Ann Coulter Finally Achieves Ignominy

Ann Coulter Finally Achieves Ignominy

Ann Coulter Finally Achieves Ignominy

Ann Coulter, once a quick-quipped stalwart of the Conservative movement, has tweeted her support for Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. At the same time, she slammed President Donald Trump for not withdrawing from that country. Miss Coulter has finally achieved ignominy.

Once upon a time, back in the misty mists of time, I considered Ann Coulter a Conservative. She spoke forthrightly, unlike many of her male counterparts. It was, I believe, Lucianne Goldberg who called Coulter the “Long Tall Sally of the Kick-butt Right”. Since I long ago trashed my Ann Coulter book collection, I cannot verify that it was Goldberg.

The Victory Girls Blog has been off Ann Coulter for quite a while. She has gone on a number of racist or anti-Christian rants. Last we smacked her around, it was four years ago, when our Kim wrote about Coulter’s tantrum on a Delta flight when they gave her “extra room” seat to “some woman”.

With her tweet praising, Biden’s “balls” and calling President Trump a “wuss”, Coulter needs a hearty thwap to the head. Here is her tweet:

Long tall Sally Coulter needs to take her blinkers off.

First of all, I am in the minority who thought we should NOT bring our troops home. We only had 2,500 troops at Bagram Air Base. We had taken no casualties in nearly two years. Afghanistan is geographically strategic. Take a look at this map from ChinaSage:

Ann Coulter

Iran, China, Russia and Pakistan all could be kept at bay with one base in Afghanistan. Our forever war hasn’t been in a while and we have geographically strategic bases in Japan, South Korea, Germany and elsewhere. Plus, we wouldn’t be in the clusterf**k that we are now.

Ann Coulter has called President Trump a moron and many other names. She is so myopic in her hatred for Trump that she has lost the plot.

What kind of “balls” does it take to do what Biden did? He ordered our troops from Bagram in the middle of the night. Biden didn’t notify the Afghan leadership or our NATO partners. He withdrew air support from the Afghan National Army leaving them exposed on the battlefield where the Taliban was rapidly gaining ground. Balls or callous cowardice?

Did it take balls to call Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and ask him to obfuscate the truth of the situation?

In much of the call, Biden focused on what he called the Afghan government’s “perception” problem. “I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things are not going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban,” Biden said. “And there is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.”

Will you call on the House and Senate to remove Joe Biden? You fully supported Trump’s second impeachment after he had left office.

Did it take balls to close the state of the art Bagram facility and funnel everyone into Kabul? Into a kill zone? Did it take balls to remove 2500 military personnel only to provide 6000 troops in an embarrassing de minimis surge? How about the day that 13 of our best were murdered because of Biden’s incompetence? Will you say their names, Ann?

Did that take balls?

Our Australian cousins have done superb work taking apart the Biden Administration. Here Nine News shows video of the mock funeral of the United States and our NATO partners performed by our new “diplomatic” partners, the Taliban:

Does anyone with a functioning brain stem really believe that President Trump would have allowed any of this? Ann calls him a wuss. Donald Trump loves America. Donald Trump believes in her greatness. He wants freedom for her people. Dementia-addled Creepy Joe only cares about power, money and sniffing children.

One upon Ann Coulter was fun and funny. That was a long, long time ago. Now she is a shrieking harpy. Now she has achieved ignominy. Go away Ann. Take your filthy lucre and go away.

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/ Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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  • Taylor says:

    I always felt that Ann Coulter was basically a Corporation (Ann Coulter, Inc) that all she really cared about was making money through her repetitive books. She and Jennifer Rubin probably meet for brunch every Sunday morning. She was obsessed by immigration so how does she like The Drooling Idiot’s allowing of a surge into America?

  • “Ann Coulter” is one of the bylines that I have not clicked on for over a decade.

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Mildred Gillars comes to mind.

  • BSmith says:

    I have a hard time defending Coulter but she does make a good point on this one. Why was Trump, the Commander In Chief, Tweeting about bringing the troops home. It is a horrendously bad look for the Commander In Chief of the US armed forces to be impotently Tweeting out his commands.

    Trump didn’t pull out of Afghanistan because lacked the courage.

    • gmmay70 says:

      Weapons grade ignorant, BSmith. You really think he was issuing orders via Twitter? Here’s your prize.

      Trump didn’t pull out of Afghanistan because he lacked the senior military commanders and high state department bureaucrats who would actually follow orders and directives. He’d tried to pull out of Syria, and jackholes like Jim Jeffries and the relevant commanders said, nah brah. Same shit in Goatf*ckistan. Stonewalled for four f*cking years, then Thoroughly Modern Milley and his band of purple-haired twats thought they could convince Biden to keep a small force there. When Uncle Sugar Cone gave them a hard no, they were left scrambling. Hence the Charlie Foxtrot.

  • Thanks for keeping us informed on this woman, so we don’t have to pay her the attention. Never got why conservatives fell for her. So obviously plagued with character issues, regardless of ideological stance.

  • Mike says:

    Always wondered what happen to Coulter? I can only conclude that this is what anorexia will do to your brain. I’d like to know if she feels Biden had the “balls” to tear down our southern border wall along with all his other great accomplishments?

    Ann, love to see you explain your logic to the families of the 13 murdered under Biden’s watch. Didn’t think so..

  • American Human says:

    I still read her weekly column. She is merciless in her criticism of Trump for not building the wall. This criticism started within a few months of him taking office. I cannot figure out what she expected to happen or on what time table?
    First, it takes money, second – money is provided by congress and they didn’t do that. They indicated over and over they would NEVER allot money for the wall so he took it from the DoD budget. Next up comes the design and contracting part. Anyone ever had to be involved in Government contracting? Then the building of the wall. Did Ann think this would only take a few days?
    She does her research and documents what she says but I’m also having an increasingly difficult time agreeing with her.

  • Alej Marcos says:

    That’s what mad cow disease will do to you.

    Sorry, I forgot that designation was already taken; I meant to say “menopause.”

  • Vetfred says:

    Truth and reason are difficult for some to figure out. Too bad
    Coulter cannot see the trees for the forest.

  • ROP says:

    Just like any Never Trumper Hate America crowd, Liz Cheny, Kinzinger, and now Ann,
    These people ignore the obvious, make excuse for gross errors, and blame anyone else for the problem, forgetting all the good AMERICA HAS DONE AND WILL CONINUE TO DO IF GET THIS CANCER OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!
    Lest we forget the same corporate politicians got us in to this , A nonpolitician had a plane to keep peace and prosperity and then a demo crate comes along and messes it up

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