TikTok Cringe: Fauci And The Influencers

TikTok Cringe: Fauci And The Influencers

TikTok Cringe: Fauci And The Influencers

It’s bad enough some of our kids are on TikTok. For some of them, TikTok allows them their 15 minutes of celebrity. For others, TikTok is a contest in searching out the most “cringe” videos to send to friends (my son and his friends do this daily).

In fact, TikTok and “cringe” go hand-in-hand, for the most part. Especially when you get a load of what graced Twitter and TikTok yesterday. Enter Dr. Anthony “I just want to stay on TV or wherever” Fauci who seems to be branching out with other “influencers” on the Chinese spying app and granting interviews.

Fauci taking to TikTok is not new but check out the “Confidential” White House PR e-mail was sent to TikTok influencers in an attempt to influence children as young as 12 to get the (now approved) Pfizer vaccine is:

Among the “influencers” who hung out with TikTokDoc Fauci was former lip-syncer-turned-“singer”, Jacob Sartorius. Now, I don’t know much about the kid except my teenager says he’s “cringe” and that he was largely responsible for a bunch of fifth-grade boys who were friends with him acting like little douchebags on Music.ly back in the day. Glad those days are over. Thanks for that, Jason. You’ve shaped a generation of little jackwagons. We flash forward five years and here he is, 18 years old, with the tattoo on his forearm, the shaggy hairstyle girls just go ga-ga over and, of course, the cliche cross-and-hoop earring to complete the look. Has he even hit puberty yet? Who the hell knows. He is, however, old enough to make his own decisions and get the shot if he chooses, while “influencing” a 12 year-old girl who thinks guys like him are “just dreamy” to do the same.

Are you happy, Dr. Fauci?!

Well, didn’t they just tell the conspiracy theorists where to go? Now I don’t know about you, but I DO feel sooo much better now that Fauci and Sartorius totally blew that myth about a magical microchip or a magnetic implant in the arm out of the water. Phew. All this time, I was sitting around with my iPhone near my right shoulder thinking I’d feel some magnetic force. Thank God for Jacob Sartorius! I would have wasted my life away wondering if I have been implanted with the mark of the beast.

If having the peace of mind knowing you are not going to get a tracker injected into your arm does not seal the deal for our youngsters, Fauci also chats with YouTuber, Claudia Sulewski, who is promoting, what she calls “Vax Girl Summer” on TikTok. Sulewski asks Fauci what she could say to her friends to encourage them to get vaccinated because she wants to “invite them to her pool party”.

“When you are vaccinated, you are protected from getting infected and you’re protected from getting anybody else infected.”-Dr. Anthony Fauci


Explain to us why, then, are vaccinated people still getting infected, oh Doc of TikTok? Why are individuals still getting infected with COVID-19 even though they are in the company of vaccinated individuals? Of course, White House PR wants to influence the 12 plus age group who don’t typically read the news so, we’ll just omit this little tidbit of information. I doubt anybody who is celebrating “Vax Girl Summer” would be paying attention, anyway.

These “celebrities” of TikTok are not the only ones who have jumped on board the medium to encourage youngsters to get their “Fauci Ouchies“. A young, married couple who chronicle their whole lives regularly on TikTok, Matt and Abby Howard, also chimed in:

There’s so much misinformation, and we just want to be a part of sharing good information. People can do with that information what they will, but that was our approach in doing so. Hopefully many will see, and the information will lead to more younger people getting vaccinated.”-Abby Howard

The video, which can be seen here opens with Dr. Fauci giving the couple a “What’s up, Dudes?”

The goal here? To “get out information” to young people to get a shot to maybe or maybe not prevent a virus they are very likely to recover from. (Ahem-propaganda.)

It’s okay, Matt and Abby Howard said you won’t lose your fertility down the road. Jason Sartorius says ou won’t get a microchip implanted in your arm, you silly goose. And Claudia Sulewski allows “Vax Grrrrrls” to dream about just how much freedom they’ll have when they don’t have to wear a mask at a pool party, at school (JK-LOLs, you’ll still be masked-up) and on your Tinder dates! Imagine a world with NO constraints, says Dr. Fauci. The only constraint a young person will feel is that of being left out of the “cool kids club” without their “Fauci Ouchies”. I mean, like, who doesn’t WANT to be invited to the pool party? Better get your shot, kiddies, or the “popular” people won’t like you. Jump right in and come on over to this pool party. The water’s not deep here, you can keep swimming in the shallow end.

All the while, Chinese company, ByteDance, who owns TikTok, is looking on at us thinking, “what a bunch of dumb asses”.

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey/FlickR/Creative Commons/Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)?Cropped

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  • Hate_me says:

    TikTok is what happens when you make kids wear helmets on bicycles.

    • Mark says:


      I would be more convinced of someone arguing that TikTok was what happened when you don’t make kids wear helmets on bikes (considering the retarded things that appear on TikTok).

      • Hate_me says:

        I get it, but I know I would have ridden my bike a hell of a lot less as a kid had I been forced to wear a helmet.

        I’d have found my fun elsewhere. If you have actually data showing that helmets actually reduce bicycle injuries, rather than just give parents peace of mind, please share (probably still won’t convince me it’s worth it).

        Also, it’s not like the high-IQ kids are the ones you see wearing helmets as a part of everyday life.

  • Mark says:

    I am totally convinced that TikTok is the invention of the CCP and was created to gather embarrassing and incriminating videos on people who may come into leadership of Western countries.

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