Vote No On Democrats

Vote No On Democrats

Vote No On Democrats

A vote for a Democrat, any Democrat, is to reward some of the most divisive, hysterical, irrational behavior in modern politics.

Roll up your voter’s guide, point to the corner and send every Democrat you can into a long time-out. This cannot continue. Do not let it continue.

Just do it, while we still can.

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  • Steve says:

    I am more Libertarian than Republican. But more than anything I’m conservative. I tend to vote Republican at the top of the ticket and Libertarian further down, and have even been known to vote for the odd Democrat from time to time. For the first time in many, many, many, elections, I’ll be voting a straight Republican ticket. Not because I’m in love with Trump or the Republican party, but because I am voting AGAINST the Democrat party. I feel as though the Democrat party and Democrats in general have declared war on decency and the American way. This is my way of fighting back.

  • Mark says:

    They declared war on the American Way long ago. They’ve been following the tinpot-dictator/banana-republic script for a long time, but now they have graduated to the first stages of industrialized warfare. Until they are stopped it can only get worse. And it will be an ugly, generational fight. But the alternative is worse, a long night of darkness in which liberty under law is quashed and forgotten, and villified when it is remembered.

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