Moore Says We Should Be Blessed To Have Joe Biden In The White House

Moore Says We Should Be Blessed To Have Joe Biden In The White House

Moore Says We Should Be Blessed To Have Joe Biden In The White House

Farenheit 9/11, Hollywood attention whale (sorry whales), Michael Moore is at it again. He just can’t sit by and watch people pay attention to others and not to him. So, he takes to MSNBC to tell the faithful few viewers that the network actually has that Americans should be blessed to have Joe Biden in The White House.

I realize by writing this, I am giving Michael Moore, pathetic loser that he is, the attention he very much craves but I want to shine the spotlight on what this imbecile chooses to call a blessing. Let’s spin one from the way-back time machine first. A conversation between Moore and Stephen Colbert:

The next four years under a President Biden would be different, Moore said. The bad, Orange man put babies in cages and used his tax dollars to do so. The horror! But Joe Biden? He’ll “be there for the people”, said Moore. He’ll “care for the least among us”. He will “uphold moral principles”. Biden, according to Moore, was the better man. Why? Because even after Kamala the Cackler went after him during the first debate, he had a “little voice inside his head” (we’re sure it’s not the only little voice inside his head) that said “put her on the Veep ticket”. Biden, according to Moore and his minions, was the savior, the one who would “embody moral principles essential for all of us to get along”. 2021 was going to be hashtag blessed.

Why else does he call old Joe a blessing? Get a load of this:

I have been completely surprised and feeling that we’re all blessed to have Joe Biden in the White House in these last months. Not just in standing bravely and never walking it back like a politician and especially a Democratic politician would. They would get afraid of the Republicans and the right wing telling them that he was a coward and withdrawing from Afghanistan.

He wouldn’t walk it back. He just said, ‘No, this is wrong. I promised you when I ran for office, I’m pulling those troops out. This war has gone on way too long.’ And that’s exactly what he did. A politician kept his word.”-Michael Moore

Actually, Mr. Moore, Biden walked back a few things in this amazing 8-month fustercluck of a Presidency. Remember when he told some of “the least of these”, the huddled masses at the southern border yearning to be free “don’t come” just a few weeks after Inauguration? Yeah. Who’d-a thunk that would have escaped your brain, Mikey. And to those of you who wanted those fat $2,000-monthly stimulus checks…(this may sting a bit)…where are they? Oh, and that “kids in cages” bit? Well, they still were in cages on Biden’s watch-in crowded conditions-during COVID.

And when Biden is not walking back, he’s getting lost on his way to the front door, tripping up the air stairs, offering little girls ice cream cones for looking like women in their barrettes, maybe or maybe not falling asleep during meetings, turning his back on hard-hitting questions and checking his damn watch as the bodies of soldiers and Marines are brought off the plane in Dover, Delaware in a dignified transfer. But, oh, we should be blessed to have Biden in The White House, says Michael Moore.

Joe Biden is brave? Dear Lord! “Bravery” gives control to the Taliban these days, apparently. Got it. And we’re blessed to have him? Never have I wanted to throat punch someone more.

As we approach the 20th anniversary of when the Taliban took over fueled-up, cross-country, commercial airliners they turned into bombs that killed thousands of innocent Americans, let’s count our blessings. We were blessed to have rescue workers, police and fire and first responders on the scene, looking upon in horror but, at the same time, doing what they could to save lives. We are blessed to have brave pilots and aircrew on those flights-some who called to warn others of a terror attack and some who went down fighting even though they knew it meant not returning home to their families. We were (and still are) blessed to have members of our Armed Forces, who are willing to go into harms way to defend “the least of these”. I remember after 9/11 happened and in the years afterward, hearing my husband talk amongst a group of other Marines about “getting to go” to Afghanistan. At the time, I did not understand this “getting to go” mentality but I grew to understand the concept.

While Moore is telling us to “be blessed”, the Taliban runs through the Kabul streets with caskets draped in our flag in mockery. Such a blessing, that Joe Biden!

To the service members and the Afghan people who tried to remain strong against the Taliban-thank you all for being a blessing. Your sacrifices are not in vain. Even though numbskulls like Michael Moore like to come out with pious lectures to the American people that we should all feel “blessed” for having a blathering buffoon in The White House who shows up late to his briefings on the regular.

Because if anything I feel like, what could I have done better 20 years ago or 18 years ago when we invaded Iraq to communicate to the public that we were making a horrific mistake that would cost us thousands of Americans lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan lives?”-Michael Moore

What could Michael Moore do better 20 or 18 years ago or even now? Take a few Big Macs to his big lake house in Michigan, shove them in his fat cake hole and keep them there. Preferably in perpetuity.

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