Surprise! November Border Surge Overwhelms Immigration Officials, Triggering “Emergency Measures”

Surprise! November Border Surge Overwhelms Immigration Officials, Triggering “Emergency Measures”

Surprise! November Border Surge Overwhelms Immigration Officials, Triggering “Emergency Measures”

During last week’s POTUS Preach from the Oval Office, Barack Obama made no mention of the fact that our southern border remains a noodle strainer, and offered no plan to better secure it. So much so, that the Feds have implemented emergency measures due to the “surprising,” overwhelming increase in children surging over the border illegally. From the Washington Times:

The surge of illegal immigrant children continued unabated in November, pushing the Obama administration to announce emergency measures to try to handle a problem it thought it had solved earlier this year.

Two months into the new fiscal year, the number of unaccompanied minors jumping the border and getting caught is at an all-time high. So far, the U.S. Border Patrol has picked up over 10,500 — more than twice the number at the same point last year.

The number of families trying to cross also has surged, with more than 12,500 people caught — a 173 percent increase over last year. The family surge underscored the changing nature of the flow of migrants, with parents increasingly risking the journey with young children in tow, hoping to take advantage of what they believe are lenient deportation policies under President Obama.

Meanwhile, border patrol says it’s doing all it can:

Photo Credit: Huffington Post
Photo Credit: Huffington Post

“We continue to aggressively work to secure our borders, address underlying causes and deter future increases in unauthorized migration, while ensuring that those with legitimate humanitarian claims are afforded the opportunity to seek protection,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement.

The majority of unaccompanied children and families are reportedly coming here primarily from three Central American countries: El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, seemingly because they know they won’t get booted:

Meanwhile, a federal judge ordered this summer that the women and children be processed quickly and released into the U.S. to await their court dates.

Both policies serve to entice those in Central America to make the journey, believing they can earn a place in the shadows.

“What the new arrivals are telling the Border Patrol is that they came because they knew they would be allowed to stay,” Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies, told the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. “If we want to change that incentive, the policy has to change.”

The problem is, no one really seems to want to change anything, while Captain Climate Change continues to commit million of taxpayer dollars to fight the imminent threat worldwide fraud that is global warming, and zero to increased national security.

So, just as promised clear back in 2007, and unfortunately ignored by millions, the fundamental transformation of America continues.

Coupled with the continued issuance of K-1 “fiancée visas” by the thousands—at least one recipient we now know was an Islamic jihadist who successfully attacked America in San Bernardino as a result—the continued admission of Syrian refugees whom FBI Director James Comey deems virtually un-vettable, the thousands of illegal alien felons running around freely, and the clear and present danger of homegrown jihad, Mr. Obama’s twisted vision for America is quickly reaching full fruition. Lock and load, and pay attention, people, because Mr. Obama’s last year in office promises to be a waking nightmare.

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