Virginia Elections This Year Are All About Stellar Individuals

Virginia Elections This Year Are All About Stellar Individuals

Virginia Elections This Year Are All About Stellar Individuals

There are some stellar individuals running for election in Virginia this year. Denver Riggleman and Dave Brat, among others, stand out as future political superstars, especially since Brat – an economics professor who taught at Randolph Macon College – actually gets… you know… ECONOMICS, and Riggleman – an Air Force vet and small business owner – understands what businesses in Virginia need and what economic policies impact the state writ large.

To be sure, these stellar individuals are facing some uphill battles in districts where they should see easy wins. There are several reasons for this, including mass amounts of money being tossed at Democrats challenging these guys. Brat’s Democratic challenger Abigail Spanberger, is flogging her “I’m a former CIA operative” career like a horny old pervert in a trashy strip bar. (Personally, if I were a CIA operations officer in a past life, I’d keep it a bit quiet, because OPSEC doesn’t end just because you leave the Agency.)

But despite the fact that Spanberger is outspending Brat by roughly $3 million so far, they’re in a statistical dead heat, with Brat just a little bit ahead. The race shouldn’t be a photo finish. Brat’s fiscal responsibility and his record of taking on flaccid establishment candidates should propel him to a win in this race, especially with Spanberger being endorsed by the likes of Planned Parenthood and the gun-grabbing mommies.

Photo is random yard sign

Riggleman, meanwhile, had a good laugh at the expense of the unfortunately-named Leslie Cockburn (believe me, I giggle every time I see a Kaine-Cockburn sign; ya might wanna get that looked at, Timmy) when the latter accused him of being into Bigfoot pr0n!

Cockburn *gigglesnort* is a gun control devotee (running in rural Virginia, no less!) and a former journalist (so you know she lies like an old bear rug), who has spent twice as much money as Riggleman to buy herself a Congressional seat, has the support of all her leftist Hollywood and media buddies, and is currently deadlocked.

Just think about that. In rural Virginia, a popular business owner and military veteran who supports gun rights and understands small business is in a statistical dead heat with a journalist who has the support of gun grabbers, abortion groups, and big unions, who tried to impact her opponent’s campaign with an accusation of Sasquatch erotica!

“My opponent Denver Riggleman, running mate of Corey Stewart, was caught on camera campaigning with a white supremacist. Now he has been exposed as a devotee of Bigfoot erotica. This is not what we need on Capitol Hill,” Cockburn tweeted along with a photo of a nude Bigfoot, apparently from Riggleman’s Instagram.

No, you know what we DON’T need in Virginia? An anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist who wants to become part of the very US government she claims is controlled by them eeeeevil Jooooos!

That said, hidden in that quote is also another reason why proud, unabashed, competent conservative candidates are in races that are much closer than they should be. Corey Stewart. The same Corey Stewart whose desperation to get elected to something – ANYTHING – prompted him to weaponize rape and sexual assault and imply in a political ad that Tim Kaine had something to hide in that regard. As I wrote previously, Stewart wasn’t disgusted by the disgusting spectacle that was the attempted destruction and humiliation of Brett Kavanaugh. He took lessons from it.

Worse yet, Stewart will be forever associated with the racist swine Jason Kessler and Paul Nehlen, which is also not helping his campaign against Kaine, where he’s roughly 18.5 points behind.

Problem is, even though stellar candidates like Dave Brat and Denver Riggleman have had nothing to do with Stewart, have not campaigned with him, and have barely mentioned him by name, Stewart is at the top of the GOP ticket this year, and he threatens to drag the others down with him. Big Republican donors in Virginia have also distanced themselves from Stewart, who was fired by the Trump campaign in 2016 for staging an “anti-establishment” protest attention-whoring stunt at the RNC Headquarters in Washington, and who now is trying to ride Trump’s coattails to a Senate seat.

Republicans in Virginia just don’t like Corey Stewart. He won his primary in June by a bit more than one percentage point against a guy who was largely unknown statewide before stepping up – Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas, whom his frothing supporters ridiculed for his Portuguese last name, and whom Stewart called “Cryin Nick” because Freitas was disgusted by it. Cryin’ Nick. A fucking Green Beret who has deployed and served his country (while Stewart can barely support his flabby gut when forced to stand on his feet for an hour) was somehow branded a wuss because he objected to racist fucktards claiming his name sounded like something off the dollar menu at Taco Bell.


Apparently Stewart thought it was “funny.”

And now, Stewart is at the top of the ticket, threatening to drag other Republicans down with him.

My advice to Virginia voters is to look at the individual.

If Corey Stewart pisses you off, so be it, but we are not liberals, and we shouldn’t judge all the Virginia GOP candidates by the top of the ticket.

We are conservatives. We appreciate individualism and shun collectivism.

And that’s why we should look at the attributes of stellar individuals like Dave Brat, Denver Riggleman, Ben Cline, and others as individual conservatives who deserve the chance to serve Virginia, not as part of one massive Virginia GOP campaign. I realize a lot of people look to the top of the ballot and vote for or against the ticket as a whole. I think this goes directly against our conservative principles of valuing individuals over the collective.

Let’s send stellar individuals and conservatives to Washington this year, Virginia!


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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • GWB says:

    I really hate how blue Virginia is becoming, even in the heavily military Hampton Roads area. Ugh.
    And then our choices are “Dem Senate” or “Corey Stewart”. Double ugh.

    BTW, Corey, when the trundle comes along, you’ll be getting on it, along with the Dems – even if you win.

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