The Insurrection Act: Is It Time For Trump To Invoke It?

The Insurrection Act: Is It Time For Trump To Invoke It?

The Insurrection Act: Is It Time For Trump To Invoke It?

Last night, after President Donald J. Trump gave the acceptance speech for his renomination as the Republican candidate is when the real action started. Although the speech was too long and teleprompterish, there was nothing incendiary in his speech. Nevertheless, a mob attacked quite a few people and even guillotined an effigy of the President. It may be time for the President to invoke the Insurrection Act.

While most of us are still afraid to go to a restaurant, we have watched as Democrat-led cities have burned, Federal property vandalized, and police and innocents have been attacked and some killed. Who could watch Ann Dorn’s testimony last night and not be moved? The Mayors of these Democrat cities tacitly give approval for the mayhem, and Joe Biden’s staff has donated to a group that bails out the looters and thugs.

By the definition of the word, we are seeing an insurrection (an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government) in each of these cities. These droogs are violating the peace of the cities and denying the civil authority that is one of the duties of citizenship.

Senator Rand Paul and his wife were attacked after the Republican National Convention ended, and the video is difficult to watch:

It doesn’t matter to the wildings that Senator Paul is the author of the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act to stop no-knock warrants. If it hadn’t been for law enforcement, the mob would have killed Senator Paul and his wife and staff. At the end, the cretins are screaming in the face of the officers. Ted Cruz tweeted: “What happened to Rand & Kelley tonight (and numerous others exiting the RNC) was wrong,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) wrote on Twitter. “The police protecting them were heroic, but this needs to stop. This is very close to escalating to serious violence.”

The crowd swarmed Representative Brian Mast, who is a double-amputee. The former bomb disposal tech was not cowed:

Georgia State Senator Vernon Jones, a Democrat who supports Donald Trump was also swarmed:

I’ll bet you have the questions. I have questions. Who organizes these people? What group is behind it? Are they paid? It’s hard to keep up the kind of rage they show, for months, unless you are being paid. Do they target Democrat cities because they know that the feckless mayors will not do anything? That was rhetorical.

Even though the media, the mob and the Democrats will scream “Facisist“, it may be time for Donald Trump to invoke The Insurrection Act. You can read about the history of The Insurrection Act of 1807 here. Presidents Lincoln, Eisenhower and Bush 41 have each invoked the Act. It is not without precedent. If Little Rock needed the Act, if the Rodney King riots need the Act, then surely the violence against the governments in Portland, Seattle and Washington, D.C. need the Insurrection Act.

The people of the United States have the right to peaceably assemble. They do not have the right to destroy public property or threaten the lives of anyone. The people have the right to petition the government for redress of grievances, but they do not have the right to accost members of the government in the streets. The people have the right to demand answers when law enforcement officers kill a person, they do not have the right to threaten a woman in a restaurant as Black Lives Matter protesters did the other day:

The crowd of protesters confronted a woman seated at a table outside a restaurant on 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan and demanded that she raise her fist in a show of solidarity.

“White silence is violence!” protesters chanted, many with fists in the air.

“Are you a Christian?” a protester demanded, yelling into her face.

But the woman, Lauren B. Victor, refused, even after her dining companion complied.

“I felt like I was under attack,” Victor, 49, an urban planner and photographer who lives in the District, said in an interview afterward.

Miss Victor was pursuing her happiness when she was confronted by people who screamed in her face.

The mayor of D.C., Muriel Bowser, had a duty to all of her citizens and visitors to ensure their safety. She was not interested. She appeased and even participated with the crowd. If the mayors and governors will not ensure the safety of citizens, then the President must.

It is time to invoke The Insurrection Act.

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Someone just put a fake Trump on the guillotine in front of the White House. There’s a piece of paper on him that says “Ticket – Fascist, Rapist, Criminal”@DailyCaller

— Shelby Talcott (@ShelbyTalcott) August 28, 2020

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  • Dennis G Howell says:

    Not yet. I believe that is the goal of the Marxists, to get Trump to take action, which they will use to win the election. Invoke the Insurrection Act on November 4.

  • Scott says:

    It is far PAST time to invoke it, as well as stacking these communist insurrectionists like cordwood. As to who’s supporting them, them dems, as a whole. Who’s funding it? Soros among others, Yes, they are highly organized, BLM is a subsidiary of “A Thousand Currents” as others have pointed out, it’s one big web of those who would see our republic destroyed. They, WITHOUT QUESTION are the “domestic enemies” that many of us have taken oaths to defend against…

  • GWB says:

    denying the civil authority that is one of the duties of citizenship
    Remember, though, too, that civil authority is also the duty of citizenship. And the folks in those towns have abdicated it. It’s the biggest part of the problem.

    Who organizes these people?
    Ultimately, Soros. And some others that probably go to Davos every year.

    “I felt like I was under attack,”
    Because she was.

    If the mayors and governors will not ensure the safety of citizens, then the President must.
    I mostly agree. But I would prefer it go the other direction – the people should ensure their own safety. We have to break the cycle of relying on others, especially gov’t.
    But I also agree it’s past time to invoke the Insurrection Act.

  • George V says:

    One of the strategies of the Marxists is provoke the authorities, to give them reason to escalate attacks against the police. The strategy of the Dems is to let things get bad enough that Trump sends in federal police, like in Portland. See how the Dems squealed when the ICE and other federal agents defended the Portland courthouse? Imagine how the Dems would react if regular Army troops were deployed and then fired on the Marxists. And really, what other option do soldiers have? They are not riot police. They only employ lethal weapons.

    Trump has to wait until the situation gets so bad that the Dem mayors request federal assistance. And even then, he has to play the “Are you sure? Nancy, Chuck what do you think?” game. Anything else is just climbing into the bear trap set for him and tripping the release.

    • Cameron says:

      Fine. We need a Pinochet approach to things to get rid of the Marxists. I’ll chip in for the helicopter fuel.

    • GWB says:

      They only employ lethal weapons.
      Not entirely true. Aside from the training the MPs get, there’s a smattering of less lethal training throughout the ground forces. (Don’t ask the AF for a beanbag round from an A-10, though.)
      Then there’s the funky stuff they have been researching since about 2001 or so. Microwave area denial weapons (the videos I’ve seen of that one are COOL), sonic weapons, probably others.

      But, yeah, that really isn’t the normal use for troops. Unfortunately, the folks out there destroying these cities ARE an enemy force, and they NEED to be put down.

      (I still advocate a surprise envelopment maneuver, while the NG sets up mass incarceration centers. Beanbag everyone who doesn’t surrender immediately, then lethal munitions on everyone who resists with deadly force -fire, bricks, firearms. Throw them in the camp and hold them under federal jurisdiction. That way you don’t have to deal with their fellow Soros travelers in the local DA spots.)

      (Oh, and I also believe the president has the power under the “republican form of gov’t” clause to simply dissolve the current gov’ts in those localities.)

  • Taylor says:

    No. These are Democratic Party run cities and states, let the decent people of this country (those who live in all of America) see the consequences fo Progressivism. Let the Governors and Mayors of Protland, Oregon, Kenosha, Wisconsin, MInneapolis, Minnesota, Seattle, Washington handle it (they won’t).

  • GWB says:

    As an additional bit of info, Raheem Kassam writes that 1/4 of American presidents have invoked the Insurrection Act. (Link via Ace of Spades and JJ Sefton’s Morning Report.) That includes George HW Bush for the LA riots.

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