TSA Shooter was a “pissed off patriot”-here we go!

TSA Shooter was a “pissed off patriot”-here we go!

When I caught the news about the shooting at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Friday afternoon on my way home from work I, like so many others, thought “Well, another crazy goes boom”. By the time I had finished my lunch though I saw something in an article online that made me realize that the media spin machine was shifting into high gear around this shooting already. You see the shooter was described as a 23 year old “pissed off patriot” who “thought his 2nd Amendment rights were being violated” and that he wanted to “kill TSA employees and ‘pigs’“-doubtless you can see where this is headed dear reader.

Roping off the area where the LAX shooting took place today

This will be yet another opportunity for the Obama administration, and their allies, to throw gun owners and enthusiasts under the bus-along with veterans and other constitution loving Americans. You see the shooter had an “assault-style rifle” and was “wearing fatigues”. So, fellow patriots, take heed and batton down those hatches because the Obummer nation is coming for your guns-again.

“The alleged Los Angeles International Airport gunman carried a note with him today that expressed anti-government sentiments and suggested he expected to die in an airport shootout, according to law enforcement sources.

The suspect has been identified by the FBI as Paul Ciancia, 23. He is believed to have homes in Los Angeles and Pennsville, N.J.

The note found at the scene ended with the letters “NWO,” according to law enforcement sources, which is believed to stand for “New World Order.” Law enforcement sources also said a large number of .223 caliber rounds were found at the airport.”

Translation-the shooter was a right wing nutcase who felt that the current administration was trampling his 2nd Amendment rights (which they have proven time and again they are apt to do) and a conspiracy theorist who must have been associated with a-gasp-Tea Party type group. I predict that these are the next things that we will see splashed across headlines and read to us by propagandist in chief Diane Sawer on ABC World News Tonight about the alleged (and deceased) shooter Paul Ciancia, most recently of Los Angeles, CA.

After all we know that the most dangerous terrorists are the “right wing extremists” dicussed in a 2009 Department of Homeland Security report discussed by Janet Napolitano just one short year ago.

“In April 2009 DHS secretary Janet Napolitano released a report (see the report here) identifying right-wing extremists as posing a terror threat to the United States.”

So, expect don’t be surprised if someone shows up on your doorstep sometime soon to say those nine most terrifying words you could hear (according to Ronald Reagan) “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.

Update: It seems that “early reports” provided by the MSM were incorrect and that the alleged shooter Paul Ciancia is in fact NOT deceased but is in the hospital and under arrest.

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  • Kevin says:

    What goes around comes around.

    When I posted a question on blog post “Crazy woman gives out notes to obese children on Halloween” blog post and and asked why Jodi (who posted the blog) made the assumption the woman was a liberal … THE QUESTION: “How did you know this woman is a liberal?” THE RESPONSE: “Kevin, it’s evidential (sic). No conservative person has the phrase “it takes a village” in their lexicon or tries to shove their OPINIONS down the throats of others as Truth.”

    So, when a wacko walks in to an airport with an assault rifle (clue #1), and his 2nd Amendments rights were being violated (clue #2), and he wanted to kill TSA agents (clue #3), and he was found with a note describing anti-government sentiments (clue #4), and, finally the note was signed with NWO (clue #5), what more do you need to know this person had conservative leanings?

    I would rather live in a society where the worst thing that happens is a crazy woman hands out “you’re obese” notes versus some wacko wandering around with an AK-47 identifying who should live or die.

  • Jennifer says:

    Just so that you understand the NWO (New World Order) is a PROGRESSIVE concept. The trend illustrated by the present administration has been one preceding the rise of a totalitarian state throughout history, see: http://www.historydoctor.net/Advanced%20Placement%20European%20History/Notes/rise_of_the_totalitarian_states.htm

    Exhibit 1-the disarming of the civilian population (which will be something that we will hear about AGAIN in the coming weeks)

    Exhibit 2-Alinsky tactics being consistently used by the Government and the media to identify targets, isolate them, discredit them and then tar and feather political opponents with the same brush

    Again, your Parisian tendencies are showing themselves yet again. Some of us will not simply sit and watch the new totalitarians march through our gate. Some of us will fight it-and you can thank us later.

  • Kevin says:

    I’m going to assume when you write, “Again, your Parisian tendencies are showing themselves yet again.” you are referencing the concept of “PARTISAN?” It’s well known in previous blogs that I don’t speak French so saying I have “Parisian” tendencies doesn’t make sense.

    Once again, a person with ultra conservative tendencies does something 99% of people would consider wacko and the conservative blog writers move at warp speed in the other direction; faster than Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise heading to another galaxy.

    I guess the one good thing is at least Conservatives are consistent and predictable, kind of like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

    Am I being too Parisian now?

  • Jennifer says:

    Parisian in that you are once again ignoring the obvious. History has shown us, time and again, where this road leads and it isn’t a pretty place we end up in.

    Also the shooter may not be “ultraconsersative” he may simply be severely mentally ill. I guess now that we know that he is alive and recovering we will get to find out what his damage is. My entire point was that we should be mindful of the propagandist tendencies of the current administration and be aware that our world view is being shaped by forces that aren’t acting with integrity.

    There is nothing partisan, or Parisian, about that Kevin-its just common sense.

  • Katie says:

    If indeed this was a conservative, which I doubt, then this would be the FIRST. All the other mass shooters were indeed progressives who were out to make those who abide by gun laws and safety aka the conservatives, look bad. Just saying. Conservatives are conscientious of what they do and do not inflict harm, nor are they radical, if you look at trends. They also do not kill or inflict rage infused pain upon Americans. They stand by “thou shall not kill” and “every person has the right to LIFE, liberty and pursuit of happiness”, and besides conservatives are happy people… “happy people just don’t kill people” — quote adapted by a movie.

    And a typo is allowed, every so often 🙂 we are not perfect… but we darn close to it lol

  • Katie says:

    See!!! I made a mistake… “we ARE darn close to it lol” it happens….

  • So, when a wacko walks in to an airport with an assault rifle (clue #1),

    So when a wacko walks into Congress with bill proposing billions in new taxes (clue #1),

    and his 2nd Amendments rights were being violated (clue #2),

    justifying it by talking about “rights” of their constituents to receive all manner of “free” things that aren’t free because others are being forced to pay for them (clue #2)

    and he wanted to kill TSA agents (clue #3),

    And he starts mouthing off about opposition to his government sponsored theft as racism and “abuse of freedom”,

    and he was found with a note describing anti-government sentiments (clue #4),

    and he doesn’t mind colluding with other branches of government to illegally disclose his opponents’ personal information and use the mechanisms of government to abuse and intimidate those same opponents (clue #4),

    and, finally the note was signed with NWO (clue #5), what more do you need to know this person had conservative leanings?

    and finally, he will trot out on front of any open mic and say anything to demonize and smear his opponents (clue #5), what more do you need to see to know that this person has tyranical tendencies and is an enemy of freedom?

    See how easy that was? What a fun game!

  • Jodi G. says:

    Boom ^^^

    What Kevin doesn’t seem to comprehend–or does, and is playing the same game–is that regardless of who does these horrific things (Boston comes to mind) the MSM ALWAYS (not sometimes, ALWAYS) tries to blame conservatives…they grotesquely WANT it to be a conservative. The dead don’t matter; their agenda does. Very much how the Jews were marginalized by the Nazis. He sees no parallels, and therein lies the problem, and the danger.

    The MSM, and the Democrat Party, will never acknowledge that the extremists in their own party have hijacked it, regardless of the consequences we are seeing today.

    Parisian. She MEANT Parisian.

  • ALman says:

    “Guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people.”

    Quemadmoeum gladis nemeinum occidit, occidentis telum est: A sword is never a killer, it’s a tool in the killer’s hands. (Seneca ca. 4 BC – AD 65).

    I wonder if he was saying this to those who were trying to confiscate swords? Rumor is that David ( of David and Goliath fame) once remarked, “Slings don’t kill people. Only people using them with a good aim do.” It’s just a rumor, though.

  • GWB says:

    I don’t watch the MSM generally, but I think it’s interesting that the meme didn’t appear to catch on in the news that this murderer was some sort of crazed conservative. Did they suddenly decide discretion was the better part of valor? Or, was there more to the note that they know will eventually come out and embarrass them? (IOW, they might have actually learned something?)

    Or, did I just not see enough news this weekend?

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