Texas Republican Challenges Boehner for Speaker of the House

Texas Republican Challenges Boehner for Speaker of the House

Congressman Louie Gohmert
Congressman Louie Gohmert
On Sunday’s edition of “Fox and Friends”, Rep Louis Gohmert (R-Texas) said that he will challenge John Boehner (R-Ohio) as Speaker of the House in the new Congress.

Gohmert said after “all years of broken promises, it’s time for a change.” This comes after Rep. Tod Yoho (R-Florida) also announced that he would not put his support behind Boehner.

“This is not a personal attack against Mr. Boehner, however, the people desire and deserve a choice,” Yoho said on his Facebook page. “In November, they resoundingly rejected the status quo.”

Gohmert said that Boehner made big promises, but hasn’t followed through on them. He and the current House members passed the cromnibus bill and amnesty. Those challenging Boehner have said that the people have lost faith in him.

Gohmert articulated clearly that if he was elected he would “fight amnesty tooth and nail. We’ll use the powers of the purse. We’ll have better oversight. We’ll fight to defund Obamacare.”

Gohmert went on The Blaze Radio with Glenn Beck afterwards to talk about his announcement. He wanted the American public to know that their representatives have another choice of someone else to vote for to be the Speaker of the House.

“I was persuaded. I’ll be the sacrificial lamb. I will get out there. But it’s not just me. There are others. But people have got a choice now. And those people that have been telling their constituents in the past, ‘Well, gee, I would have not voted for Boehner, but nobody ran against him.’ Well, now somebody is. And if we get 29 votes or more, then there will be a second ballot. And we will have a chance to change our leadership.”

FreedomWorks President, Matt Kibbe, had this to say on Sunday.

“With a growing Republican majority in the House and a historically high number of liberty-voting fiscal conservatives within it, there is an urgent need to replace Speaker Boehner with fresh, bold leadership that better represents the views of the whole caucus. Speaker Boehner has kicked fiscal conservatives off committee positions for voting against his wishes, caved on numerous massive spending bills at the eleventh hour, and abused the legislative process to stomp out opposition by holding surprise votes and giving members little time to actually read the bill before they vote.”

Beck, Gohmert, FreedomWorks, and I encourage you to call your representatives and urge them to vote against Boehner.

I’ve already called Congresswoman Jackie Walorski and expressed my deep displeasure with John Boehner, and urged her to vote for new leadership in the House.

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