Guest Opinion: A Mountain Too High – A Bridge Too Far

Guest Opinion: A Mountain Too High – A Bridge Too Far

Guest Opinion: A Mountain Too High – A Bridge Too Far

Crimes have been openly committed against our country, our Constitution, and our people. With the wind at their backs and no regard for the law, people from our own government, our intelligence and law enforcement agencies and even our media conspired to steal an election, violate our Constitution, restrict speech, and manufacture false prosecutions while spreading propaganda they knew to be false.

In the process, billions in damage was done and dozens of people were murdered during the Antifa/BLM riots of 2020 and to this date no one has been punished.

While this government sponsored deceit dominated the news another sinister plot ran unchecked as the same agencies, government players, tech companies and news organizations worked to hide the truth of Covid virus origination and the realities of early therapeutic treatments that were readily available. Millions died as the result of this scurrilous behavior. MILLIONS! And to this date no one has been punished.

As the summer of 2020 ended, what now serves as “voting season” came upon us. The result of it was the installment of career criminal and lifelong racist, Joe Biden as president under more than suspicious circumstances and unimpeded election manipulation. Again, the facts behind this insult to our republic were distorted, and hidden by the same tech companies, intelligence agencies, politicians and news corporations joining together beyond the confines of ethics and law.

But they weren’t done yet. January 6th brought a day of national calamity when a demonstration erupted in turmoil following the address by President Trump. What was planned as a day to protest how our election had been run followed by courts in swing states simply brushing away charges of irregularities without hearing facts in evidence, ended in destruction to property and the deaths of two unarmed women who came to share their concern.

Once again, the criminals in our government, the tech giants, intelligence agencies and news corporations sprang to action to distort and hide evidence while fabricating new evidence of their own. Unlike the violent street thugs and murderers of Antifa and BLM, demonstrators were arrested by the hundreds. Companies like American Airlines, Bank of America and cell service providers offered information connecting thousands of people to the D.C. area on Jan 6 to aid in their arrest and prosecution.  

In violation of both The US Constitution and the UN policy on torture and imprisonment people were jailed without representation. They’ve been deprived of outside communications and health mandated medications. We give better treatment to gang members, child predators, and imprisoned terrorists at Gitmo. Despite anecdotal and video evidence, alleged government operatives and agitators involved in instigating the transition from peaceful demonstration to destructive mob behavior have not been pursued. Instead, their presence was hidden during the proceedings of a biased committee assembled, it seems, for media consumption and cover-up purposes.

What is evident in each of these cases is the growing trend of abusive government power developed to a large extent by using the strategy of telling a lie repeatedly until it becomes accepted by a significant swath of the population that has been deprived of, or not exposed to the truth.

Make no mistake, this degradation of our legal system, electoral process and civil cohesion is not an accident. The democrats we live near, associate with, and even may be related to, voted for this and will do so again.

Our shift to a late-stage republic went pretty much unnoticed. As explained by the theory of hedonic adaptation, most people accept changes to their lives and assume a new normal to avoid the internal conflict of challenging the disruption. Can’t find your favorite products? Learn to use something new. Price of gas is too high? Drive less. Be cancelled for speaking out? Learn to be quiet!

What a dystopian America will look like is too uncomfortable for most of us to envision, so we put those thoughts out of our mind. But the communists among us have a clear vision of their goal to control every aspect of our lives and remove or even dispose of anyone who opposes them; a power they are now using with little opposition. The numerous perpetrators of crimes against America and her citizens are not only free to walk among us, they are profiting from their criminal behavior with book royalties and six figure jobs on corporate boards or TV gigs.

These people must be arrested along with all of those who joined in and aided their odious behavior and subsequent cover-ups. They must be put on trial with fair and impartial judges and punished accordingly if found guilty. Per democrat example, accomplices and co-conspirators are just as guilty.

For example; Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and his girlfriend FBI Lawyer Lisa Page did not falsify evidence to obtain FISA warrants and develop crimes out of thin air all by themselves. They had judges willing to work with them. They had a willing and complicit DOJ and FBI. They had media assistance in helping to dramatize and push their story. Ultimately, they had a democrat led impeachment.

Did Adam Schiff commit a crime when he lied about having hard copy evidence of Trump/Russia collusion? Did AG Loretta Lynch commit a crime in meeting with Bill Clinton in her private plane? Did Capitol cop Michael Byrd commit a crime when he murdered unarmed Ashli Babbitt? It is time to ask some hard questions.

When does ‘misspeaking’ become lying?  When does lying become illegal and when does illegal political prosecution become treason?

There is a strategy we can take to preserve our republic. But it is one of courage and righteousness; one of fairness, law, and most of all, retribution. These virtues are in short supply within our congress and our justice system.

Will we see justice from the republican majority, or is that a mountain too high – a bridge too far?


Today’s Guest Opinion is written by Jim Boyer, the Panhandle Pundit; a life long ski bum and realistic environmentalist, retired building contractor and long time property rights advocate. Speech writer, marketing specialist in demographic targeting, public speaker –  has worked on local state political campaigns and held local public office.

Featured photo is the property of the writer, Jim Boyer.  All rights reserved. 



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  • Nothing in the above is news, but the reminder of the enormity of what’s been done to us is valuable.

    It’s been suggested that previous generations of Americans would have resisted more vigorously than ours has. It might be true, though the proposition is untestable by its nature. We’ve been habituated to passive acceptance of these infamies through a carefully calibrated campaign of gradualism backed up by soothing propaganda: the “salami slice” technique for subjugating a free people. At this point the greater number of us cooperate in enforcing our serfdom.

    Consider this: the largest 3000 companies in the United States employ slightly more than half its wage earners. If those companies, and those companies ALONE, were to cease to withhold income taxes for the federal and state governments, the federal government (and most of the state governments) would collapse. Three thousand CEOs, acting in concert, could bring the system down, to everyone’s benefit…but they have not, and they will not. They’d rather preserve their chances for further subventions from Leviathan.

    It seems ever more to be beyond dispute: If we once deserved to be free, we deserve it no longer. Have a nice day.

  • Blackwing1 says:

    As many have pointed out before, we are not a “blue state, red state” country. Rather, we are a “blue megalopolis, red overwhelmingly rural” country. I know, we lived in the Heart of the Hive™ in Murderapolis, and only got out after retirement. There are a double-handful, perhaps a dozen more, of these urban hell-holes run exclusively by the collectivist/statist/authoritarians that the “Democrat” party has become that essentially decide the policies by which this country will fail. New York, LA, Seattle, St. Louis, Portland, Chicago…the list goes on and on. In most of these states, their policies are directed and dominated by the inhabitants of those cities, the majority of which are utterly dependent on the government dole, whether through direct/indirect payments (food, housing, healthcare, ad nauseum) or by working directly for the dot-gov themselves (federal, state, county or city). The actual ratio of producers to parasites within the ring-roads of these enclaves is probably less than 1-to-1, and they depend completely on their power of force to tax those who live outside them.

    My wife’s deceased father used to say, “A Democrat is a Socialist without the balls to call himself a Socialist, and a Socialist is a Communist without the balls to call himself a Communist. Democrats are Communists twice removed from their balls.” But even this fig-leaf of obfuscation has been thrown away in our current situation. We have avowed “Socialists” in Congress, and the Marxist indoctrination/brainwashing centers (aka, government schools) have been running full-tilt for several generations, turning out an illiterate and innumerate citizenry incapable of actual thought, but told that their “feelings” are the most important thing in the world. We gave that away when the Communists took over the pedagogical systems starting with John Dewey back at the turn of the last century.

    Since the collectivists are physically and geographically contained within state boundaries that are otherwise productive it will be impossible to have a civil “divorce” between “red state” and “blue state”. I was hoping that the tilting point (that the Marxists seem to pushing ever-harder for) would occur after my death, but that hope is rapidly fading given the effort the Marxists are putting into making it occur.

    I have my own personal lines in the sand beyond which I will NOT be pushed; so do many others. If/when this happens, the resulting horrific slaughter will make the break-up of Yugoslavia look like a picnic. No rational person wants this, but it is finally seeming unavoidable. I do not advocate for it, I do not want to have to try to live through it. I can only hope, with no rational foundation for it, that we can ultimately (as a country) recover our basic concepts of freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility.

  • Betsybounds says:

    This column would have profited from the attention of a red-pen editor.

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