Why is Rosie O’Donnell still here?

Why is Rosie O’Donnell still here?

Why is Rosie O’Donnell still here?

During the 2016 presidential election, a number of Hollywood celebs came out against Donald Trump. Oh the claims of how evil he was and how he would bring our country to its knees ran rampant through their dinner parties and press conferences. One of the most vocal was Rosie O’Donnell. She didn’t want to live in an America that claimed Trump as its president (although she later recanted the threat to leave). Now she’s back, not just losing her her mind on Twitter but pretty much violating the law. Of course, she wouldn’t see it as that because she, like all those who share her hatred for Trump, are above the law in her eyes.

It started out with her usual ranting, this time about the tax bill. When she heard the House would have to vote again on the bill because it contained provisions violating Senate rules, she went wild on Twitter. For all the times I’ve cringed seeing some of the President’s tweets, Rosie far outdid him.

Now, I might be the only one who sees the irony in the so-called comic using the terms “decency” and “honor”, but day-um. Rosie hasn’t shown much class — if any — since she got into her war with Trump years ago. I really find myself wondering at times why she is so obsessed with him.

Wow, now she’s telling her Twitter followers to break the law by reporting a false crime. I wonder, if any are foolish enough to do as she says, will she be there with an open checkbook to pay their bail and hire them an attorney? Of course not. She’ll pull that old, tired excuse out that she really hadn’t meant for them to do that. She was just frustrated with the President and trying to get a point across.


Now we have the money shot, literally. She is offering $2 million “cash” each to Senators Jeff Flake and Susan Collins. Perhaps someone should take Rosie aside and explain the term “bribery” to her and the possible sentencing she could face.

Then she falls back on the old — and very tired — harangue where she accuses Collins of betraying “us all”. If you read the tweet, there is no doubt who she means by “all” — women.

Whether this is, like Kathy Griffen, a sad attempt to remain relevant by Rosie or she really is this far out of touch, I’m not sure anyone — including Rosie — really knows. My question to her is if she has actually read the proposed legislation. Or if, as usual, she is simply mirroring the talking points in her own, over the top manner, put out there by Pelosi and company. Either way, it’s time for Rosie to realize the curtain has come down on her as a political voice.

Rosie, the party is over and no one wants to hear what you have to say.

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  • wyldkat says:

    Classic socialist reaction to any time tax cuts are discussed.

    “Think about the families in need.” I am. My family. Less taxes means more money to take care of my family.

    “Tax cuts for the rich.” Yeah, I “played” with the models that were floating about fb – in every single one I came out better with the tax plan. Rich? Maybe to someone living in a 3rd world nation. Where I live, I am just getting by.

    • Amanda Green says:

      I loved how she said she was thinking about the families. I noted she also didn’t offer to pay for their insurance. Instead, she’d rather bribe a couple of politicians. And she’s the classy one — NOT.

  • GWB says:

    And THIS is the result of the progressive movement to eliminate the asylums. Homeless on the streets, Rosie on Twitter, Anderson Cooper on off CNN……..

  • MikeE says:

    Who is this Rosie O’Donnell person? Is she supposed to be famous or something?

  • M. Tagliaferro says:

    If you don’t like your tax cut. .. mail it back.
    If you think you are under taxed. ..pay more.

    Who’s stopping you? Simply write a check, payable to US Treasury Dept., and then bless yourself for “resisting” .

    Think globally, act locally. …just do it. What’s stopping you?

    • Wilbur says:


    • Sam says:

      Of course, liberals are not necessarily upset about tax cuts as it affects themselves. They’re upset that EVERYBODY (or most anyway) get tax cuts, and that’s not FAIR! They want your money. All of it if they could get it.

  • Herb says:

    I am pretty sure that offering a bribe to a US Senator is a violation of the law.

    O’Donnell clearly did that in public. There is a clear quid pro quo offer of cash for a legislative vote. In the case of Collins there is an offer to negotiate on the amount of the bribe.

    When is the FBI interview?

  • Norm says:

    It’s sad to witness the progress of age related dementia…

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