The Constitution Is Great, Check Your Premise, Dan

The Constitution Is Great, Check Your Premise, Dan

Slate Magazine published a piece by a Computer Science Professor by the name of Dan Rockmore. The article argues that you can mathematically prove that there is a Logical Inconsistency in The Constitution of the United States of America. The problem is: Dan’s premise is wrong, so the whole argument is invalid. Read on. I promise I won’t bore the snot out of you.

Fundamentals of Freedom:  The FBI/Apple Kerfuffle

Fundamentals of Freedom: The FBI/Apple Kerfuffle

Editor’s note: This guest post is by “GWB”, a reader and friend of Victory Girls. His post is written by request, because of this comment on the…

Michelle Obama says “Immigration top legislative priority” for her husband

Iraq is burning, a previously non-existent chemical weapons stash has been absconded by very bad people who want to kill us, Americans are being persecuted by the IRS,…

“We The People” is American Propaganda? IOC Orders US Women’s Hockey Goalie to Repaint Mask

Jessie Vetter, goalie for the United States women’s hockey team, came up with a fun and patriotic idea for her goalie mask.  She and mask artist Ron…

TSA Shooter was a “pissed off patriot”-here we go!

When I caught the news about the shooting at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Friday afternoon on my way home from work I, like so many others, thought…

Federal Appeals Court to Obama: You Violated the Constitution on Recess Appointments!

Abuse of Power. Frankly, I’m surprised – and pleased – by the ruling of the three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit…

New Congress to Read Constitution Out Loud

Courageous. Principled. Frugal. At least that’s what we expect to get from our newly elected ‘Tea Party’ Congress set to take office on January 5th. One of…

Ezra Klein and The Constitution (Video)

Poor Ezra Klein! You’d think with his gig at MSNBC and esteemed career as a ‘Journo-list’, he would have a good grasp of the documents that represent…

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