Pork Filled Infrastructure Bill Will Bankrupt The U.S.

Pork Filled Infrastructure Bill Will Bankrupt The U.S.

Pork Filled Infrastructure Bill Will Bankrupt The U.S.

The pork filled infrastructure bill has passed a key vote in the Senate, with far too many Republicans voting for it. The problem with this Green New Deal bill? It will bankrupt the U.S.

Senators voted 67-27 to advance the bill. Eighteen GOP senators voted with all Democrats to help get the legislation over the 60-vote hurdle.

Without an agreement, the bill will face another vote on Sunday to formally shut down debate and put the bill on a glide path to passage. If every Democrat continues to vote yes, that means they need to have 10 GOP senators in order to get over the final hurdle for the bill.

Shades of Obamacare! Oh wait, this infrastructure bill – all 2700 pages of it – is Obamacare on steroids. Several of the Republican Senators who voted for this yesterday have wonderful little goodies for their state embedded in this bill. Romney, Murkowski and others stand to bring thousands if not millions of dollars into their respective states. The problem is, the TAXPAYERS are going to bear the burden of this $1 Trillion plus plus Green New Deal monster. 

As our readers recall, we’ve eviscerated and sounded the warnings over the Green New Deal multiple times. Well, we are sounding the alarm once again!

Let’s take a quick gander as to what is in this bill. 

The Energy Department is going to be given more of our tax dollars in order to provide for more subsidies for wind and solar, which is stupid given that NEITHER of those industries has shown nor will show a profit in the near or long term. And don’t get me started on the failure of the Texas ice storm…

The bill will ALSO give the feds authority over private enterprise. Think about trying to add more broadband in rural areas, while having to wait for federal regulations to be met. Uh huh, keep on waiting. Meanwhile the rural areas that have good broadband, such as my home county in Wyoming? That was due to PRIVATE enterprise, not our government overlords. 

Our taxpayer dollars are going to subsidize electric vehicles. 

The White House previewed the electric-vehicle promo with joint statements from auto makers, the United Auto Workers and California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Ford, GM and Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler ) announced their “shared aspiration” for electric cars to make up 40% to 50% of their sales in 2030. EVs make up a mere 3% of current U.S. sales, and most are Teslas.

Here’s the problem with this. Our electric grid CANNOT HANDLE the sheer amount of EV’s the government wants to mandate. Period. Full Stop. Yet this behemoth infrastructure bill is mandating EV’s without even considering the funds needed to upgrade the grid to handle that much power. And no, more subsidies of wind and solar won’t solve the problem. Furthermore, have you tried to drive an EV through Montana, Wyoming, or the Dakotas? What about trying to use an EV as a ranch vehicle?? What about turning farm equipment into EV capable? Ranchers and farmers would be better off going back to horse and plow in order to harvest their crops!

Not only that, but China is a BIG winner regarding electric vehicles. Why? BATTERIES. They have the market on what is needed for the batteries, therefore this bill is handing China a big fat **cking win if this bill passes. 

There are many MANY things in this pork filled bill that are not only absurd, but directly point to how unserious our politicians are these days. 

$350 million for Wildlife Crossings. Hello!! Have you driven through rural America lately? The wildlife (deer, elk, moose, antelope, etc) DO NOT READ SIGNS. They cross when and where they want. 

A study to potentially remove a transportation facility because it is a barrier to community activity? WTH does that even MEAN? Get rid of an airport because no one can party there? Shut down a bus station because buses are clunky?  Oh wait, maybe it’s the railroad crossings – that X on the sign will get you every time. 

Want to know how pork filled this bill is? Here you go:

Please tell me – what the hell does gender identity have to do with infrastructure?? Last I knew roads, airplanes, trains, and cars are gender neutral – unless the owner decides to name his or her vehicle. 

Here’s a couple of other items in the bill, which should get your blood boiling. 

Now I know that Joe Biden and his little transportation dude Pete Buttigieg love them some trains..but paying for train infrastructure in another country? Hell NO. 

Another thing, this bill contains a major mileage fee. Drivers will be charged for how many miles they drive. 

A. That will decimate the trucking and delivery industries

B. That will have serious consequences on farming and ranching

C. It is a TAX! It is NOT a fee

Want to know the extent and scope of how pork filled this bill it? Take the time to read through Oilfield Rando’s Twitter feed or his website, he did the research and then some. 

It’s time for Tea Party 2.0. Far too many Republicans are on board with this load of tax laden pork filled CRAP. Obamacare was everything we said it would be, this Green New Deal slime of an infrastructure will will be far worse unless we get it stopped.

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  • Howy says:

    The government put two wildlife crossings outside of the small New Mexico town of Cuba. Yet, low and behold, some careless elk had decided to ignore them and cross the highway in the town and was run over and killed. I guess we need a government mandate.

  • ROP says:

    And where does the money come from ? That’s correct the US taxpayer. Most of the lower brackets and illegal’s don’t pay taxes, so this will decimate the middle class and capitalism. The wanting to strive and make your life better will be destroyed.
    Everything in this BILL is illegal if you read it. But with a rubber stamp they make it legal
    Call and flood the senators office with emails, demonstrate if you have to ( while we still have that right).
    People ! we have to stop this.

  • Scott says:

    China is the big winner? No surprise there, with so many dems bought and paid for by the CCP.. I wonder how much the “big guy’s” cut is…

  • feeblemind says:

    re Another thing, this bill contains a major mileage fee. Drivers will be charged for how many miles they drive.

    At Rando’s site I saw this:

    $75 million for studying how to enact income-based road usage taxes


    $50 million for a per-mile road usage fee pilot program

    I saw nothing about charging all of us mileage fees.

    This looks to me like nothing more than money for the grifters, as is most of the so called infrastructure bill.

    There is no reason to get your panties in a knot over mileage fees . . . . yet.

  • ROP says:

    Feeblemind, please don’t take offense, however In reference to the “STUDY” there is one billion in it to do this .
    And where does this one billion go to ? That’s right none other than the wife of our West Virginia senator.

    A Republic will last until the people decide to pay themselves out of the treasury.

  • ROP says:

    All that is going on has happened before. 1936 Germany on Steroids

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