Teen Vogue: Mobilize Towards A Socialist Future

Teen Vogue: Mobilize Towards A Socialist Future

Teen Vogue: Mobilize Towards A Socialist Future

Perusing the articles in Teen Vogue today, you will find. the superficial fluff stories of Dua Lipa’s five-inch heels. Who cares? Hip-hop star Lizzo explaining twerking’s origins in Black culture. Oh, goody! And, let’s not forget this gold-an OpEd on how Gen-Z needs to mobilize towards socialism.

Calla Walsh, a teen who lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, pens the screed, calling for mobilization of Generation Z.

I’m a 17-year-old socialist. For my generation, a fascist presidential administration, pandemic, economic collapse, and a historic uprising for Black lives have shaped our worldview. These defining events and movements have caused Gen Z to become more disillusioned with capitalism and the white-supremacist, bourgeois state than older generations. As the youngest delegate at this week’s Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) National Convention, I urge members of my generation to mobilize toward building a socialist future.”-Calla Walsh

Oh, wow. Cambridge Calla went there right out the gate. Let’s talk about this “fascist presidential administration” you speak of, dear wet-behind-the-ears teen of the white, upper middle class. I mean, after all, there is nothing fascist at all about demanding citizens carry a “passport” to say they received a few shots in the arm. There is nothing fascist about circumventing the legal process by organizations that are not part of the legal branches of government creating “laws”. And you want to go there with the pandemic, Calla? Nothing fascist at all about a media majority of controlled propaganda that selectively spreads the news and leaves out convenient facts. The media did this also with your “uprising for Black lives which changed your worldview”. Did they show cities being burned? Yes. Did they show the white people (not people of color) who came from other towns to torch these cities to the ground in the name of “equality”? Who are the fascists now, oh fair-haired teen activist?

But the little twit actually believes what she is saying.

We have watched capitalism fail time and again, having experienced two of the country’s worst recessions, in 2008 and again in 2020.”-Calla Walsh

Psst. We didn’t enter a recession until the Democrats caused pandemic panic and shut everything down in March of 2020. And, oh, boo-hoo, she says she didn’t qualify for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. (Sniffle.) But go on, continue…

When I regained employment after Massachusetts reopened, I witnessed capitalism’s lack of regard for human life firsthand. Going to work meant risking my life to perform labor because the ruling class had decided that dead frontline workers were just the collateral damage of their profit-motivated reopening. I worked in a restaurant from July to November 2020, when it closed again because of COVID-19, and I joined DSA that October.”-Calla Walsh

Yes, Calla was risking her life working during a time she can catch a virus that she will has a fair chance of recovering from for the ruling class of Cambridge. Fetching coffee for those double-masked Harvard professors who did not want young people COVID germs, I am certain. In that case, all of us who worked consistently from the start of the COVID-19 hysteria, we “risking our lives”. But we did it anyway. Why? Because we wanted to and needed to support our families. Because we did not want government hand-outs that come with conditions. We’re too smart for that. And as far as lack of regard for human life, Calla? Ask any person who is older than you who may have fled from a Socialist-gone-Communist country about the lack of regard for human life. Can’t find anyone in your little idealistic community of upper-middle-class rich kids who think being members of the YDSA is cool? You and your teen “comrades” should crack open a history book. Try it, you may learn something other than what your teachers are bottle-feeding you. Or you can look to Twitter where you spout your delusional beliefs about how great America would be under Socialism for some real-world advice:

And, I spit out my coffee on this one:

But, from the moment Cambridge Calla started school, she just knew she was the most special thing in the world to save humanity. The kids who go into corners crying when their feelings get hurt. The kids who have not been taught consequences for their actions. The kids who get trophies for, like, everything. The kids who think the world revolves around them and the rest of us “old Boomers and Gen X-ers” should just shut up and listen because we can’t use a cell phone or any technology, for that matter.

From the moment we started school, members of Gen Z have been told that we would be the ones to save humanity from our current overwhelming conditions. This concept of “Gen Z saviorism” serves to shift the responsibility to fix our world’s problems from the shoulders of older generations and systems that caused these problems to younger generations who will be forced to bear the brunt of the impacts. We are not saviors, and we need to be activated in a socialist way.”-Calla Walsh

Oh, delusional teens who hate the (Orange) man! Heed Calla’s call and defeat the “white-supremacist, bourgeois state”, oh Saviors of Socialism! YOU are the chosen ones. Next up in Teen Vogue? Ideas on where to purchase those perfect $200 ugly-ass, mom-jeans to wear to that next protest with your comrades. Pair them up with that perfect make-up look, completed by $40 Chanel eyeliner.

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  • Rex says:

    Another winning article from the same rag that gave a how to guide for teen girls to have anal sex.

  • Cameron says:

    Calla sweetie, you’d be whoring yourself out in a worker’s paradise like Venezuela because there’d be no other source of income.

  • GWB says:

    a teen … pens the screed
    And why should we listen to someone who has never lived outside their parents’ home? Who has never had to provide for themselves? Who has accomplished nothing with their life so far? (And, no, getting a stupid bit of received doctrine regurgitated in a teen magazine does not equal an “accomplishment”.)

    a fascist presidential administration
    a historic uprising for Black lives
    Oh, honey…. When you demonstrate such ignorance right out of the gate, you prove my point about us not listening to ‘da yute’. I would argue you’ve never actually studied the political movements called “fascism”, “communism” and “socialism” – either in a historical or philosophical framework. And I guarantee you’ve been lied to about the ’60s.

    the white-supremacist, bourgeois state
    Oh my. I really think there is absolutely no hope for you. Your brain is already turned to mush and will never be useful except to provide ambulatory motion to get your mouth from cult meeting to cult meeting.

    building a socialist future
    Yes! Utopia! Bring it now! Immanentize the eschaton!
    Oy vey.

    Did they show the white people (not people of color) who came from other towns to torch these cities to the ground in the name of “equality”?
    Lisa, you forgot to mention the parts of town they burned down were often the… colored parts. (We can say ‘colored’ again, right? since Black, Indigenous and People Of Color [BIPOC] is now a term of art? Right?)

    having experienced two of the country’s worst recessions
    Ummm, both created by Progressivism. The first at least partially by an attempt to create ‘equity’ in housing, and the second by an attempt to achieve Zero Risk. Neither, honey, were created by “capitalism”*, but by the heavy hand of gov’t on the market. Which is sorta the definition of “fascist”.
    (* I hate that word. It was coined by Marx to describe a market captured by the remains of feudalism – land owners and serfs. Aside from his analysis being wrong, it also describes something that’s never existed in America. [Though it was attempted in some fashion by the Democrats in the postbellum South.])

    she didn’t qualify for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance
    Probably because, being only 17, she’s never held a job that qualifies for unemployment. But she’s entitled to it, in her feeble, under-developed, diseased mind.

    I worked in a restaurant from July to November 2020
    See? I told you she didn’t work long enough to warrant unemployment. (And I bet it was nowhere near 30 hours a week, much less 40.)

    and I joined DSA that October.
    So, basically, she threw a tantrum. She lost her job because of the gov’t and immediately went and joined an organization that demands MORE GOV’T! She said, “Well, if I don’t get what I feel entitled to, then I’m going to fling my toys all about and then burn down the house! Because, that’ll show ’em!”

    Because we wanted to and needed to support our families.
    Lisa, in her warped thinking, that makes you a “wage slave”. Don’t you want to throw off your chains with the rest of the proletariat?!

    Don’t you go to a…
    Ha! But they’re exactly the kind of bourgeoisie she’s going to overthrow! She’s not being a hypocrite, she’s just following the revolution!

    members of Gen Z have been told that we would be the ones to save humanity from our current overwhelming conditions
    You’ve been lied to, sweety. There are no “overwhelming conditions” (except maybe stupidity and hubris – you’ve got those covered) in our current society. And you will NOT be humanity’s saviors. We already have a god, and you are NOT Him. We are so rich and so peaceful that folks like you can bleat about this crap without a single serious consequence. So rich that our poor are obese. So rich that even if someone cut off your entire state from the rest of the country, you still wouldn’t starve for weeks.
    Heck, we’re so safe that people had to invent all sorts of nonsense about a virus just to feel as if they were actually threatened.
    Until you’ve met a real obstacle, go away and play with your toys, child.

    We are not saviors
    That’s what I’ve been telling you! And yet you keep on as if you are.

    Pair them up with that perfect make-up look, completed by $40 Chanel eyeliner.
    Is that the same makeup the DIAD in Washington state wears to look like a horridly ugly woman while screaming at store owners who don’t agree with his delusion?

  • Andrew X says:

    Ig-narrogance is a thing…

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