Marie Yovanovitch And The Fake Impeachment Inquiry

Marie Yovanovitch And The Fake Impeachment Inquiry

Marie Yovanovitch And The  Fake Impeachment Inquiry

In today’s episode of the Fake Impeachment Inquiry, the Democrat’s chose career diplomat Marie Yovanovitch. This episode, just like Wednesday’s episode with diplomats Taylor and Kent, was a snooze-a-palooza. I know. I watched gavel to gavel both days. There were only two moments that were vaguely interesting today: the release of the transcript of an earlier Trump/Zelensky phone call, and the Tweet from Donald Trump.

Marie Yovanovitch is a 33 year career diplomat. She was, today, cautious in her diplo-speak answers. Personal point of order here, if one more witness sings the lineage of their family back to the Garden of Eden, I will scream. I am probably just jealous. I have no prestigious lineage to sing. My family hasn’t served at the upper echelons of government or fled fascist dictators. We got Bloody Breathitt. Anyhoo. I understand that we are supposed to be impressed with their curricula vitae, but it is not relevant to impeaching a President.

Then, President Trump, as is his wont, sent out a Tweet:

Oh, my stars and garters! Of course, little Adam Schiff read it out loud, in real time. Here is the video:

Bug-eyed Schiff uses such loaded phrases; “attacking you on Twitter”, “the President, in real time, is attacking you”, “designed to intimidate”. Gee, Bug-eye, lead the witness much.

Well, jerk face Schiff, Marie Yovanovitch couldn’t have been intimidated, if you hadn’t read it out loud, you whoreson. As soon as they went to a break, the teleprompter readers on television started saying that this was a new Article of Impeachment, witness intimidation.

I say again, she wouldn’t have known about it, if Schiffhead hadn’t read it to her.

Even worse than the diplomats singing their lineages, every single, bloody-freaking Congresscritter had to tell Marie Yovanovitch how wonderful she is. What a bunch of obsequious, boot-lickers! And, the audience gave her a standing ovation when she left the room at the end of the day:

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified for nearly six hours before Congress on Wednesday in the second open hearing in the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.

While her testimony was moving and served to shed some light on America’s interest in Ukraine, probably the best moment for Democrats came after her testimony ended when Yovanovitch received a standing ovation from the audience.

Yeah, that was the best moment for her and the Democrats. The rest of us had to go take our insulin. Guess what? We get to do this all again next week. Jesus take the wheel. God save Our Republic.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/7th Army Training Command/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic/cropped

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  • Paladin says:

    Standing O. Face plant. DJT can pack a stadium on a WEEKNIGHT but the Repubes can’t fill a damn committee room with simpaticos to razz this pompous dame. File under—Loser Asshats.

  • Kevin says:

    My takeaway, and thanks for asking, was what a horrible and vindictively cruel person Mr. Trump is. The United States under every administration supports and promotes foreign service personnel and those that excel become Ambassadors, as did Ms. Yovanovitch. She did nothing wrong other than to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was following the stated mission of the United States government in Ukraine. Period. She did not speak poorly of Mr. Trump, did not spread rumors about him, did not disparage him in any way. She was looking out for the best interests of the United States.

    Here’s how she was repaid for her commitment and service to our nation … she was run over by the Trump bus and then he backed up the bus and kept running over her. Why you ask? Because a couple criminal Ukrainian pieces of scum somehow got the ear of Mr. Trump’s personal attorney, the once honorable Mayor Rudi Giuliani but who is now become the poster child for conspiracy theories and will be forever remembered for the shameful past six months of his career instead of the first 60 honorable years. Ms.Yovanovitch said it best when she spoke about how US policy and devoted employees could be railroaded, undermined and maligned and for what? To find a computer server that once belonged to Hillary Clinton in the basement of some Ukrainian house? To find dirt on a potential future political opponent? To intentionally (and Mr. Trump did this intentionally) hurt and damage a good person for nothing is reprehensible.

    Here’s the one thing consistent about Mr. Trump … he leaves in his wake untold numbers of people who have been devastated by his need to fill some void. The number of people indicted and convicted associated with Mr. Trump is mind boggling. We are all similar to the people we voluntarily associate with and that should terrify every man, woman and child knowing who Mr. Trump associates himself with.

    Note to Toni Williams … For really the first time today I was looking at Adam Schiff and thought, “Man, that guy has got some big eyes.” My thought, instead of thinking he was “bug-eyed” was to think back to a person I worked with who had a similar appearance. She had a thyroid issue that cause her to have protruding eyes.

    • GWB says:

      LOL, nice attempt at virtue-shaming!

      And, naturally, you repeat the talking points as you have every single time you comment. Is it that you can’t see the truth? Or that you’re unwilling to do so?

      Why you ask?
      Because she thinks she and her fellows in Foggy Bottom run US foreign policy.
      Maybe this will push her to live in the real world for a while and she’ll get a more realistic perspective on life.

    • Rd says:

      You have nice cut and paste skills, but that is about it.

    • James Raclawski says:

      there are essentially three categories of existence:
      SEEKER of FACTS & teller of fact based truth
      PROPAGANDIZED.. conditioned to accept manipulated information as factual
      AGENT of DEZINFORMATSIA.. willing-witting participant in efforts to malform the perception of reality
      …. stop living in #3 … try #1 there’s less confusion&stress

  • GWB says:

    And, the audience gave her a standing ovation when she left the room at the end of the day
    Because they’re all deep-staters in DC. There wasn’t anyone else there, I’m betting – just denizens of The Swamp. Of course they applauded her, as she represents the bureaucracy of Foggy Bottom with all its implications about a technocracy having replaced our republic.

    • Kevin says:

      Oh GWB you’re so predictable … everyone you disagree with is a member of the deep state. When Clinton was the Secretary of State, she was the person responsible for everything. Now that Pompeo is the Secretary of State, it’s the the deep state fellows in Foggy Bottom responsible for everything. Can’t have it both ways. Oops. I take I back … you’re a Republican so you jump to whatever the most politically convenient response is … just like your cult leader, Mr. Trump.

      • Rdm says:

        ‘Deep state’ means people who think they get to decide policy instead of executing the policy their boss gives them. They don. Get. To. Set. Policy. Repeat after me. That is not their job. And to the extend that they try to execute their own preferences instead of doing their job they need to be fired, immediately, with prejudice.

        • GWB says:

          It’s a little more than that, Rdm. (IMO, anyway.)
          The Deep State exists to function as a technocracy, yes. But it also exists to grow and centralize itself. Thus, the need to nationalize everything – it provides for “efficiency”, uniformity, and control.

          A minor nit.

      • GWB says:

        Oh fer cryin’ out loud. Poor attempt at the ad hominem, Kevin. And, sadly, like so much else, full of logical fallacies and false equivalences.

        Not everyone I disagree with is a member of the Deep State. You’re obviously not.
        However, most people sitting in the gallery of these impeachment hearings very likely ARE since they are very likely workers in Washington DC. (Any idea how an average citizen gets into the gallery? It requires forward planning – beyond when anyone outside the political insider cliques knew these open hearing were to take place.) And, workers in the federal gov’t are so very often part of – if not always willful advancers of – the Deep State.

        Clinton was responsible for much when she was SecState. But not everything. She was, however, the leader and therefore responsible for things like Benghazi. The point relevant to the Deep State is that she agrees with the aims of the Deep State – a nationalized technocracy, with the likes of her as part of the privileged class.

        Pompeo, OTOH, seems to be working against the Deep State. (If he isn’t, then I’ll hold him as equally responsible for their pernicious anti-republic, un-constitutional acts as I held Hillary.) It’s not having it both ways. It’s understanding the difference in the things.

        And, no, I’m not really a Republican. I’m a conservative – a constitutionalist, really. The Republican party is where I have to hang my hat if I want any influence at all, for the nonce.

        And President Trump is certainly not the leader of any cult to which I might subscribe. And, I refuse to subscribe to any cult. So, wrong on both counts.
        Of course, since I know you read the comments, I know you know this. Tsk, tsk, Kevin, that sort of ad hominem – so easily proved false – should be beneath you.

  • Gregory Brou says:

    I agree that the universal adoration given to govt employees in service to their country is over blown, pandering and embarrassing. Yovanovitch now has a full time job teaching 1 class of 14 1 hour three days a week. I had a similar work experience in private industry for 20 years in Saudi, Kuwait, Pakistan, Malaysia. hospitals not readily available, lived on the economy and started up 4 grass roots billion dollar companies. yes the state dept had a lot more dinner parties than I did.

    trump screwed up with that tweet…I am sure he had a complete work history on Yovanovitch that contained personal failures through her different assignments,,,,but,,,,they were personal failures not subject to ethical broad communication. calling her incompetent t without background examples is just bad communication. should not have gone there

  • A. C. says:

    I only heard part of her opening statement. She waffled between acknowledging that the President sets foreign policy and the President shouldn’t interfere with the State Department’s foreign policy and personnel, conflating the lie that Ambassadors are State Department personnel who shouldn’t be replaced, and the truth that Ambassadors represent the President and carry out his foreign policy. The most dangerous aspect of her statement was implying that Ambassadors shouldn’t be fired by the President.
    Before he was sworn in, Barak Obama gave notice to all Ambassadors appointed by Bush that they were to vacate their office on January 20th, the day he was sworn in. Nobody thought anything of it. This hypocrisy stinks worse than a skunk on the road, three days dead.

    • GWB says:

      Does no one remember the fit the Dems and the media (BIRM) pitched when Trump did the perfectly normal thing and fired all the US Attorneys? This isn’t a new game they’re playing. They’ve just applied it to a new group of political appointees to take advantage of the situation.

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