Dopey Joe Does The Middle East

Dopey Joe Does The Middle East

Dopey Joe Does The Middle East

Dopey Joe Biden was in the Middle East this week and capped off the trip with a visit to Saudi Arabia. The D.C. elite have their Chantilly lace trimmed panties in a knot because Joe did a bro fist bump with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al-Saud (MBS). I don’t give a fat rat’s backside if the two sucked faces for ten full minutes. I care that Dopey Joe looked dopey and not doped up. I want to know who is pulling the strings behind the scenes. While I am sure the Joe Biden didn’t get 81,000,000 votes, I am more than sure that none of the candidates for puppet master didn’t get any votes in the 2020 Presidential Selection.

Why on Earth are the D.C. elites focusing on the fact that Joe and MBS did a bro fist bump? We are all aware of the murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi. The CIA says MBS ordered the murder. Really? Who trusts the CIA? Raise your hands. No one. I didn’t think so. Nations and dynasties no longer exist because of the CIA. Spare me.

We all knew Joe wasn’t going to get shite from the King of Saudi Arabia (Papa of MBS). Emmanuel Macron of France stage whispered to Dopey Joe at the G7 that Saudi Arabia was at nearly full oil production capability. Not happening, mon enfant. As Nina told you before Joe left for the Kingdom of Saud, this trip was postponed because Joey was plum tired after the G7. We all saw it.

Far more interesting was the opening monologue on Tucker Carlson last night. Carlson posited that Dopey Joe was doped up to hide his dementia during the 2020 Presidential Selection. Let’s go to the videotape:

The nub of the piece from the Daily Mail:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has claimed that President Joe Biden takes ‘pills’ to boost his cognitive performance before public appearances.

Biden, 79, has strenuously rejected similar allegations in the past, but Carlson claimed on his Friday evening show that he had spoken ‘directly’ to a witness who saw the alleged medication on the 2020 campaign trail.

‘His staff, supervised by Dr. Jill, his wife, was giving him pills before every public appearance. Checking the time, and at the certain hour giving him a dose of something,’ said Carlson.

‘Before taking the medications, this person said Biden was ‘Like a small child.’ You could not communicate with him, he changed completely because he was on drugs and he clearly still is on drugs,’ the pundit alleged.

I totally believe it. You could watch Dopey Joe run down as the meds wore off. And Joe has gotten much worse. Much worse.

Shaking hands with invisible men/women:

Lashing out in anger:

President Joe Biden was walking across the White House lawn Tuesday following remarks at the White House Congressional Picnic when a reporter asked about polling.

The journalist pressed him about polling that showcased crumbling support among Democrats for a second Biden stint at the White House.

“They want me to run,” Biden replied to the reporter. “Read the poll. Read the polls, Jack. You guys are all the same. That poll showed that 92% of Democrats, if I ran, would vote for me.”

The creepy whisper sometimes followed by shouting:

At a White House press conference on Thursday, President Biden announced he’d agreed to a new infrastructure deal with a bipartisan group of senators. But all anyone on Twitter could talk about is the somewhat strange way in which he spoke.

Clips of Biden whispering parts of his answers to press questions began to make the rounds on Twitter Thursday afternoon. While some people admitted his behavior looked a little bizarre, others (namely conservatives) used the opportunity to resurface one of their favorite nicknames for the president: “Creepy Joe.”

Back to Tucker Carlson. We all know Dopey Joe isn’t in charge. So, who is? Tucker’s list:

Who’s responsible for putting this guy in a position where he was elected president? Well, we could start the list of the culpable with Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon. She did this. Where is she now? Well, she’s now deputy chief of staff in the White House.

She knew exactly how senile Joe Biden was. Susan Rice knew well, too. Of course, she did. Susan Rice now runs America’s domestic policy out of the White House. Ron Klain knew perfectly well that Joe Biden was not fit to be president, that he has dementia. Ron Klain was elevated to White House chief of staff and of course, Dr. Jill, his wife, was perfectly aware. Members of Joe Biden’s own family knew perfectly well and told other people about it. We’ve reported that before and it’s true and yet they didn’t stop him.

Mike Donilon was the chief strategist of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Now he’s one of Biden’s “senior advisers.” Same with Anita Dunn. She was once co campaign manager. She’s now another senior adviser for Biden and a former Obama communications director. She has massive power in this country. That’s how she was rewarded for foisting this guy on the rest of us. Brian Deese, same thing. The man who screwed up our climate and energy policy during the Obama years, he knew perfectly well Joe Biden was senile, but he wanted power again. So, he didn’t say a word. Once again, same principle at work.

Maybe. Ron Klain, Anita Dunn or Susan Rice? Maybe. But, none of them has the juice. Bill, Hillary, Barack? Still not enough juice. Who has the money, technical know how to fix an election and a desire to remake how people live? I am not naming names but it might rhyme with Jill Bates. Thoughts?

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/ Commons

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  • Scott says:

    I think you’re almost on target, but I think it’s bigger than that, add in Soros and others like the two of them, working to remake the world under their one world order. It’s a small group but with nearly unlimited power. The best possible thing for this planet would be for them all to be taken out…They are the true puppet masters

  • Wfjag says:

    I think that Joe’s ME trip was a roaring success (at least, compared to prior foreign trips): He didn’t, this time:
    1. Poop in his pants;
    2. Fall down steps, or fall up them; and,
    3. Was not obviously ignored by all the other leaders at the quasi-social, photo-op gatherings.

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