The Knives Are Out For Elise Stefanik

The Knives Are Out For Elise Stefanik

The Knives Are Out For Elise Stefanik

Elise Stefanik isn’t playing Adam Schiff’s games. Furthermore, her questions of former Ambassador Yovanovitch have the left in a tizzy. So, their only recourse is to pull the knives out and attack. Woman BAD! because Trump and Republicans.

Jennifer Rubin is here to tell us that Yovanovitch is a victim. Trump is the thug and Elise Stefanik’s temper tantrum means she along with the rest of the Republicans are “movie-style villains.” 

No, wait, not villains. Looney tunes characters!

“”Sitting ramrod straight, in a calm voice the former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch — a victim of a smear and intimidation scheme by President Trump and his cronies — exemplified the very best in America: a public servant whose parents fled totalitarian regimes, a woman who has spent her life in dangerous spots around the world defending American values and, despite another loony-tunes performance from Republicans, provided stunningly effective testimony unmasking the reason she was removed and defamed. When she concluded, the room burst into applause, a scene I have never witnessed.”

Elise Stefanik has made it clear that Emperor Schiff’s power hungry grab for impeachment is not only farcical, it is dangerous. Every time she brought up a point of order, Schiff’s attitude and banging of that damned gavel made him look like a condescending ass.

Think about it. If a Republican committee chair had done the same thing? The meltdown from the left would rock this planet.

But since a Democrat is doing this? No problem! Elise Stefanik is a Republican and a woman who has chosen poorly according to the left. Therefore, it is ok to get a misspelled hashtag trending on Twitter. It is perfectly on point to applaud George Conway for tweeting that she is trash.

The crowd went wild and the knives came out! Never mind the fact that Stefanik crushed that same opponent by 14 points in the last election. Never mind the fact that she was able to get Yovanovitch to admit, under oath, that the Obama Administration KNEW that Burisma and Hunter Biden were of serious concern, the impeachment is a necessity because Trump/Russia/Election stolen/Hillary!

Evidently, cheering the fact that people are calling Elise Stefanik trash is absolutely ok because “classy diplomats” are the true patriots.

So classy in fact, that she was intimidated by a tweet. If she is THAT intimidated by a tweet, one has to wonder about her effectiveness as an Ambassador.

In the midst of news coming out that Tim Morrison’s closed door testimony clearly shows that the concern for leaks about the call were because of the highly partisan DC crowd, NOT because anything rose to the level of coercion, intimidation, quid pro quo, or bribery by Trump.

Elise Stefanik’s betters don’t care about that. Instead they happily tweeted out a badly photo-shopped tweet of her supposedly flipping the bird, and then cried in their cheerios when they found out it wasn’t real.

The media and others are dragging her for claiming that Schiff is engaged in an abuse of power.

He absolutely is. From his demeanor, words, and actions this week during the impeachment hearings to his reading of a faked Ukraine call transcript into the record, to his gaming the ability of the Republicans to question impeachment witnesses…he is giddy with corruption.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik isn’t backing down.

Meanwhile her opponent, emboldened by the support of George Conway and others, has accused Elise Stefanik of “partisan political theatre” that is undignified.

Let’s talk undignified shall we? Adam Schiff’s lectures and gaveling down the Republicans this week were undignified. George Conway gleefully calling Elise Stefanik “trash” with the implication that she is ‘white trash’ is undignified.

The knives are out for Elise Stefanik. And, as the impeachment farce continues, they will get sharper, more vicious, and more trashy.

Tell me again why anyone supports the Democrats?

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  • Jack_of_Spades says:

    Leftists always talk about Speaking Truth to Power, but Stefanik spoke truth to power. That said, it’s really depressing to find out that power looks like Adam Schiff.

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  • GWB says:

    made him look like a condescending ass
    More like “exposed him as a…”.

    she was intimidated by a tweet
    A tweet which she never saw before her testimony (because it was tweeted during it) and therefore couldn’t have intimidated her and swayed her testimony. Except that Schiff actually read it to her!
    Nail the SoB for witness intimidation! *eyeroll*

    “partisan political theatre”
    There’s that compulsive projection by progs, again. These people need some therapy.

    Tell me again why anyone supports the Democrats?
    Bad education leading to poor critical thinking, a lack of knowledge of history, and a lack of morals, along with the politics of envy.
    Oh, and bought votes (welfare, medicare, SS, etc.).

  • Gregory Brou says:

    Kelly Conway needs to put a lot of distance between herself and George . she has almost lost all her creditability because of him

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