Ezra Klein and The Constitution (Video)

Ezra Klein and The Constitution (Video)

Poor Ezra Klein! You’d think with his gig at MSNBC and esteemed career as a ‘Journo-list’, he would have a good grasp of the documents that represent the underpinnings of our Republic. But apparently he’s perplexed over that whole Constitution thing. And the reason? Well it’s just too confusing because… wait for it… it’s OLD!

Besides showing what a dunce he really is, Ezra Klein once again demonstrates the contempt progressive liberals have for what our founders and framers created for us. Klein, like every other progressive out there believes that average Americans like you and me (and even him) can’t possibly think for ourselves or make our own choices in life. The concept of “We the People” is much too antiquated and non-relevant. We need the government to do our thinking, understanding, and decision-making for us — they are so much better at it, superior in fact.

Sorry Ezra but The Constitution really is pretty important. It defines the role of our government and places constraints upon its power. Just because you think its old and out of date, doesn’t make it so. Citizens all around this country carry pocket Constitutions with them (I do!) just so they can know it better while others take an oath to uphold and defend it. For such an educated man you really are quite dense.


Update: Here are a several links of others who wrote on this subject far more eloquently then me. Check them out!!

St. Toldjah

Update 2: Ezra Klein walks back his comments.

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  • Kevin says:

    He did this on MSNBC? Well no one watches it so it hardly matters. :o) This idiot has probably never even read the Constitution!

  • JENN says:

    If my head was up my A$$, it would be hard for me to understand stuff too.

  • BikerDan says:

    So I wonder if this guy has any problems understanding The Communist Manifesto or Rules for Radicals? Just curious.

  • kate says:

    lol dan. maybe he’s admitting to the fact that liberals are basically, illiterate. 🙂

  • Monique says:

    Maybe Ezra is just too dumb to understand the Constitution.

  • David says:

    OMG! I’m beside myself! I can’t believe the iDiOcY coming out of his mouth. “The Constitution is ‘over 100 years old’ ” …uh… YA! It’s over 200 YEARS OLD, you idiot (Ezra K.)!

    And BTW, what the hell difference does it’s ‘age’ make? It’s not a document ABOUT time or age or maturity. It’s a document about LAW, limiting government, RESERVING RIGHTS to the people… TIME-LESS things, you idiot (Ezra K.). AND, it’s the F O U N D I N G D O C U M E N T of our nation. It’s not a novel. It’s not a documentary. It’s not a “self-help” book. It’s a BINDING, LEGAL document – that ALL of our federal leaders S W E A R to uphold.

    Man, this guy is an idiot. And they have him on TV like some sort of ‘expert’ or someone to be heard or listened to??

    P.S. How ’bout that intro by (O’Donnell)?? “Returning to the Constitution. That’s what the Republicans want to do…” no…! you’re kidding me!! Return to the following the Constitution!? That would be cRaZy… uncalled for… ridiculous… at least, that is apparently what the LIBERALS must believe.


  • I’ve decide to utilize my marginal bully pulpit in defense of what Ezra Klein was implying. He obviously was not clear enough, perhaps an analogy would do the trick :

    Ezra Klein In The Cross-Hairs Of Right Wing Outrage

  • Ken says:

    Ryan, you’ll have to come up with something better than the OPINION of an obviously anti-conservative/Republican post.

    “It was written hundreds of years prior, so individuals are unable to derive exactly what the original writers were intending, while at the same time mapping their existing political philosophy onto the text.”

    Wrong, the intentions were crystal clear: freedom. There is a reason the Constitution isn’t so detailed and specific, because it was meant to be a document guaranteeing people the freedom from all of the tyrannies and persecutions that they, themselves, fled from. Not to mention, they had no way of predicting technological advances, ie: wiretapping. The document is purposefully “vague”, if you will, because it was not meant to be used to affect small details of daily life.

    It’s about FREEDOM. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Klein doesn’t understand this.

  • Kevin Donegan says:

    “Every other progressive out there believes that average Americans like you and me (and even him) can’t possibly think for ourselves or make our own choices in life”

    Interesting. I find that mainly conversatives (and there are some liberals as well, but I usually see this trait in conservatives) fall into the same trap when talking about “personal freedoms.” Conservatives (especially on the opinion shows) foam at the mouth when talking about “government interferring in our lives” and “government creating laws the supress our personal choices” but when hot button issues come up such as abortion, gay marriage, legalization of drugs, etc., a conversative (generally speaking) will say, “the government needs to step in an create laws to save the traditional family from extinction.” It’s a double edged sword … I have used the same discussion with the bible; you can’t just pick and choose the passages you like. If that’s the case, rip out the pages that you don’t agree with then you’re left with a book you can follow. It’s all or nothing.

    The “all” part of government interfence is something I agree with. You can’t faciltate a civil society without some parameters. The government has to step in and say, “It’s not okay for adults to sexually molest children” … “It’s not okay for people to abuse and assault one another” … “It’s not okay for someone to swindle thousands of dollars from an elderly person.”

    So, when the debate begins with, “Every other progressive out there believes that average Americans like you and me (and even him) can’t possibly think for ourselves or make our own choices in life” you need to respect the personal decisions that others make. As a gay man, I don’t have the need or desire to enter into a “marriage” contract with another man. But, I respect and support that right for another person that feels differently than I do.

    Signed, A personal friend of Blatherings.

  • Kevin Donegan says:

    … “the fact that liberals are basically, illiterate” …

    I know this is a “blog” and it’s fun to poke fun at others and generalize and stereotype different populations. I too catch myself on occassion targeting a segment of society such as “conservatives”, “republicans”, “right wingers”, “birthers”, etc. As I mentioned in another stream on this site, “The debate needs to raised to a higher level.”

    I’m liberal. I would probalby be considered a “progressive liberal.” I don’t think I’m illiterate nor are most of other progressive liberals with which I associate. Some are; but not all. Just like some “conservatives”, “republicans”, “right wingers”, “birthers” are illiterate. Not all of them; but some are. 🙂

    Signed, A personal friend of Blatherings

  • kate says:

    hi kevin!!!! so great to see you! 🙂 no…you are not illiterate. you are an intelligent, thoughtful, (sigh) liberal. but i still have high hopes for you!!!

    actually i was being basically a smart arse because frankly Ezra Klein deserved it. i was not inferring that libs were illiterate rather, i was stating that maybe EK was admitting to it. a subtle difference but nonetheless a difference.

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