The Stars and Stripes Act Of 2021

The Stars and Stripes Act Of 2021

The Stars and Stripes Act Of 2021

What is the Stars and Stripes Act of 2021? It is legislation introduced in the House that “directs the Secretary of State to restrict the display of certain flags or banners at diplomatic and consular posts around the world.”

Why was this legislation introduced? Well, as Toni wrote here, Secretary of State Blinken had encouraged and given permission for U.S. embassies around the world to fly the Black Lives Matter flag proudly to “honor” drug addled George Floyd on the anniversary of his death. 

That meant that embassies could fly the banner wherever they want. Which ALSO meant that the BLM banner could be on the SAME flagpole as our American flag. Our U.S. embassies would then be showing tacit support and approval for a decidedly and openly Marxist grifting organization. Hence this very necessary legislation. 

Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis introduced The Stars and Stripes Act of 2021 Friday as a response to a decision by the State Department to fly the group’s flags at their embassies around the world to mark the one year anniversary of the police custody murder of George Floyd.

The BLM flag flown at the Athens embassy was reportedly so enormous it covered the United States seal.

“It is inappropriate for President Biden and Secretary Blinken to authorize and encourage the display of inherently political flags that are in no way affiliated with the U.S. Government over American embassies overseas,” Malliotakis, who also reps part of southern Brooklyn, said in a statement.

Oh, but some will and do claim that our American flag is political…just like the Pride flags or the Black Lives Matter banner. Sorry folks, but they are not the same in any way. 

Our American flag is a symbol of FREEDOM and LIBERTY. Our American flag is a beacon of hope for many around the world. 

The flag’s 13 alternating red and white stripes represent the 13 original colonies. Its 50 white stars on a blue field represent the 50 states.

The colors on the flag represent:

Red: valor and bravery
White: purity and innocence
Blue: vigilance, perseverance, and justice

What does Black Lives Matter stand for? In the eyes of the world, the organization stands for looting, riots, and destruction. Oh, and don’t forget raking in the dough while ignoring the communities destroyed by said riots. 

Now, I wouldn’t go as far as to call Blinken a lunatic, but his decision to allow BLM flags to be flown displays a callous disregard for our Republic and the Flag for which it stands. 

“The White House may think the American flag is just another banner to be displayed or replaced in foreign capitals when the mood strikes,” said Congressman Issa. “But this is more than untrue. It’s an emphatic misunderstanding of what this nation represents in every corner of the globe. And it fails to appreciate how our country’s symbols have sustained the hopes of the world in the darkest of hours. This legislation may be necessary, but even more important is for the Biden Administration to take stock of America’s exceptionalism.”

In Spain, the U.S. Embassy was super proud to have the BLM banner flying.

Translation: “Embassy staff show their solidarity after the one-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd: ‘We show the banner #BlackLivesMatter at the Embassy headquarters to resoundingly reaffirm that racism has no place in our world.’ — Deputy Chief of Mission Conrad Tribble.”

You know who didn’t have time to worry about racism around the world? The amazing Japanese American soldiers of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. While they were fighting in Europe, their parents, siblings, and loved ones were in interment camps around the United States. Did they stop and take the time to protest and march against Roosevelt’s racism, or fly some other political banner instead of the Stars and Stripes? No. What they DID do is SERVE and SACRIFICE. What they DID do is render honor, duty, and the highest of patriotism to this country in spite of their own government’s rules and edicts. 

Our Ragged Old Flag of Freedom must be honored and protected. 

She’s been abused
She’s been burned, dishonored, denied an’ refused
And the government for which she stands
Has been scandalized throughout out the land
And she’s getting thread bare, and she’s wearing thin
But she’s in good shape, for the shape she’s in
Because she’s been through the fire before
And I believe she can take a whole lot more”

Our Stars and Stripes have taken much more since that poem was read by Johnny Cash. Yet today, our Stars and Stripes still fly high and free. Our Flag is the symbol of all who gave their lives in service to this country. It is a symbol of patriots who put their country above self. 

Feature Photo Credit: flag against clear blue sky via Pexels at Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • Lloyd says:

    Black Lives Matter flags or banners should never be hung/flown next to the American Flag. Black Lives matter, despite being racist from the get go, as a concept is acceptable. The Black Lives Matter organization is a corrupt Marxist organization. It should be labeled “UN-AMERICAN” and treated accordingly.

  • GWB says:

    Our American flag is a symbol of FREEDOM and LIBERTY. Our American flag is a beacon of hope for many around the world.
    While this is true, it should be irrelevant to the issue at hand. The important thing is that it represents our country. This is what makes it “non-political” in a sense the BLM or gay “pride” flags never can be. It includes all Americans under it’s colors, not just certain groups or parties.
    And, if it does not represent you, then you are effectively no longer an American and really should hie yourself to somewhere more to your liking, not try to destroy America from within.

    I wouldn’t go as far as to call Blinken a lunatic
    Well, it’s either that, or an enemy of the republic.

    just another banner to be displayed or replaced in foreign capitals when the mood strikes
    Another reminder that our “foreign service” is more foreign and less service. They really should all have their passports revoked and then locked out of the embassy. Where is George Schultz and his test for ambassadors when you really need him?

    BTW, could we also ask this legislation to reinforce for whom the American flag is to flown at half-staff? NOT for every Joe, Jane and Harry that we think was cool, but for those who died while in service to their country or after long service to their country?

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