The Media’s Vicious Animosity At #TheSocialMediaSummit

The Media’s Vicious Animosity At #TheSocialMediaSummit

The Media’s Vicious Animosity At #TheSocialMediaSummit

The media’s animosity was on full display at yesterday’s White House Social Media Summit. According to the media, those who attended weren’t journalists. Instead they all are hacks, right-wing conspiracy theorists, and trolls. Check out these headlines. 

“Trump’s Social Media Summit Mortifies White House, Enrages Far-Right Allies

‘Trump Praises Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists at White House: ‘The Crap You Think of Is Unbelievable’”

Meanwhile, CNN led off with this lovely little headline hours before the summit even began.

“Trump invites right-wing extremists to White House ‘social media summit'”

The start of the article made it clear that there was absolutely no animosity or bias present. None whatsoever. 

“A conspiracy theorist, a meme creator and a plagiarist. Those are just some of the eyebrow raising attendees who will descend on the White House on Thursday for an event that will likely become a forum for airing claims of anti-conservative social media bias.”

Jim Acosta once again whined about being relegated to the back of the garden while all those right-wing crazies got to sit in chairs! Oh. The. Horror. He didn’t get to be the star of the show. SAD!

But I digress. The media themselves declared the summit wasn’t genuinely serious. Why? Because Twitter and Facebook weren’t invited. Gosh, that’s too bad. Did our vaunted betters (at least they tell us they are) ever stop to think that social media is much more than a Twitter or Facebook account?

It’s about bloggers like ourselves. Or the guys at Powerline who helped break the Dan Rather/Rathergate story all those years ago. Legal Insurrection, Instapundit of course, and the many many military bloggers who helped give us the stories and the realities of Iraq and Afghanistan that quite a number of the media willingly ignored.

According to the media today, the only SERIOUS social media are the tech giants Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. No one else need apply because all have been lumped into the following categories:

Right-wing crazy conspiracy theorists



CBS wants you to know that Trump was mean for not inviting the true social media gurus. Even worse, Trump dared to accuse THEM of bias!

The media’s animosity was 100% evident during the event at the Rose Garden when a ‘journalist’ for Playboy by the name of Brian Karem opened his mouth and told everyone in attendance that all present were ‘prone to demonic possession.’

You know what? I applaud Sebastian Gorka for calling him out. Karem along with everyone else was a GUEST at The White House. His behavior was totally unacceptable. But again, the media is here to tell us that it’s not them who are guilty of animosity towards anyone who writes favorably about Trump, it’s all of us that are the problem.

In fact, if anyone reports something, brain trust media guru Brian Karem is here to tell us that you can only be credible if you have copy editors!

The New York times selectively edited the Brian Karem deal to make it seem that it was Sebastian Gorka who started it all. Courtesy of Jim Hanson via Mediaite, we find the entire uncut video. Really nice guy Brian is…stellar.

Oh, but the New York Times wasn’t finished. This is from one of their opinion writers last evening.

“Uncle Trump Wants You! (To Join His Troll Army)”

What a lovely headline. Bless Charlie Warzel’s heart, he isn’t a fan of Trump, nor of anyone who attended the event yesterday.

“The decision to invite a collection of Photoshoppers, conspiracy peddlers and grandfatherly, semipro Twitter fighters to the White House was a maneuver designed to outrage. That outrage inevitably led to press coverage, as evidenced by the dozens of curtain-raising pieces from technology and political reporters who’ve covered these personalities from their days of obscurity. Coverage leads to more condemnations. Then, more coverage. An hourlong meeting about technology with a president who has never used email becomes a circus, which boosts the profile of each meeting attendee.”

Oh my gracious, I wonder which category we here at Victory Girls fits into?

Yesterday the media ripped more of their mask off and their gleeful vicious animosity was on full display. According to them, we need to be silent and let our social media betters have free rein. I. Don’t. Think. So.

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  • GWB says:

    a plagiarist
    the White House
    I didn’t realize they’d invited Joe Biden to this summit.

    airing claims of anti-conservative social media bias
    While this phrase is true, it would be much more accurate to say “discussing anti-conservative social media bias.”

    How many copy editors do you have?
    Huh, looking at a lot of the malarkey flowing out of the MSM, I would have guessed they don’t have ANY. Seems most of them use spell-corrupt as their only editor.

    Oh my gracious, I wonder which category we here at Victory Girls fits into?
    Y’all are the lovely assistants to the ring master, right? You don’t do much, but you look good in tights and a top hat. /Warzel

    Basically, the “press” in America has the same problem the politicians do: they think they’re elite and should be in charge, despite all evidence to the contrary (cf. their eliteness).
    Well, we don’t do nobility/aristocracy here in America. And some of us refuse to let technocracy flourish here, either. So, buzz off y’all!

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