Swalwell Joins Democrat Primary Parade To Raise His Profile

Swalwell Joins Democrat Primary Parade To Raise His Profile

Swalwell Joins Democrat Primary Parade To Raise His Profile

Who is Eric Swalwell? He’s a Democrat congressman from California who, having already decided to not run for re-election to the House, has decided to increase his Resistance cred by running for president.

Swalwell is not a serious candidate. He is running for president solely to inflate his own ego, attempt to rake in a fundraising cushion for whatever political election he decides to try next, and raise his own national profile so that he can get a contributor gig on a cable network.

How can one tell that Swalwell isn’t serious? Well, he reportedly will make gun control the center of his campaign. This is the same tool who once reminded someone on Twitter who was standing up for the Second Amendment that “the government has nukes.” Yes, Congressman Duke Nukem (aka “Eric Smallballs” as coined by Marta) really went there in an attempt to sound all tough and stuff, and when he was called out for being an ignoramus, tried to deflect.

This is also the same clown who went on The Great Coffee Hunt of 2019 and walked extra blocks in New York City because the closest Starbucks was within Trump Tower and ORANGE MAN BAAAAAAAD. If he can’t even handle walking into Trump Tower for coffee, how can he possibly walk onto a debate stage where Trump himself is standing?

But because we live in the age of media celebrity, Swalwell can announce his presidential run on Stephen Colbert’s show and be taken seriously.

Well, as seriously as someone who doesn’t disable YouTube comments on his campaign launch video can be taken.

As of the writing of this post, the YouTube video is getting ratioed into the ground, with only 40 likes and 3.2K dislikes. And many, many, many comments.

I think it’s safe to say that this particular candidate was over before he began. But it wasn’t about winning, as Stacey Abrams continues to prove that you can raise your own profile by losing. Swalwell won’t be president in 2020, but he intends to be a player in California and national politics for years to come. So even though Duke Nukem is a joke, he could very well pander himself into a position of power at some point. And if that happens, look out. He’s a full-blown Mueller truther and has shown that he has little restraint when on social media (sounds like a certain president we know who loves himself some Twitter). He’s the type of politician that believes his own hype and that his crap doesn’t stink. He is a tool, but he could be a dangerous one in the future.

Featured photo: Eric Swalwell (official photo, cropped, public domain)

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