The Finger-waving Hypocrisy: Nancy Pelosi versus Jan Brewer

The Finger-waving Hypocrisy: Nancy Pelosi versus Jan Brewer

The Finger-waving Hypocrisy: Nancy Pelosi versus Jan Brewer

The media got a thrill up its leg this week when Speaker Nancy Pelosi stood up in a meeting with President Donald Trump and began finger-waving at him. Then, Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer walked out and told the media that the President had a meltdown. Well, that’s so thrilling. Standing up to the President of the United States is good, unless you are former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer standing up to President Barack Obama.

Narcissi wrote about the middle-school shenanigans and you should read it here. I am not so sure that I blame Trump for calling Pelosi a third-rate politician. Read these paragraphs from anti-Trump Washington Post:

The now-famous photo captured House Speaker Nancy Pelosi standing up in the Cabinet Room, pointing her finger at a visibly angry President Trump, and, in her telling, questioning his loyalty to the country he leads.

Why, she asked, did he withdraw U.S. troops from Syria — a geopolitical calculation that allowed a toehold in northern Syria for Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Why, she asked with lawmakers and aides watching and a White House photographer snapping away, do “all roads lead to Putin”? With that, Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters Thursday, she left the White House meeting Wednesday.

Oh, no she didn’t! I wouldn’t have called her a third-rate politician. I would have called her a plastic-faced, bitch from Hell and told her to take her nasty carcass out of The White House. But, I am not as nice as Donald Trump is.

As Narcissi noted, Lawrence O’Donnell saw this finger-waving as a historic moment. But, it’s only when the finger-waving is done by a Democrat when it’s good. Let’s travel back through the rosy mists of time to January,2012. It was on a tarmac that Arizona Governor waggled her index finger at President Barack Obama. Why? The Washington Examiner has the answer:

Brewer was photographed poking her finger in President Barack Obama’s face when he visited Arizona in January 2012. She claimed that after giving him a written invitation to inspect the crisis on the Arizona border, the two engaged in a heated discussion about a passage in her book, Scorpions for Breakfast, which depicted Obama as condescending and dismissive.

Well, Jan Brewer remembers and tweeted:

Yup, they are all hypocrites. As the Washington Examiner noted, Brewer got more than 12,000 letters sent to her office. The letters called her everything but a child of God. Pelosi is hailed as a modern day Susan B. Anthony.

Last night, on Fox News Channel’s The Five, Greg Gutfeld had a great take:

Amen. If I had left every meeting where I was mad or insulted (advertising in the 80’s), I would not have made it through a meeting. If Nancy had really cared about the Kurds, she wouldn’t have called the President a traitor.

Let me just say that I don’t like finger-waving or finger-pointing as I grew up calling it. It is rude. This is from Science Focus:

In many cultures, including ours, pointing at other people is considered rude because it’s associated with blame allocation (‘to point the finger at…’). Also, by pointing at someone, you automatically, and without their consent, make them an object of scrutiny.

I think for anyone to point at another person, it shows his/her own weakness. Especially, if it’s done in anger. I shudder to think of it.

Let’s skip the finger-waving hypocrisy, be grown-ups, and not show out. That goes for both sides of the aisle.

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  • James Raclawski says:

    stage managed production by democrats.. ton of photos … a politician yes… “statesmen” …. no – not even close

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