The Latest Accused in Mushrooming #MeToo Trend: Charlie Rose, Glenn Thrush, and Bill Clinton

The Latest Accused in Mushrooming #MeToo Trend: Charlie Rose, Glenn Thrush, and Bill Clinton

The Latest Accused in Mushrooming #MeToo Trend: Charlie Rose, Glenn Thrush, and Bill Clinton

Ever since the dam that once retained the hairy-knuckled lump known as Harvey Weinstein ruptured, the accusations of sexual harassment, and worse, have flown fast and furiously. And they’ve been flying from every which-a-way.

As a fan of superhero flicks, and the resident cosplayer geek here at Victory Girls, I wasn’t saddened by the less-than-stellar opening weekend ticket sales for the newest DC Comics-inspired film, Justice League. Not only does the film sacrilegiously cast Ben Affleck as Batman, but the actor’s been embroiled in his own history of grabby-handedness and lapses in memory with regard to Mr. Weinstein. So this gal made a conscious decision not to further support his work. And now the #MeToo-itis that’s spread like wildfire these past few weeks has set aflame yet another high-profile name: longtime PBS and CBS star, Charlie Rose. Yes, that Charlie Rose:

Holy bejeezus, piss-poor Batman! And if this claim from the WaPo is true, these women are but the tip of a bottomless iceberg:

While I don’t find anything about sexual harassment amusing, Mr. Rose, who’s admitted to some of the accusations, is now suspended until an investigation is complete. And that’s good. He should be, given the gravity of the accusations. Nevertheless, he deserves a fair examination just as anyone else would.

Mr. Rose, however, is not alone in newly-unearthed claims of sexual harassment-slash-assault. Another well-known figure—at least in the world of journalism—is now also suspended from his own lofty position: White House Correspondent Glenn Thrush of the failing New York Times.

But wait, there’s more, and it involves a former president, and a private jet dubbed “Air F*ck One.” Need I say more?

I’ll wait while you bleach your eyes.

Slick Willy, the Godfather of Gropery, should be crapping in his Depends right about now. And what does his false feminist idol-slash-fake wife have to say? Well, let’s just say, she hasn’t evolved. Cue the attack dogs:

[Hillary] reportedly offered to hire private detectives to dig up dirt on the women, but Bill Clinton’s attorneys persuaded her to not interfere.

Well, let me grab my shocked face.

Meanwhile, Al Franken, whose latest accuser has multiple witnesses and credible evidence that she was indeed groped by said pig, is refusing to resign from the Senate. And not one of his colleagues has suggested he step down.

Fair point.

Seems liberal members of Congress have a much lower bar to clear than their conservative counterparts, while female members from both parties shamefully continue to shield abusers from scrutiny, just as Hillary has done for decades. And doesn’t that speak volumes about the selective morality of our so-called representatives, and far too many of their morally-bankrupt apologists?

Nevertheless, it’s hard to believe that this tsunami of accusations can all be true.

In April of 2013, Emma Sulkowicz, aka Mattress Girl, falsely accused fellow student, Paul Nungesser, of rape. In July of 2017, he settled with Columbia University for allowing Sulkowicz’s bullying. (Photo Credit: Steven Crowder)

Is it limited to specific industries which, ironically, are filled with the very sanctimonious liberals who say they champion women? Or could this many swines really be lurking amongst us? Could some of these accusations be little more than taking offense at innocent compliments, or friendly invitations for an after-work cocktail? And I don’t ask this lightly. Because I’ve been the target of sexual predators multiple times throughout my life, so I take accusations of same seriously. But I also know that some accusers lie. And before you jump down my throat, no, I’m not suggesting any of the aforementioned accusers are fibbing. That said, we’ve only to remember Tawana Brawley, the Duke Lacrosse team, Mattress Girl, and that now-infamous Rolling Stone rape-hoax article for proof that accusers do indeed cry “Wolf,” and that the accused deserve the benefit of the doubt. Because false allegations harm not only the accused, but actual survivors of sexual predators, some of whom are powerful people who’ve quietly settled sexual misconduct claims (which, by the way, leaves others unaware and thus vulnerable to their predation). So. While the accusations are damning, we shall see if Mr. Rose is indeed a card-carrying member of the Ick Club for Men, or if he’s simply the latest in a long line of the easily-offended looking to jump aboard the latest trend in an effort to be part of the “in” crowd.

[UPDATE: 9:45 PT] The Los Angeles Times reports that CBS has fired Charlie Rose. Ick Card issued.

[UPDATE: 10:55 PT] Not surprisingly, FOX reports PBS has followed suit, firing Mr. Rose. He’s kaput.

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