The Left Blames Trump For The Race War They Want

The Left Blames Trump For The Race War They Want

The Left Blames Trump For The Race War They Want

Trump has started a race war! That is the new NEW narrative from the Left. Jennifer Rubin is certain that Trump is the instigator of all this violence. 

“The Biden team might have to declare President Trump’s Monday afternoon news conference an “in kind” donation to the former vice president’s campaign. Just hours after Democratic nominee Joe Biden dared Trump to condemn all violence — including White violence — Trump defended the White militia member who allegedly traveled across state lines, killed two people and was charged with murder in Kenosha, Wis. The president suggested this was all in self-defense, the same argument the alleged killer’s attorneys are trying. Trump also argued that the paintball guns his supporters fired at peaceful protesters in Portland, Ore., were fine, because they did not shoot bullets. That made them “defensive.”

In other words, Trump confirmed everything Biden had accused him of — fomenting violence, egging on white supremacists, seeking advantage by stoking White fear and encouraging police abuse. (Trump still has yet to condemn the shooting of Jacob Blake or to even speak with his family.)”

Number one, as near as I can tell, young Kyle Rittenhouse is not a member of the militia. Other than the Democrats and media deciding that because he champions Blue Lives Matter, I’ve seen nothing that suggests the 17 yr old is the member of any militia group. But you see, facts don’t matter to the media. One would think they would’ve learned their lesson with Nicholas Sandmann, but NOOO. They just keep up with the gaslighting and insinuations w/o any facts to back them up. 

Secondly, Jennifer and the rest of the jackass media wants viewers and readers to ignore the criminal histories of the so-called victims that Rittenhouse shot. How anyone is able to defend a pedophile and attackers who were carrying guns is just baffling. Then again, is IS the media!

April Ryan is all over this narrative. 

Number one, as many point out, kind of difficult to instigate a race war in Portland or anywhere else when a majority of the looting agitators in Portland are and have been…white. 

This is the very same media that is literally gaslighting the cities that have been burning for the last three months. Portland is fine and dealing with nice peaceful protests, until a Trump supporter gets shot and killed. Never mind that thugs have tried to burn down federal buildings, police precincts, three attempts thus far, and have destroyed multiple businesses. All is FINE according to our media betters! 

CNN has been a prime example of gaslighting. Running actual news reports citing that the protests are peaceful while a business burns behind you is a prime example. Chris Cilliza a whining about Trump while highlighting another burning business is another example. 

The New York Times has jumped all over the narrative as well. This was a headline from today.

“As Guns Get Drawn at Protest Sites, Demonstrators Fear a Volatile New Phase
As right-wing groups increasingly move to confront unrest in cities, clashes are breaking out between demonstrators with starkly different views on how to keep cities safe.”

Seriously, you cannot make this shit up. According to the article, really nice protestor people have been organizing “security” by advising the rioting cretins to craft shields from 55-gallon drums and buy bullet proof vests so they can continue to demonstrate against racial injustice and not get injured by those mean ole police people. Oh and they also need to defend themselves against those horrific right-wing activists …evidently by shooting one who was unarmed. 

Yes, it is incredibly unbelievable framing. Why? Because NOWHERE in the article is anything written about all the businesses that have been looted and burned down since the end of May. Nowhere in the article is anything discussed about the Antifa and BLM members trying to burn police officers alive in their precinct buildings. 

The media ALSO refuses to recognize and call out the incompetence of the Democrat mayors and governors who have sat idly by while their cities burn down. Instead the media readily cheers when the Portland Mayor, whose condo has been the sight of attacks for the last three nights running, throws a tantrum about Trump. 

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is super worried about Trump throwing this country into a race war. 

As long as the “outside agitators” stay away from DC, the peaceful protestors will have nothing to fear. I couldn’t help but laugh at that given that nearly EVERY SINGLE protest since the Trump Inauguration has been violent! 

The Left wants a race war against the Right. They absolute do NOT want to be called out for their roles in what is happening in this country. 

As long as the protests, no matter how violent and destructive they are, are conducted in the name of racial justice, then the media will continue to be their cheerleaders. The media wants a race war, and are happily encouraging insurrection. Why? Because they are hoping and praying those mobs will vote for Joe Biden in November. 

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  • Scott says:

    Has DC EVER had a competant / non criminal mayor?

    It goes without saying, but Majahat is a criminally stupid leftist (or just trying to convince others to be criminally stupid.
    “The Left wants a race war against the Right.”… they THINK they do.. they are so delusional that they have absolutely NO idea how badly that would go for them… They constantly talk about the number of weapons, and how much ammo people on the right own, how we’re all rednecks that like killing animals for food, etc, and fail to understand that what they’re saying translates into a familiarity and skill set with those weapons that would go very poorly for those that think shooting sideways, and “punching” with a firearm somehow increases it’s lethality…

  • Mary says:

    Oh, the haters, I want to turn hate into hope and hope that Trump wins the next election.

  • Scotty Uhrich says:

    If Trump was really responsible for the riots, do you think that the Democrats and the media would have spent all summer calling them “mostly peaceful protests”?

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  • Pam says:

    Say his name: Bernell Trammell

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