Furthermore, his campaign and his conduct has been rife with missteps including major misuse of funds, his continued assertions that DeSantis is racist! and his advocation of the Dream Defenders. Who/What are the Dream Defenders? As William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection points out, they are an anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian social justice group with significant ties to convicted terrorist Ramsea Odeh, who was deported from the U.S. last year after being caught lying about her immigration application.

Will DeSantis prevail, or will Gillum upset the apple cart and thus usher in an era of Medicare for all, higher taxes, zero support for law enforcement, and catering to any and all social justice efforts to the detriment of Florida? Right now they are in a statistical tie, so keep your eyes on Florida.


It’s a good thing that John Kasich will no longer be governor of that state. Now if he’d just quit toying with the idea of yet another failed presidential run, I’d be thrilled. That said, this race will come down to Democrat favorite, Richard Cordray. Obama campaigned for him in Cleveland, and Trump for Attorney General Mike DeWine. The plus for DeWine is the significant job growth and manufacturing gains. Yet right now the campaigns are essentially in a dead heat, so election night will likely be a squeaker. If DeWine loses, Kasich will be partly to blame due to his lackluster support.


Will Governor Scott Walker win for a third time, or will Tony Evers pull a surprise win? The state Dems are all in for Evers.

“The cake is baked this time,” she says. “Having gone through those other times, the polling, the environment, everything looks really different.”

Will Democrats go to the polls like she believes? Keep in mind that Wisconsin went for Trump because Hillary thought the state wasn’t worth her time. Will Wisconsin Democrats hold that against Evers and the state party? It would be a painful lesson if they did.


Current Governor Kim Reynolds is fighting hard to keep her seat. Her opponent is Fred Hubbell. The race will likely turn on exactly two issues: reproductive rights and tax cuts favoring the wealthy. Hubbell is a former Planned Parenthood board member who would immediately restore state funding to Planned Parenthood and work to dump the newly-signed bill that restricted abortions in the state. He is advocating for increased taxes, even though the state economy is seeing a business boom across nearly all sectors. If Kim Reynolds wins, it will be a squeaker for sure but a plus for the state overall.


Democrat Stacey Abrams vs. Brian Kemp. It’s been a race to watch for sure. The campaigns have been chock full of cries of voter fraud, racism, and more. Stacey Abrams’ campaign is questionable, and I’m not just talking about her over-the-top bodice-ripping “romance” novels either.

A high-level staffer for Democrat Stacey Abrams resigned after he promoted the gubernatorial candidate on a Russian government-funded media outlet that the FBI is investigatingas part of a potential Kremlin-backed operation to influence last year’s presidential election.

Oops. Voter intimidation isn’t a good look either.

Exactly. She wants to take away all guns and do away with the Second Amendment in the process. Hopefully Georgia voters realize that and will say NOPE to Abrams tomorrow.

Obama discussed character during a recent campaign stop:

Which is supremely laughable, because nearly every Democrat candidate on the top five ballots…and Beto too!…have extreme character problems. So yes, character IS on the ballot, and if the Democrats prevail, we will have no character left.

Feature Photo Credit: Pavel Mironov/Vector Illustration

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  • scott says:


    You forgot Colorado. If the assclown Polis gets elected, Colorado is doomed. The idiots in Denver, Boulder, and Pueblo are running this state with their leftist bullshit, and socialist sacks of shit like Polis are what we’re getting..

  • John Sullivan says:

    Out here (west of the Pecos) we’re most concerned about NV.
    We need Laxalt to keep Nevada from turning into California’s closet.

  • Slow Joe Crow says:

    It looks like Oregon may be in play as well. Polls are showing a close race, with Buehler holding and Brown fading slightly, plus The Oregonian endorsed Knute Buehler (R) over the Democratic incumbent. If he wins Buehler will be the first Republican Governor since Vic Atiyeh in the 80s.

  • D3F1ANT says:

    Can you even imagine a gaggle of white guys being allowed to stand in the open with AKs at a VOTING location and NO police contact!? LOL!

  • Bill589 says:

    In my ‘Blue’ Connecticut, a life-long registered Democrat elderly neighbor put out all Republican signs in her yard for the first time in her life. She told me that she is afraid of violence.
    I told her that mostly the useful idiots of the Left will just defame or tear down her signs, but to call 911 if she has any problems.
    And then call me: I figure that the second best use of a pro-Republican sign in 2018 is to defend our property with it by breaking it over the criminal Leftist’s head.

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