Tax Bill Passes, Democrats Cry “Heist!” [VIDEO]

Tax Bill Passes, Democrats Cry “Heist!” [VIDEO]

Tax Bill Passes, Democrats Cry “Heist!” [VIDEO]

It must be awful to be a Democrat right now. Every single thing is an emergency, or the end of all that we know, or the worst thing EVAR. After all, net neutrality being repealed was supposed to make life unliveable. Well, old crisis has been forgotten in favor of new crisis – tax cuts!

It’s official – the reconciled tax bill has passed both House and Senate.

This is the single biggest legislative victory for the Trump Administration up until now.

Cue the Democrats hitting the panic button once more, and they apparently all got the same code word to use.

Seriously. Taxpayers getting to keep their own money instead of having the government take it by force is a “heist” if you’re a Democrat.

Good ol’ Bernie broke open the thesaurus and tried “looting.”

I had no idea that keeping my own money was stealing from the government!!!! (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

The boy has cried wolf far too many times, and with companies like AT&T and Boeing announcing bonuses for employees due to the passage of the tax bill, there are some very hilarious juxtapositions happening.


Only true hacks can claim bonuses are a bad thing.

You keep doing you, Democrats. Most every other taxpayer is going to be singing quite a different tune next April.

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  • John in Indy says:

    SARC – To Democrats, of course the tax bill is a heist – it might allow some of those working people to keep more of their wages FROM THEM – pitiful, but typical.

    Note also that this tax bill is primarily about income taxes, personal and on businesses. Income taxes are one of the forces which serve to prevent even those very high earners from ever becoming truly wealthy, and challenging the position and authority of the self-defined “elites”. The Democrats NEVER do anything which would cost the top 1% of wealth HOLDERS any money.

    For the rest of us middle income people, the only way we can live well is to avoid the advertised “consumer” lifestyle, by rejecting the envy promoted by the media.

    I have had to learn to live a live which values quality over quantity, good people, our families, and time well spent.
    Overcoming envy, and realizing that my choices for quality of life over striving to impress with consumption and debt people whose opinions I no longer value have had social costs, (I no longer play their games) but overall, I think that these have been the better choices.

    John in Indy

  • Rdm says:

    Um … people’s 401k plans are shareholders. And investing in technology that lets them produce more efficiently lets them produce cheaper, which lets people who rely too n what they produce either A: could noumena it cheaper and keep me re money or B: produce whatever THEY produce themselves wth that product cheaper. Money going to shareholders and being invested doesn’t go up in smoke,

  • MikeE says:

    Just hilarious, since the Federal Treasury is stuffed full of IOUs.

  • Bandit says:

    Help me again? You’re stealing your own money by not having it taxed? That doesn’t seem right. You’re stealing from the people who don’t have your money anymore. I don’t get it.

  • GWB says:

    I had no idea that keeping my own money was stealing from the government!!!!
    For these folks that’s very true. What you have is not yours, in their minds.

    Now, if you want real tax reform, eliminate withholding, and change the tax due date to the Thursday before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. IOW, 5 days before we vote in national elections.
    (And the only real solution is to 1. stop spending on unconstitutional items and 2. repeal the 16th Amendment.)

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  • CaptDMO says:

    Well, its like this…
    Cash returned to “We the people…” Heist.
    Cash returned to Iran….” New Coke.

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