There’s a Chappaquiddick Film Coming Next Week, and the Kennedy Dynasty Won’t Like It [VIDEO]

There’s a Chappaquiddick Film Coming Next Week, and the Kennedy Dynasty Won’t Like It [VIDEO]

There’s a Chappaquiddick Film Coming Next Week, and the Kennedy Dynasty Won’t Like It [VIDEO]

The disturbing facts of the Chappaquiddick “incident” have been purposefully buried for decades, while the Left has deified the man at the center of it all. But in the wake of the #MeToo movement, a new film premiering next week just may send waves crashing throughout the Democrat establishment, which houses the same people who’ve built much of their power on the back of the Kennedy name. Chappaquiddick stars Jason Clarke, of Zero Dark Thirty fame, who plays the philandering, oft-drunken 37-year-old Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy:

@ChapquiddickMov: In the shadow of #JFK sending a man to the moon, Sen #TedKennedy covered-up the event that would lead to the downfall of his presidential campaign. #Chappaquiddick. In theaters April 6th.

From reviewer, Roger Friedman:

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“Chappaquiddick” refers to a scandal that in hindsight is stunning that it didn’t end Kennedy’s political career—or put him in jail. Let’s say you’re a fan of Kennedy for everything but this episode. Still, on a boozy summer night — the same weekend that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon–a married but philandering Teddy drove his car off the Chappaquiddick bridge with Mary Jo Kopechne (astute performance by Kate Mara, she’s excellent), a young secretary who’d worked for his late brother Bobby, at his side…

They never reported the accident. Instead, they created massive cover up that presaged Watergate. The car and Mary Jo were discovered the next morning by passersby. Curran peels the cover up like an orange, and it’s beautiful to watch. Clarke portrays Teddy so ambiguously you almost can’t tell if he’s calculating, stupid, just a lost man child. The result is you can’t take your eyes off of him. Teddy’s scenes with his father– Joe Kennedy after a stroke, wheelchair bound, wordless perfection from Bruce Dern–are riveting.

The Kennedys will not be happy. They may try to kill this film. (In 40 years no one has even tried to tell this story accurately.) Allen will have to present quite a PR front and solid distribution. This isn’t a tabloid story. Curran is damn serious. If Mary Jo as #MeToo victim takes off, the movie will click. This really happened. Ted Kennedy–using his brothers’ assassinations for sympathy–convinced the world that he just didn’t know what happened to this beautiful, smart young woman. “Chappaquiddick” is quite stunning.

No, it hasn’t.

Aaaaaaand right on cue, CNN makes poor ol’ TED KENNEDY the victim:

Hmm. One of TED’s “darkest hours.” Mary Jo Kopechne remains unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, the DNC establishment is pulling out all the stops to shove their newest shiny object from the Kennedy dynasty, Joe Kennedy III, great-nephew of Ted Kennedy, down our throats. But it’s well past time America stops worshiping “Teddy,” the so-called “Lion of the Senate,” and the members of his dynastic family. The fact is: he was out making merry with a woman not his wife, crashed his Oldsmobile Delta 88 into a tidal channel in Chappaquiddick, freed himself, left 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne there to die by not seeking immediate help, then sought sympathy for himself by exploiting his own brothers’ assassinations. He should have been charged with manslaughter and prosecuted. Instead, he remains the progressive hero of the Left, which should tell us all we need to know about their moral compass. Hopefully this film will further crack the lionized foundation on which Ted Kennedy’s memory stands.

Chappaquiddick hits theaters next Friday, April 6th. I, for one, will be watching.

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