My America: We Love Our Pets

My America: We Love Our Pets

My America: We Love Our Pets

This week in our My America series, we are reflecting on that love between humans and animals, and how some people are getting very creative in finding new homes for pets.

For example, a couple in Florida decided that bridesmaids carrying puppies would be much better than carrying flower bouquets. Um, YES. I will gladly carry a puppy down an aisle the next time I am a bridesmaid instead of a bouquet.

All of the puppies involved were from a single litter at a local shelter.

When Andee and Tina Krasinski got married in Plant City, Florida, on Nov. 11, instead of bouquets, the couple’s bridal party carried rescue puppies down the aisle. The lifelong dog lovers said they wanted their wedding to send a message of support to local dog shelters and rescues.”

“Our animals are our kids … That’s how we look at them,” Tina Krasinksi told “Good Morning America.”

Both Tina and Andee share a love of humans’ best friend. Tina has adopted dogs her whole life, and Andee currently works as the general manager at Bayside Pet Resort in Sarasota after years of working at dog shelters across the country.”

She contacted Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue, a shelter in their area that takes in about 2,000 rescues every year.”

What the shelter offered her was exactly what she was looking for and more.”

“It was very serendipitous … me contacting them and them just so happening to have 10 puppies from the same litter,” Andee said.”

The litter had been born just five weeks prior with the “bluest eyes” Andee had ever seen on baby dogs. The couple emphasized that, for the most part, the puppies were well-behaved during the ceremony.”

“Only one bridesmaid got peed on,” Andee laughed, “and it was just her hand.”

Why not let this become a trend in weddings? Maybe not everyone will opt for puppies instead of bouquets, but everyone has to admit that a pet-cuddling session would definitely be a plus at a wedding reception.

Animal shelters are working very hard at reaching out via social media to promote their pets who are available for adoption. And sometimes, pets go viral.

The best example of pets going viral in recent memory is the story of Quilty the cat. Quilty is an escape artist, and was living at Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption, located at a in Houston, whose Facebook post about his antics made news.

Quilty’s shenanigans turned into viral gold, resulting in the animal shelter creating t-shirts (by demand of the public) and hundreds of adoption applications for one cat. Quilty has found a new home, but the organization is capitalizing on his notoriety and hoping to find more homes for other pets.

Anyone still hoping to adopt Quilty? (The answer is yes, because we've heard it from LITERALLY ALL OF YOU…)


Posted by Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization – Houston on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

In America, we love our pets. They become part of our homes and lives, with their personalities and their antics, and even though they live much shorter lives than humans do – and break our hearts when they leave us – we continue to be devoted to them. One of the unique qualities of America is how we treat pets. Unlike other cultures, we actively try to rescue strays, we take them into our homes, and we don’t eat certain animals. Americans recognize that some pets need to work or have specific active needs, and some just need to be cuddled. And given the multitude of services now devoted to pet care in this country, we have decided it is worth the cost. So, go hug a puppy, pet a good dog, or be ignored by a cat. It’s the American thing to do.

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  • Kevin says:

    Harry Truman said, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”

    I’ve had two dogs in the past 23 years; they overlapped each other by about 10 years. Both were Cairn Terriers (Toto on the Wizard of Oz was a Cairn Terrier). The last five years I would travel with my single remaining Cairn to my home in Mexico. He did very well on flights. The people sitting next to me usually said at the end of the flight, “I didn’t know you had a dog under the seat!” He did great in Mexico and loved the daily buffet of food he would find on the streets when we would go for walks. I always had to look 20 feet ahead of him to ensure he didn’t pick up something he shouldn’t.

    18 months ago when I had to euthanize him in Mexico I decided to take a break from owning a dog. He was about 15+ years old and it was time. I wanted to travel to places where it would be impossible to take a dog like India, Turkey, and Morocco and did so the past 18 months. I miss my boys every day and upon my return to the United States in April, I will begin my search for a new family member.

  • Cameron says:

    I’ve been volunteering for the past few years to help greyhounds get to their foster homes. There is a group that rents a trailer that takes overnight from Florida to Virginia and from there a bunch of us volunteers take them to the various rescue groups.

    It’s wonderful to see the looks on their faces when they realize that they can just lay around and be spoiled house pets instead of having to race all the time.

  • Kevin says:

    Where I live in Mexico, I volunteer each year with a free “Spay and Neuter” clinic. Volunteer veterinarians come from around the world (USA, Mexico, Portugal, Spain) and in a two or three day span will spay/neuter hundreds of cats and dogs. It will be common for someone to bring a “bag of young cats” to the event to get them spayed/neutered. It’s an amazing site to see … 20 operating tables set up and pre-op/post-op rooms. Some of the events were covered by Animal Planet TV and aired on US TV. The clinics have done wonders decreasing the number of street dogs and feral cats in my community in Mexico.

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