Seth Rogen Is Proud Of Being A Jerk To Kids [VIDEO]

Seth Rogen Is Proud Of Being A Jerk To Kids [VIDEO]

Seth Rogen Is Proud Of Being A Jerk To Kids [VIDEO]

Usually, this is the kind of story that gets repeated on “celebrities who were jerks” lists on Reddit or other websites. But in today’s celebrity “woke” culture, Seth Rogen decided to brag about the time he was a raging jackass in front of children.

Specifically, Speaker Paul Ryan’s children, who were fans of his. Because there’s nothing better than being a jackwad to prove a political point to Paul Ryan. Right???

Yes, he’s proud of it, or he wouldn’t be telling the story.

Oh, and those blue-check lefties are yukking it up.

Yeah, this is a “great story,” senior entertainment editor of the Daily Beast.

You know, this says more about the kind of dick that Seth Rogen is, rather than his opinions about actual substance.

While there were lots of “tee-hee, you were a big meanie!” giggles from certain fans and media who apparently don’t mind the appalling lack of decency, most everyone who could put themselves in the shoes of the Ryan children were less than charitable to Rogen.

And that’s really what it is. I don’t have Marta’s gift for a turn of phrase, but what a sad little hole of a human Seth Rogen is, that he gets off on showing how much of an ass he can be in front of teenagers. But this is where we have devolved to in American civility these days. It’s not Peter Fonda-level, but it’s unnecessarily cruel for the sake of being cruel. There is nothing “awkward” or “wonderful” about this tale of spontaneous stupidity and lack of character.

Andrew Breitbart once met Seth MacFarlane on Bill Maher’s TV show. The story bears reading, even though it is six years old, because of the basic decency and a touching kindness that MacFarlane showed to a young fan – even if he was Breitbart’s son.

Last year, Andrew was scheduled to be a guest on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” alongside MacFarlane. Breitbart was a little worried because he knew that any appearance on the Maher show put him solidly behind enemy lines, and the quick-witted MacFarlane might see it as a chance to use Breitbart as a comedic punching bag.

Normally, Andrew loved being attacked by the Hollywood left, but there was a twist here – “Family Guy” was Breitbart’s 12-year-old son’s favorite TV show. If Breitbart was attacked by MacFarlane–particularly if MacFarlane decided to “go nuclear” and use the voice of “Family Guy” characters life Stewie or Peter Griffin–Andrew would be humiliated at home. Andrew even called Rush Limbaugh, who had recently done a guest voice appearance on “Family Guy” for advice, but El Rushbo told Andrew that he didn’t think he had anything to worry about.

Still, Andrew was worried. As the live show went to air, Maher was doing a segment on one side of the stage while Breitbart and MacFarlane sat on the other side of the stage in semi-darkness. Andrew watched as MacFarlane pulled out a flask from his pocket and took a swig … and then offered the flask to Breitbart. Was this a set-up for some elaborate MacFarlane prank? No time to think, Breitbart accepted and took a drink of whiskey.

The segment came and went without a hitch. MacFarlane didn’t launch any below the belt attacks on Breitbart, and at the after party for the show, he offered Andrew another round from his flask.

“I’m glad you didn’t lay into me,” Breitbart told the animation mogul. “My son is a huge fan of ‘Family Guy,’ and he would have sided with you.”

“Where’s your son now?” MacFarlane asked.

Andrew said that he was sleeping over at a friend’s house.

“Call him,” said MacFarlane.

So Andrew called his son and handed the phone to MacFarlane, who proceeded to spend 10 incredible minutes talking to the boy as all his different characters from “Family Guy” in a tour de force personal performance that left both father and son Breitbart in awe.

After MacFarlane said goodbye, Andrew told him “I critique Hollywood liberal culture for a living, but you now have a free pass for the rest of your life. Thank you.”

How things have changed in six years. Rogen could only exert himself to be nice to the Ryan kids when he DIDN’T know who their dad was. And then he chose to compound his jerk reaction by retelling the story – with a nervous relish – about the interaction, with a weird fixation on how “white” the Ryan kids are (kind of racist, don’t you think?) on national television.

When we lose the ability to be polite in the moment, face-to-face with someone, even when we disagree with them politically – we are truly losing any concept of civil discourse.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Progressives won’t like it when their rules are applied to them.

  • Scott says:

    Seth Rogen is a classless piece of shit…. I used to like his stuff, but like others that chose politics over entertainment, he just isn’t funny anymore, and I don’t have time, and definitely not money to waste on him…

  • SFC D says:

    Seth, these are the the actions of a man. You’re nothing but a sad little adolescent who gets paid an outrageous amount of money to pretend to be someone. I sincerely hope your children never have to be exposed to a “man” who behaves as you have. I bet your mama would be real proud.

  • GWB says:

    When we lose the ability to be polite in the moment, face-to-face with someone, even when we disagree with them politically – we are truly losing any concept of civil discourse.
    Really, Deanna, this is the politicizing of everything. It used to be that a comedian or film star or musician/performer left their politics behind when doing their job – which includes being in public (not incognito). But now your politics must be everything in your life. And so the coarsening of our culture continues.

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

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