Jeffrey Epstein. Will God Win?

Jeffrey Epstein. Will God Win?

Jeffrey Epstein.  Will God Win?



How much worse can the sexual perversion of the elites get? Monday’s arrest of child predator Jeffrey Epstein indicates it may be more brutal, more exploitative, more vile, more mainstream than the most paranoid among us imagine. Q, the anonymous James Bond of the dark web, emerged from his silence this week to say that the Clinton crime family was about to be brought down once and for all and that much was about to be revealed.


Like every right-wing bigot, I’ve listened to the rumors of pedophilia and sex trafficking of minors among the elites who swirl through Davos and Clinton land.  That the supposed pedophile brothers Podesta attended “Spirit Cooking” rituals using human (menstrual?) (sacrificed child?) blood by freak performance artist Marina Abramovic.  That Bill Clinton took 26 trips on the Lolita Express touring through the most pitiful backwaters with Epstein, selling influence, accreting funds and trading beautiful young girls. That their world once collapsed, will reveal the sickening corruption at the heart of the globalist system.


Qanon July 10, 2019 – What Happens When…?

Q and his various anons now report that a photographer/talent agent called Rachel Chandler was turned out by Epstein at fifteen, to serve as a trophy for Bill Clinton, this “fact” “proved” by their being photographed together on the Lolita Express, Chandler at the time looking very juvenile indeed, maybe 15, maybe less.

“They are attracted to what they call ‘freshness – barely budding sexuality and lack of sexual experience,” says Dr. Anna Salter, who studied child sex offenders, trying to explain why powerful men do what they do.

Chandler, it is said, went on to become a model agent/photographer in LA, from thence to turn out street kids, train them up and if they work out as child prostitutes, gift them $10,000. Nothing of the above can be proved. It is just persistent rumor.

Then there is Epstein’s “temple” on Little St. James Island, known as “pedophile island”, with tunnels from Epstein’s main house, to the square temple on the point, painted intense blue, with a gold-domed roof. These tunnels are now being filled in. Epstein, it is said, satisfied the proclivities of our current elites for more and more exploitative sexual encounters, and subsequently blackmailed them into providing him with inside information that made him richer. A Svengali for the ages, corrupt to the bottom of his dreadful dreadful soul. As observers noted, he never worked.

His muse and 2IC, ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was the adored daughter of Robert Maxwell, who owned the left-wing Mirror in Britain before careening off his yacht under mysterious circumstances one night. Robert Maxwell is best visualized as Jabba the Hut, dark, reptilian, evil, suitably fat and disgusting. Maxwell knew everyone’s price, everyone’s weakness. He fed money to Israel and information to Mossad. In return, he received deadly secrets, which enabled him to blackmail, bribe and broker shady deals until his last breath, when it was discovered that his thousands of employees had no pension fund. Ghislaine had much to teach Epstein.

Here’s what is proven so far. Epstein required “massage” three times a day from impoverished girls from immigrant or dirt poor families. He paid some of the girls’ finders’ fees for bringing in ever fresher meat. There were as many as 300 victims (freshness being premium) in Florida and God knows how many in other locales where Jeffrey kept his palaces.  His house in New York City is said to be the most expensive on the market. Some of the girls testified that they were paid to service his powerful friends, like Prince Andrew, who like Clinton was photographed with a pubescent girl. When Epstein was caught in Florida, he hired the most powerful lawyers in the US and fought a campaign on all fronts to have his sentence reduced. The charges he faces are new.

Even after his much reduced and pampered prison stay, even after he registered as a level 3 sex offender, the powerful and glamorous dined at his table. At one party, Prince Andrew retailed the details of Prince William’s wedding for guests that included Chelsea Handler, George Stephanopoulos, Charlie Rose, Katie Couric, and Woody Allan. Four of whom are generally believed to be sex offenders. Which is absolutely fine for Katie and George and George’s ever-so-fashionable wife, the exhaustively profiled and admired Ally Wentworth.  Disgusted yet?

Here’s what we may come to know: Epstein corrupted strategic actors within the FBI and the Justice Department, as well as dozens of politicians, and world leaders. He was the central spider in a child trafficking web that circled the globe. He could procure any perversion you wanted. He practiced dark magic in his temple by the sea, implicating yet more powerful actors. Perhaps he took things further than mere “spirit cooking”, perhaps he used human sacrifice. He has film on every sexual encounter he brokered, and as such holds power over the powerful.  He traded pubescent women for deals that made him richer.

No wonder the hive is paranoid. Rumors like these can only be quashed by full disclosure. We may be on the way to that.  Epstein’s current charges could be placeholders, many more charges will be filed, revealing ever deeper corruption.

In which case, as Q says, “God wins.”



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Elizabeth Nickson is a weathered journalist who started at the top and found it alienating. Coming home after 20 years in New York, London and Bermuda, she started writing about politics for Canada’s national newspapers, found herself roundly hated in this most liberal of countries, and fairly notorious among those few conservatives in Canada still allowed to live. She’s written for Time, Life, Harpers Magazine, etc published two books, one with Bloomsbury and Knopf and one with Harper Collins in New York. This latter, Eco-Fascists was a round-up of evidence demonstrating the cruelty and desolation that environmentalists have visited on rural communities from Washington State to Texas, from Colorado and Wyoming to northern New York. She drove 20,000 through the back roads of America interviewing and sitting with hundreds of farmers, ranchers, oil workers, foresters and town councillors and mayors while they told her how their towns and counties are dying, courtesy of the elites who fund some of the most vicious activists in the world. The book was commissioned and edited by Adam Bellow, Saul Bellow’s son, generally considered the best conservative editor today.

  • Please stop describing Epstein as a pedophile, he isn’t one. Pedophiles desire pre-pubescent chidren; Epstein’s girls were underage but nubile, not children. The correct tern is “epebophile”.

    We need to be careful about this because there are ways misidentifying Epstein could play out that will make real pedophiles more difficult to hold to account. There are elements of the Left that have been ramping up a campaign to normalize actual pedophilia – this was temporarily interrupted by the need to take down Milo Yiannopolous, but the internal logic of “liberationism” is going to put them back on that track probably sooner rather than later.

    Don’t give them maneuvering room. Be careful about the accusations you make. It’s not in much question that there are rings of pedophile monsters out there, notably in Hollywood which has a sordid history of sexually abusing child actors. But on the evidence so far, Epstein is not one of them; the kind of creepy cradle robber he is is nowhere near as bad as an actual short-eyes.

    The Left has a long history of triggering conservatives into exaggerated, self-discrediting moral panics (“rock and roll is the devil’s music”). If you let them do it to you this time over Epstein, you may find you are short of allies and ammunition when the real monsters need to be taken down.

    • GWB says:

      I concur with this (but…). Fourteen and fifteen year olds have been considered women in history, in times when they couldn’t afford the luxury of public schooling and drawing a bright line between “minor” and “adult”. (BTW, Elizabeth, I was glad to see you use the word “pubescent”, as opposed to the inappropriate use of the “pre-pubescent”.)

      But, we also need to make sure we aren’t seen as defending (as it appeared to too many with the Judge Moore fiasco) old goats deflowering young (as in, not yet legally adult) girls. There’s an ick factor built into our civilized selves concerning that, and it does us no good to trigger that in folks.

      I think what Eric has done here is the right approach, mostly. Say something akin to “I agree with you that this is awful, and we should hold the creep responsible. But your language is imprecise, and if you want to hold a discussion on that, I’m willing to talk. In the meantime, let’s prosecute this guy.”

      BTW, many states have handled this bit of human nature by allowing minors (above a certain absolute age) to wed/engage in relations with those close to their age, while calling it statutory rape if one party is outside that range while the other is still a minor. Others simply allow parental permission to void the issue above that absolute minimum (as was the case in Alabama when Judge Moore was looking for a wife).

      *looks at Eric*
      Do you mean to say rock & roll is NOT the devil’s music?! 😉
      (I have it on good authority that if you play country music backwards, your girlfriend comes back to you, your pickup gets fixed, and your dog is alive and well again.)

  • GWB says:

    Bill Clinton took 26 trips
    Well, he took 26 flights, which comes to fewer trips. (The logs show each leg of a trip as separate flights.)

    We may be on the way to [full disclosure].
    Not sure that will happen in such a way as to dispel bogus stories and support just the truth. This is a lurid tale, so it will always have tales associated with it, regardless of the sunshine spilled on it.

    I’m confident God will win. The question is how long will it take. And whether those he hurt will heal.

  • Andrew X says:

    From the Super Rich –

    Exit Jeffrey Epstein

    Enter Orville Reddenbacher

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