#SOTU2019: 5 Issues Trump Should Discuss at the Feb. 5th State of the Union Address

#SOTU2019: 5 Issues Trump Should Discuss at the Feb. 5th State of the Union Address

#SOTU2019: 5 Issues Trump Should Discuss at the Feb. 5th State of the Union Address

Their date is back on. And this time the State of the Union Address is set for February 5th, at her our House, with Petty Pelosi stationed directly behind the man she despises. It’s safe to say that whatever President Trump presents, her rear will remain firmly planted in her seat. You know, like last time:


Despite her sourpuss expression…though, really, is there anything that would top this visual gem?…

…there are at least five issues important to the country that our propagandists masquerading as “journalists” have either ignored or significantly downplayed. And Trump should trump-et them. They are, in no particular order:

1. Healthcare changes

The media won’t report it, and the plethora of Democrats—who group-think in all shapes, sizes, and colors and call it “diversity—” won’t discuss anything but our “right” to healthcare and how making it free will be the bomb, baby. So Donald Trump should explain the changes his administration has made to the disaster that is the un-Affordable HealthCare Act. While one reason we’re still suffering this monstrosity is the result of a certain Republican, the improvements this administration has implemented are positive steps. That case should be made, as well as the case against nationalized healthcare and anyone who’s running to shove it down our throats. Again. It’s a disaster everywhere it’s been implemented. Free markets, and choice. That’s where most of the nation’s at, and President Trump should make the stark comparison and the ramifications of choosing the wrong path.

2. The need for robust border security, and, yes, a WALL

Call it what you will, our border patrol agents have clearly explained to Congress that they need a border barrier. It’s common sense. They are a limited resource, and anything that will both assist them in slowing the flow of illegal immigration—and, along with it, drugs, human trafficking, diseases, and un-vetted persons entering our country at will—and allow them to concentrate their efforts in the areas most in need of patrolling, Congress should give them without question. Trump should spell out the consequences of unfettered illegal immigration on America and her people and make it clear that there is, indeed, a crisis at our border that’s overwhelming our system. See Cloward and his buddy, Piven.

3. The ongoing dialogue and peace negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan; ditto for North Korea

One is a war that’s entering its eighteenth year. The other is a proverbial cold war that’s been ongoing for decades. Both appear to be making strides toward peace (fingers crossed!), something that has eluded several preceding administrations. While the know-it-all prognosticators predicted the world would find itself alit with a Trump presidency, the opposite is happening, and Trump should make that case to the America people. He has one of the most gifted and competent Secretaries of State in recent memory, and it shows.

4. The continued health of the economy, including historically high oil production and export

While his predecessor did his best to assassinate the coal and oil industries, Trump has done the opposite, bringing America to oil and gas production and export dominance. While the usual suspects want Americans to believe that Trump is a Putin Puppet, unlike that last guy, he’s smacked the Bear by hitting him in his economic pocket, putting a yuuuge dent in Putin’s energy sales. Have you seen gas prices lately? Just yesterday I saw it priced at $2.19 a gallon in my state. Imagine the prices with a Climate Change Carbon Tax president. Trump should spell that out, and use France as an example.

5. Make a clear and compelling case for why Socialism spells disaster for America

The Ocasio “Socialism Will Work THIS Time” Cortez’s of America are pushing us headlong toward THEE thing that has never worked in the History of Ever: socialism. Or as she and the Bernster like to call it in an effort to make it sound more palatable to the masses: democratic socialism. She will tell you, over…and over…and over…until you’re sick of hearing her preachy, factless diatribes, that no, no, no, we’re not talking the Venezuelan Model of socialism, which is imploding as we speak…

…no, we’re talking the Scandinavian model of socialism. Never mind that those countries are chock full of those pasty white people the Left likes to demonize, and that said pasty white people are moving away from said Socialism because, well, IT DOESN’T WORK…we’re gonna make it work, dammit. Oh, and has anyone asked this economic brain trust what she’ll do with those of us who’d put up a genuine wall of resistance to having our assets forcefully confiscated? Those of us with half a functioning brain cell know damned well that once Chairman AOC runs out of billionaires to pillage, that the middle class will be her next target. So…President Trump needs to articulate for Americans that the world is, in fact, significantly less poor, and that fact is the direct result of capitalism. We see it working here in America at this very moment, thank you very much, following eight years of artificial economic malaise. Dare I say it? MAGA, Mr. President. You own it.

So there’s my list of issues I’d love for Trump to address during his SOTU next week where the swamp swines can’t filter it and regurgitate it back to us as a bigly dish of piping hot Soylent Green.

What would you like to hear him discuss? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Especially number 5! Turn SOTU into a lengthy one-theme lecture on the subject. Liars such as Comrades Bernie and Sandy Cortez pretend to follow Scandinavia, but if pressed would have an easier time identifying Fidel, Che, and Chavez than Lars Rasmussen.

    “I know that some people in the U.S. associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism… Therefore, I would like to make one thing clear. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy…” — Lars Rasmussen, P.M. Denmark

  • GWB says:

    Free markets, and choice. That’s where most of the nation’s at
    Ummmm, not really. Most of the nation wouldn’t grasp “free market” as it pertains to healthcare if it came up and gave them a flu shot. A truly free market, though, would make a HUGE difference to costs and availability.

    yes, a WALL
    We need more than a wall. We need an overhaul – ending chain migration, abolishing birth tourism, speeding up deportation and narrowing qualifications for asylum, to start.
    But, yes, a wall. And a moat with ‘gators and sharks with friggin’ lasers.

    One is a war that’s entering its eighteenth year.
    More like a police anti-gang initiative, where we go in and clean up the neighborhood once in a while, then let it return to its normal state until we can’t stand it anymore and do another sweep. Ugh.

    Oh, and my peace plan with the Taliban would be: If you turn this place into a hellhole (worse than a sh*hole, with FGM, and abusing your girls and such) we’ll come back and kill you AGAIN. If you let any nasty people use this as their headquarters, we’ll come back and kill you ALL. Oh, and we’re keeping this bit of property and that one, as a forward staging base in case it becomes necessary to kill you all – or anyone else in the region.

    priced at $2.19 a gallon in my state
    Ouch. I’ve been mildly peeved that it went back to $2 some places around here.

    democratic socialism
    Socialism is the people getting screwed. Democratic socialism is the people wanting to get screwed – and getting exactly what 50%+1 of them desire.

    runs out of billionaires to pillage, that the middle class will be her next target
    Well, it will take a little bit to reach the middle class. First, the billionaires, then the multi-millionaires, then the just millionaires. By then, inflation will be so rampant that the middle class will BE millionaires……….

    I think you nailed it with topics. The big concern I have is health care – I don’t think Trump is even remotely oriented on actual free market healthcare (eliminating mandates, allowing saving, removing the perverse incentive that forces health “insurance” primarily into the job benefits market, etc.). I think he’s primarily concerned with 0bamaCare as a political football. But, it would be one of the largest kick-in-the-pants to the economy we would ever see, imo.

    • GWB says:

      As to the healthcare bit, here’s part of a post from the Law & Liberty blog that applies:
      It is well known that our tax system treats people who have to purchase their own health insurance differently than it treats people who receive employer provided health insurance. If one’s employer provides health insurance, the employee need not pay tax on the value of the insurance, even though this is a valuable fringe benefit. By contrast, if one does not receive employer provided health insurance, then one has to take one’s wages, pay taxes on them, and then pay for the insurance from those wages. Thus, the employer provided health insurance is tax-free but the individually purchased health insurance is taxed. This is indefensible. It is both economically inefficient and treats people who work for small companies, which are much less likely to provide health insurance, worse than those who work for larger companies. Many of these people at the smaller companies earn less income.

      That’s not the only piece of the healthcare conundrum, but it’s one of the “perverse incentives”.

  • Bill589 says:

    We are cruelly leaving the next generation with crippling 23 Trillion dollars of debt that we spent (wasted?) on ourselves. This is wrong. This is even evil. We must do all we can to lessen the load we are leaving our children to bear.

  • Ingot9455 says:

    An explanation of the crimes of various congresspeople as they are ushered out of the room into the hands of their personal police group.

  • “Teach history!” as Reagan said at his Farewell Address.

  • nuthinmuffin says:

    “Despite her sourpuss expression…though, really, is there anything that would top this visual gem?”
    just wait for it…Stacey Abrams for Democrat response. wait until you get a “load” of her. another black communist, but aren’t they all?

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