Seattle Rioters Attack Police And Coffee

Seattle Rioters Attack Police And Coffee

Seattle Rioters Attack Police And Coffee

Another day ending in Y, another protest in Seattle. This time, the “march” that kicked off another round of vandalism was against ICE.

Why are Seattle anarchists protesting ICE now? Who knows. Why does it rain in Seattle? Regardless of the cause, the “demonstration” quickly devolved into the smashing, rioting, looting, lighting-things-on-fire kinds of fun that are the hallmarks of supposed social justice protests.

What do the rioters want now? They have “Black Lives Matter” signs, and they hate police, Jeff Bezos, and Starbucks.

This time, Starbucks ended up having multiple locations smashed up, and one even had a small fire. This has nothing to do with justice. This is straight-up mayhem for the glee of it. And when you look at the video being taken, we have a whole lot of white people smashing and rioting.

And then the mob moved on to actually attack the police. First, the West Precinct, where an “incendiary device” was thrown in and wounded an officer. Then they moved on to the East Precinct. Remember the East Precinct? That was the police station that CHAZ/CHOP, with the help of Mayor Jenny Durkan, was able to hang on to for weeks.

This time, the mob simply wanted to destroy.

And then the rioting sheep moved back to Cal Anderson Park, the former epicenter of CHAZ/CHOP. Apparently they wanted to relive the glory days before dispersing for the night, having trashed their chosen targets and injuring 12 police officers.

These Antifa flash mobs have been emboldened by the feckless and ignorant Seattle City Council. With the “defund the police” mantra ringing in their ears, they are anxious to appease the alligators, hoping they will be eaten last. The city council announced that they are looking to slash the Seattle police budget by FIFTY PERCENT. Do they have a plan for this? NOPE. They imagine themselves as some kind of social justice Indiana Jones, who will just make it up as they go along.

When Police Chief Carmen Best objected to this wholesale and blind slashing of her police force, noting that under the police union rules, the first jobs eliminated would be the newest hires – meaning many of the newer minority officers would be the first to be let go – council member Lisa Herbold (who imagines herself as some kind of hipster grandma, nose ring included) told the chief no. Herbold simply wants the white officers fired because they are white.

Herbold starts off her argument with a disingenuous implication that layoffs might not occur. During a council meeting, she claimed this was a “worst case scenario” but she knows this is false. Herbold is attempting to frame her radical agenda as not that big of a deal.”

But then, Herbold says a way to get around laying off “BIPOC” (black, indigenous, and people of color) officers is to request permission to lay off the more veteran officers (who are white), thus allowing the SPD to spare officers of color.”

The Seattle City Council must think money grows on trees, because they are totally willing to watch the downtown shopping area get repeatedly smashed up, are currently being sued by businesses who were abandoned during the CHOP debacle, and would be bracing themselves for massive discrimination payouts should Herbold’s insane legal theory be put into practice.

With this kind of brain trust on the Seattle City Council, is it really any wonder that the rampaging mob feels free to openly attack police stations and police officers while it is still light outside – while making sure their faces are covered and aggressively bullying or attacking people who film them.

Meanwhile, Mayor Jenny is hiding, praying that the mob doesn’t come to her house again, and desperately trying to figure out how to salvage her political future in Seattle. The sad truth is that if Mayor Jenny Durkan goes, her replacement will only be worse. And the mob will never be appeased until they rule the streets.

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  • Scott says:

    It truth, it’s not Mayor Jenny, or the City Council that’s the problem, it’s the mouth breathing morons that elected them all,and as you point out,for all their whining, would replace them with even worse fools. Seattle is a lost cause, it will only be inhabitable by decent citizens once the fools and thugs have burned it down and killed each other off.
    Any law abiding citizens who can need to get out now, things will only get worse.

  • Johnny says:

    Such a sad fate for my home town.
    Left when I was very young, went back twenty years later
    (which was itself twenty years ago) and even then it wasn’t the city I remembered.
    Left again, and from what I’ve seen since it was the right decision.
    The scary thing is, Seattle is not alone.

  • GWB says:

    Rioters are looting an Amazon store in Seattle
    That’s not really because they hate Bezos. It’s just because they can and will commit crimes because that’s the sort of people they are.

    and injuring 12 police officers.
    And, personally, I’ve lost all sympathy for them or their rights or their lives. They’re rampaging animals as far as I’m concerned, and should be shot. And I don’t mind if it’s civilians doing it, either.

    wants the white officers fired because they are white.
    I’m SURE there will be no federal civil rights lawsuits over that!

    request permission to lay off the more veteran officers
    Or, a lawsuit over that breach of contract.

    And the mob will never be appeased until they rule the streets.

    Are we sure we can’t have one of the boomers in Bremerton move a little ways offshore and just lob one into downtown? It would be safer for everyone involved.

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