Texas Voting Bill Passes Despite Democrat Tantrums

Texas Voting Bill Passes Despite Democrat Tantrums

Texas Voting Bill Passes Despite Democrat Tantrums

The Texas Voting bill passed easily yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, the Democrats are continuing their tantrums and the media isn’t happy either.

This is quite the headline from the New York Times.

Texas G.O.P. Passes Election Bill, Raising Voting Barriers Even Higher

Of course, the article goes on to breathlessly explain that all these measures will mean people won’t be allowed to vote, and the poll watchers could revert back to the 1940’s and ’50’s racist intimidation tactics. 

The legislation takes aim in particular at Harris County, a growing Democratic bastion that includes Houston and is the nation’s third most populous county. The legislation forbids balloting methods that the county introduced last year to make voting easier during the pandemic, including drive-through polling places and 24-hour voting, as well as temporary voting locations.

It also bars election officials from sending voters unsolicited absentee ballot applications and from promoting the use of vote by mail. The bill greatly empowers partisan poll watchers, creates new criminal and civil penalties for poll workers and erects new barriers for those looking to help voters who need assistance, such as with translations. It requires large Texas counties — where Democrats perform better — to provide livestreaming video at ballot-counting locations.

First of all, drive-thru polling places and 24 hour voting is NOT necessary. I don’t care where you live. If you want to vote, not one damned person other than yourself is stopping you. Secondly, Texas expanded the number of days of early voting, so again, if people don’t vote, that is THEIR personal choice!

If you are a Democrat or a Republican and you are a certified poll watcher, you can bet there is or would be some issues of partisanship. However, what the Democrats all over the country had wanted is poll watchers of THEIR choice. Needless to say, the Democrats certainly don’t like that part of the legislation. 

Live-streaming the ballot counting in the larger counties? You know what? That sounds like a GREAT idea given that windows in Georgia were papered over in order to keep verified poll watchers and ballot counters OUT. Transparency is key, and the Democrats don’t want transparency on anything, specifically votes. 

Evidently including your drivers license number, in other words, your ID is going to cause problems. 

The Texas bill adds more steps and paperwork for voters, including requirements to include their driver’s license number, election identification certificate or the final four digits of their Social Security number and an “ink-on-paper” signature that can verifiably be matched with any previously filed signature in corresponding Texas Department of Public Safety records.

Given you need to show your ID to buy a car, buy a house, get a loan, or buy alcohol…I don’t see a problem with this.

*SIGH. What we’ve been screaming about is how Biden and the rest of the Biden Administration TOTALLY botched the withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan. And again for those still hiding under freaking rocks, everyone can vote, the only people stopping them from voting is…themselves!


As of last night, I thought it telling that most of Texas Democrats who jetted off to DC to strut around, virtue signal, tweet about washing their undies in the sink, and spreading the Wuhan flu around were…kinda quiet about the passage of this legislation. 

“dramatic escalation of the GOP war on voting rights.” Wow Nicolle, how…DRAMATIC of you!

There is not one damned thing in that legislation that prevents ANYONE from casting a vote! What it does do is place good solid restrictions on what poll watchers can and cannot do. It also prevents people from just willy nilly helping their elderly neighbor or family member to fill out their ballot w/o certifying that they are allowed to do so. 

The Democrats are and have been claiming that this legislation is racist and will ensure that people won’t turn out to vote. 

“This bill was never about election security or voter integrity,” House Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner said in a statement last week. “It was always about using the Big Lie to justify restricting access to the ballot box.”

Let me say it one final time. The only restrictions to voting are the ones that people place upon themselves. There isn’t anything in this legislation that keeps people from voting. But the Democrats don’t want you to know that, hence their continued tantrums. 

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