Ford’s Testimony Is Full Of Discrepancies [VIDEO]

Ford’s Testimony Is Full Of Discrepancies [VIDEO]

Ford’s Testimony Is Full Of Discrepancies [VIDEO]

We all wondered what new information Christine Blasey Ford would bring to the table at today’s hearing. What no one knew and realized is that the discrepancies already noted in her letters and the WaPo article are more glaring that previously thought.

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Washington, USA – 27 Sep 2018

Here’s a short list of what we’ve seen thus far:

Ford is still unclear about where the house was and exactly what date the alleged assault happened.

  1. She claims that after the alleged attack she ran to a first-floor bathroom and shut the door. After that she says that Kavanaugh and Mark Judge came banging down the stairs laughing at her and talking about her. When pressed about what they said, she admitted she couldn’t hear them and IN HER WORDS she “assumed they were.” Well, which is it, Dr. Ford? They were talking about you or you heard people from behind a closed door that you couldn’t possibly identify just talking and laughing at the party? There were other people there because it was a “party.” That requires more people than the good doctor and two boys. She has no way of knowing who she heard on the stairs from behind the closed door (assuming this alleged event even happened).

She’s not clear how she got home but didn’t have her license yet so who drove her home? She can’t recall

What she DOES want is for someone to go access Mark Judge’s employment records from that time to verify when he worked at Safeway so that she could then inform the world of the exact date she was attacked.

She claims Mark Judge was one of her attackers, but then went out of her way to try and talk to him at his job several weeks later?

She admits in her testimony that the WaPo ignored her first tip.

She admits in her testimony that she texted the tip line again but still wanted things kept confidential.

She admits in response to questions that the quibbling over the second door in the home remodel ended up being more about curb appeal rather than about memories of a long buried sexual assault.

She admits in response to questions that she isn’t sure exactly how or where or with whom she viewed her therapy records and isn’t clear as to whether she could recall exactly how the WaPo reporter got hold of those records for the article.

She has claimed that she only told her husband and her therapist about the attack. But NOW during testimony she states several times that she talked to people on the beach?

Yes indeed, there are numerous discrepancies and in fact she seems to have major memory issues as to what took place in just the last six months!

But she knew how to contact the Washington Post tip line and knew how to reach Congresswoman Eshoo’s office. Things are really not adding up here folks.

Meanwhile, here is a another major discrepancy that doesn’t put Ford nor her legal team in a positive light.

So she doesn’t like to fly, but flies a lot for vacations and even work. But her fear of flying is what delayed her ability to show up in front of the committee?

She then claims she didn’t know that the committee had actually intended to fly TO California to interview her. 

Judiciary Committee Republicans have offered Ford the opportunity to testify privately, and have indicated they’re willing to fly out to California “or anywhere else” to question her there if she would find that more convenient.

But she can’t remember that that offer was on the table. But it was.

It is truly sad that we have come to this. Was Ford assaulted when she was a teenager? Perhaps so. But what we are seeing here is a lady who seems scattered and can’t recall key information that happened even just a short while ago.

The discrepancies are glaring and we still don’t have actionable evidence to prove that Ford is credible.

Feature Photo Credit: MICHAEL REYNOLDS/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock (9898649d)
Washington, USA – 27 Sep 2018

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  • GWB says:

    Let me say one thing about memory: I don’t think it’s unusual at all to not recall what happened precisely a month ago.
    However… you’d think that as soon as this process started (especially with her being a psychologist and a professor) she would have written *everything* down – from dates to names to locations (not necessarily the event, but things like the polygraph and such), so that couldn’t be used to impeach her.

    I am giving her the benefit of the doubt in believing that her lawyer played a lot of the games we saw, and set her up for all this circus. If so, they certainly didn’t do her any favors. (Can lawyers get sued for malpractice?)

    • Robin H says:

      I’m pretty sure you can sue your lawyer for malpractice, but there has to be some loss to you. You ended up with a large fine, you went to jail, you lost custody of a child, etc. What’s she going to sue for? Making her look stupid? This whole thing is such a farce and a spectacle.

  • Robin H says:

    Other than stating her name, everything she said was a contradiction or a whole big enough to drive through.

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