Sex Changes Now a Funded, Fundamental Right In California

Sex Changes Now a Funded, Fundamental Right In California

Sex Changes Now a Funded, Fundamental Right In California

We all know it’s now cool amongst kids in elementary school to universities to want to have a sex change. Now it seems, the University of California, wants to help pay for these sex changes.

According to this, The University of California San Diego published a guide to assist students in getting their sex changes-err-umm, I mean gender affirming care. Silly me. That’s what we’re calling sex changes these days.

The guidance included in the website indicates that in some situations, top surgeries and bottom surgeries female-to-male and male-to-female are at least partially covered under the insurance plan. What else is covered for sex-change surgical procedures? Gender-affirming surgery travel expenses:

Travel expense for each surgical procedure (limited to six trips)
No copayment, deductible, or coinsurance

Transportation to the facility where the surgery will be
Up to $250 for round trip coach airfare

Hotel accommodations (limited to one room, double occupancy)
Up to $100 per day, for up to 21 days per trip

Other reasonable expenses
(excluding tobacco, alcohol, drug and meal expenses)
Up to $25 per day, for up to 21 days per trip.”

What’s not covered for someone who wants to get a sex change? Liposuction. I love it. A woman who doesn’t feel like a woman and “identifies” as a man can get a penis made of arm skin in a procedure called phalloplasty. A man who doesn’t feel like a man can get a fake vagina via penile inversion. A man who wants to be a woman can get breast implants. A woman who no longer wants her boobs can get ’em removed. No liposuction, though, so a FTM’s womanly curves are still prevalent. But hey, you’ve got that penis made of arm skin, so you’re good.

Let’s unpack this here. A student health insurance policy is encouraging sex changes for those who were born in a biological gender they did not choose and who are prisoners inside of their own bodies…yearning to be free. If “healthcare” companies are now funding this lunacy, I present to them the middle-aged woman who is going through menopause. Now, this may be a stretch, but bear with me.

What if I were to say, a woman does not feel quite like the woman she was in her 20s during menopause? Persistent belly bloat, fat rolls that will not go away, sagging breasts, an inability to shed the excess weight gain no matter how hard she tries. She looks in the mirror and sees lines and wrinkles where her skin was once young and blemish-free. She feels more like an overweight, pear-shaped version of herself but in her mind, she identifies as that 20-something….until she looks in the mirror. Her reflection makes her depressed to the point of being suicidal. She feels like a 20 year-old woman but her body tells a different story. As a result, she wants plastic surgery but the cost is too prohibitive and her health insurance does not cover this type of healthcare because it is considered an “elective procedure”. Society looks upon her as “shallow” and “superficial” for wanting a breast lift, a tummy-tuck, lipo or Botox. It’s dangerous to go under the knife, her friends tell her. Society tells her to love the skin she is in. Unless she wants to use some of that arm skin for a penis in a sex change. Then, health insurance may come to the rescue and even pay some of her incidentals.

Oh, if only, the menopausal woman were a college student who wants a gender-affirming sex change! But alas, there is another layer to this cake. University of California is not just taking college student sex changes into account but also pediatric (read: under 18) patients who (are told by their parents) that they want a sex change. From he Center for Gender-Affirming Care at Rady’s Children Hospital:

(Dr. Maja) Marinkovic, a pediatric endocrinology specialist, said once younger patients with gender dysphoria reach adolescence, they can be started on puberty hormone blockers. ‘These medications are given to children to block unwanted changes of puberty, with which they don’t identify. For instance, if someone is born a female, but feel their identity is male, they don’t want to develop breasts or have a period.’-Bonnie Ward, USC, San Diego

Puberty blockers. Complex and nuanced?

Funding provided for temporary and superficial fixes? Grown adults do not even have this luxury. And, as a college student back in the day, I can personally attest to making some rash decisions and not having the brain power to know any better. The reality is, nearly 115 colleges and universities help cover the medical costs for transgender students.

The same political left tells people that it is okay to be overweight and unhealthy. They promote Lizzo, for crying out loud! It’s okay not to look like a supermodel. It’s okay to be “thick”. Body positivity mannequins don sexy lingerie at Victoria’s Secret these days. Gisele Bundchen has been replaced with the androgynous Megan Rapinoe. But, in the same breath, the left is also telling children to not be okay and accepting as the gender and the sex they were assigned at birth. It’s suddenly cool to be “questioning”. It’s ultra “cool” if your parents are on-board with you getting a sex change, kiddies.

This is the current trend in our educational circles. In less than 10 years, I suspect California will be offering sex changes for kids at their local urgent cares. See? The co-pay covers a fake penis! Having a fake penis is a fundamental right!

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