Predictably, Gloria Allred Abandons Trump Accuser Summer Zervos

Predictably, Gloria Allred Abandons Trump Accuser Summer Zervos

Predictably, Gloria Allred Abandons Trump Accuser Summer Zervos

Does anyone really believe if this case were a winner Gloria Allred would be letting it go? Not in a million years. It’s a loser, it’s a dog. She’s getting out while the getting’s good. That’s not to say that the underlying claim is not true, but it is to say that it cannot be won. You can say a lot of things about Gloria Allred, but you can’t say her momma raised a fool.

“Our withdrawal has nothing to do with the merits of her case against President Trump,” Allred said. “We will have no comment regarding the reasons for our firm’s withdrawal. We continue to wish Summer the very best in her pursuit of justice.”

I feel bad for Summer Zervos. She was paraded out as one of numerous women (how many did they eventually line up?) who asserted sexual harassment claims against then candidate Donald Trump, shortly before election day in 2016. The women and their claims did not make any difference to the voting public. Hillary was so incredibly awful that credible claims of letchery were not even close to enough to persuade voters to fall in with the lying pantsuit queen.

Gloria Allred and Summer Zervos in NY, Sept 2017

Summer and the other ladies dropped into the scene just a few months before #MeToo blew up. But #MeToo certainly doesn’t seem to be helping them now (since all but Summer have disappeared), and likely only came about because Hillary was out of the scene. Had she ever become president, it is very unlikely a single pink pussy hat would’ve ever been donned, or the streets crowded with misguided female feminists and male feminists who drooled at Ashley Judd’s blood stained sheets poetry slam and Madonna’s da’ bomb daydream about the White House.

Now all that’s left of the bandwagon of accusers appears to be Summer’s defamation claim, which she will not win. I hope the fee agreement is contingent.

This video is from last fall following the hearing in which Trump moved to dismiss the defamation case. We know now that the motion was denied, but this was when Allred was still on the case. Zervos answered no questions, even though they were simply ones about how she felt about the case moving forward. She is not a very assertive person, it appears, which may have been why she ran into so much trouble with Trump. (The angle on this video is terrible (mostly for Allred), but it does convey the mood of the impromptu press conferences held outside the court room). Marianne Wang, co-counsel here, is still on the case.

I’m not one that thinks Summer is lying about what happened, it’s just I don’t have much sympathy for her after the first alleged offense. She agreed to and sought out connection with Trump on multiple occasions, even after he allegedly tried to kiss her in New York. She set up meetings with him California and unexplainably kept going to meetings even after she says he made passes at her. If a pass is made, but you aren’t interested, the rules are that you do not continue to conduct yourself in a way that appears interested.

In this case, Trump was not asserting any power over her, she was trying to assert some over him. It didn’t work. She wanted to play both sides, perhaps using her attractiveness to hopefully gain his attention, but also to gain a job out of it while refusing to put out. Hey, it’s a strategy. It didn’t work out. The man knows how to negotiate, and she was never going to win that simplistic bargain.

She made a mistake by coming forward to rehash these embarrassing events. But here is where I can be a bit sympathetic, because I am positive Gloria Allred sold her a bill of goods how she could finally get even with Trump if she told her story. So many other women would support her too. But Gloria didn’t tell her the end of the story, which is the part where she does not come out smelling like a rose, and people forget, and worse, don’t care, who she is or what she had to say. Democrats are responsible for making those rules, and unfortunately it’s people like Summer Zervos who feel the consequences of them.

The real villain here is Gloria Allred. Thanks to her, Summer is now involved in a lengthy litigation which is never fun, and which she is going to lose, and Allred is allowed to slip away, abandoning her. Honestly, not a good day for women.

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  • Kevin S. says:

    Why do women still flock to Gloria Allred & even to Lisa Bloom anymore is beyond me?? Are women this stupid?? Or just a desperate attempt of “LOOK AT ME”?? Should be a “WOKE”-up card by now. When the going gets tough, they’ll dump you faster than a one night stand does without cab fare.

  • harleycowboy says:

    I guess the Happy Hooker band wagon was too full for her to hitch a ride.

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