Speak Up, America

Speak Up, America

Speak Up, America

Welcome to the Dystopian States of America. That will be the sign posted on Ellis Island and along our borders if the Democrats have their way. Those so-called champions of the underdog are no longer hiding their true agenda. They want to tear down the very foundations of our nation and turn us into a socialist utopia. The problem? There is no such thing and never will be.

I weep when I look at the current crop of Democratic candidates because they scare the hell out of me. If they manage to retake the Oval Office, I fear for our way of life, for our freedoms and for everything that made this country great. No longer are they hiding their socialist leanings. I listen to them and I hear in the back of my mind excerpts from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. I don’t know about you, but I most definitely do not want the wheels of our country to stop.

Elizabeth Warren, she of the questionable heritage and grand ideas, wants to forgive all student debt. Free education for everyone, no matter what your degree or how reasonable it was for you to choose it. You wanted that advanced basket weaving degree even though you knew there was no market for it? No problem. We’ll just get the government to forgive all that money you borrowed for your useless degree. America won’t mind. After all, it’s for the sheeples.

Of course, that means the government has to find the money to pay for all this. What programs will be reduced? No doubt she’d reduce military spending–foolishly. But there will be a tax increase, whether she admits it now or not. That means the debt has been passed along to you and me. I don’t know about you but I resent having to pay for someone else’s poor decisions.

But let’s not forget about good ole Bernie Sanders. He’s all for the free education and canceling college loan debt as well. But he also wants to forgive $81 billion in medical debt. That is on top of his universal health care plan. I really hope he has some money trees growing in Vermont because I don’t want to think about where he would get the money for this plan.

America, soon to be the home of freeloaders who want something for nothing. That might as well be his campaign motto.

I’m no fool. As with Warren’s plan, the pockets that will be rifled through to pay for these programs will be yours and mine. It’s either that or telling doctors and hospitals they won’t get paid. At a time when hospitals are struggling and smaller communities are seeing them close, that will not go over well. At a time when it is becoming difficult to recruit doctors to certain parts of the country, telling them they will ultimately be working for free when it comes to a number of their patients, that sure as hell won’t work.

But, damn, doesn’t it sound good on the campaign trail? More importantly, will America fall for it?

Then you have Cory Booker.

Bless his heart, Cory Booker is grasping at straws, doing everything he can to show he is more progressive than the others in the field. His latest plan is to promote “unionizing entire industries by supporting a concept called ‘sectoral bargaining’.” This not only takes plans announced by Bernie Sanders but builds upon them, making unions even more pervasive than ever before.

The change, if adopted, would radically shift the business landscape across the U.S. Under sectoral bargaining, unions would be granted enormous power over industries, while businesses would be strictly limited in the workplace policies they could adopt. All workers in an industry would be represented by the union officials on the committees.

Once again, I’m reminded of Atlas Shrugged and the dangers of giving unions what is basically complete control. But it goes beyond that. One of the implied consequences of this would be to mandate that every worker must join a union–whether you want to or not. The union will control everything about your working relationship with your employer.

And this is what we very well might get.

Hmm, am I starting to hear murmurs of a “workers paradise” and “workers revolution”? Maybe Booker and company have been reading State and Revolution by Lenin recently. Or perhaps the Communist Manifesto by Marx. I suggest instead that they read the founding documents and take to heart those things that make America great.

What is really terrifying is the idea that these sectoral unions would work hand-in-hand with the government. And guess who would be getting the short end of the proverbial stick? The owners, the shareholders, the workers who put forth the most work and who do what they can to innovate. They will bear the burden and the risk. But the workers paradise will be moved one step forward, at least in the eyes of the liberals trying to remake our country into the new improved version of the Soviet Union.

Each of the three candidates listed above, as well as most of their fellow candidates, have done all they can to undermine the foundation of our country. They want to limit, if not do away, with our right to bear arms. They have no problem limiting free speech and free press that doesn’t fall in line with their approved talking points. They have been vocal in their demands that the lawful president of these United States be removed from office (mainly because he isn’t Hillary Clinton). Now they want us to trust them with our futures and the futures of our children and grandchildren.

Not only no, but hell no.

The United States of America was built upon hard work and the guarantee of certain freedoms, certain inalienable rights. Unfortunately, there are too many in office willing to do away with those rights. It is up to us, as citizens and as voters, to make our voices heard. Do not go gentle into the good night. Lift your voice and be heard.

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Featured image: Cory Booker – Caricature by DonkeyHotey. Creative Commons license 2.0

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  • Choo Choo Peppy says:

    Prepare for Armageddon times seven post Trump. Complete collapse is a feature and not a bug to the Bolsheviks.
    If you thought it couldn’t get any worse…you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • George V says:

    Sadly, our politicians think “The Road to Serfdom” by Friedrich Hayek is a how-to manual.

    If I remember rightly, the role of unions, that operate as de-facto arm of government, controlling the workers is described in his book.

  • Rhapsody says:

    No. They know socialism doesn’t work. People are still not seeing through to the real evil. Do you really think they are that dumb, and don’t see the havoc their policies wreak? Of course they see it. It’s the intended result.

    They want America dissolved. They want Western Civilization brought down. They want. Global serfdom with all the identity groups perpetually at each other’s throats, while they sit above it all, in their palace and villas, feeding their dark, degenerate appetites.

    Freedom and individuality lead to the common folk getting uppity and holding their “leaders” to the same moral standards as everyone else. As far as they care, this little experiment in liberty needs to end. It threatens them. It was the explosive growth of the Internet that was the last straw, IMHO. People started comparing notes, and getting ideas.

  • Bevo Francis says:

    Sadly, I am afraid we have already passed the turning point. The only thing stopping the coming disaster is the second amendment.

    The socialist argue for free everything for anyone, citizen of not and total control by the government. The efforts to destroy the President is another attack that will never cease.

    I still say there is a chance to save America by buying more guns and ammo and taking them away from the government.

  • njc says:

    Any time the politicians want to create new power centers in society, you can bet your best egg that they expect to be in bed with those power centers. We need to devolve power, from bigger and bigger ‘bargaining’ forces (health care, anyone?) back to the individual.

  • Dawn A Ramcharan says:

    Even if the Democrats lose in 2020, they didn’t come out of nowhere. Bad things are happening in city halls and municipal buildings, as like-minded social justice types take advantage of low voter turnout in local elections to impose their Perfect World in their communities.

  • buddhaha says:

    I’m hearing echoes of FDR in Booker’s “plan”. Instead of turning American industry in a a sea of cartels via the NIRA and “Code(s) of Fair(!) Competition”, he would do it by controlling labor cost and conditions. Economists almost all agree (and you know the joke about multiple economists) that the NIRA was a major contributor to the length of the Great Depression.

    I don’t think Booker’s plan would work any better.

  • NITZAKHON says:

    As many have noted, it’s all about creating chaos – globally – BAMN. The “perfect” thing to create the lead-in to their planned Socialist tyranny.

    Socialism’s Gateway Drug

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