Back The Blue Rally Attacked: Denver Cops Stand Down, Media Ignores

Back The Blue Rally Attacked: Denver Cops Stand Down, Media Ignores

Back The Blue Rally Attacked: Denver Cops Stand Down, Media Ignores

In a startling series of video clips tweeted by Michelle Malkin, a Back The Blue rally in Denver saw their stage rushed and speakers physically assaulted by Antifa and BLM members obviously armed to inflict injury and terror. Denver law enforcement stood aside and let it happen, only breaking it up when some of the violence affected them.

Regardless of how you personally feel about Michelle Malkin and any of her political stands, the First Amendment is not canceled because you disagree with the speaker. It isn’t canceled because the Marxist-coddling Chief of Police of the Denver believes a legally-permitted rally (the 6th annual, I may add) may hurt the feelz of his new Marxist buds.

Were the rank-and-file LEOs of Denver assigned to this rally just too intimidated by Chief Paul Pazen’s new cozy relationship with violent thugs to oppose them, or were they ordered to stand down to teach Malkin and organizers of the Back The Blue rally a lesson?

Consider, too, that media coverage is almost non-existent on the BLM’s organized assault – those collapsible batons didn’t just magically appear – and what coverage there is, is written as if this was just a tit-for-tat schoolyard scuffle.

“Back The Blue” and “Black Lives Matter” protesters quarreled as the pro-cop group refused to give ground to “domestic terrorists.”

OHNOES! A quarrel!

And, oh those noisy BLM activists! Tsk tsk.

Black Lives Matter supporters crash pro-police rally at Civic Center Park, bring it to an end

“Crash” like your uninvited cousin does to the family BBQ.

There were a few scuffles between members of the two groups.

Well, boys will be boys and we have no idea who started it, right? Yeah, right.

The media is going out of its way to avoid covering the consistent violence and intimidation being committed by terrorist members of Antifa and BLM. They and Democrat politicians are open in supporting a Leftwing putsch of America.

Are you going to let them?

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  • Scott says:

    Back the Blue should have known they’d get no protection in Denver, and provided their own. I’m sure that the cops were either hand picked by leadership, or just too intimidated by the chief to do their job, I know some really good guys that work there, and this is not their style.
    Real shame there was no concealed carry on that stage, such an assault is definitely justification for a bad case of lead poisoning.
    Just remember, behavior like this is what you get when you elect democrats. This is a lesson we’re seeing over and over, and one that should not be forgotten

    • GWB says:

      Real shame there was no concealed carry on that stage

      (You might have gotten some police intervention then.)

      • Sherri says:

        Back the Blue had volunteers providing security for them. The volunteer security members were outnumbered, and of course, they would have faced serious consequences had they shot any of the BLM/Antifa who were attacking Back the Blue. Infuriating.

        • GWB says:

          But, this was a valid case for use, and it should have been.

          Until these folks suffer more consequence than a night in the hoosegow, they won’t stop.

  • Onsperon says:

    That is exactly why i don’t back the BLUE, because they only care about their paychecks. And you trying to support them is futile. They, like BLM take orders from someone else. Backing the Blue is like backing BLM. I think it was naive for you to do it. And got what you deserve. I hate BLM and LEOs. They are both tyrants. You just had to find that out the hard way, too bad.

    • GWB says:

      No. Saying all police are bad is just as idiotic as saying their all racist. There are lots of good cops, with correct attitudes, doing a passable job in tough circumstances.

      But, I do have to wonder about the sanity of “backing the blue” in a city so intent on delivering itself to the handmaidens of hell, BLM.

      Just like saying “all cops are racist” is stupid, so is saying “all cops are good.”

  • Scott says:


    Just talked to a friend in the know, and the PD was given a stand down order. Pretty much all the good ones are trying to find a way to exit the department. Sad thing is, the left will replace them with Brownshirts of the “proper” skin tones, that will do their bidding without question.
    This does NOT end well. If you’re not already, stock up on ammo if you can find it.

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  • GWB says:

    Black Lives Matter supporters crash pro-police rally at Civic Center Park, bring it to an end
    Yes, well, in a free republic, you don’t get to make the decision to “bring to an end” someone else’s legal, peaceful assembly.

    I hope there’s a “conspiracy to deprive of civil rights” lawsuit in the offing against those very police.

    BTW, this is exactly why I think more places need to actually “defund” their police*. Force the residents to grasp that establishing community and enforcing law and order is their responsibility. If they want law and order they need to do it. Once you hand things over to “the government” and “the police” THEY are actually running things and you are no longer in charge. YOU are no longer FREE.

    (* NOT the bs the progressives are putting forward.)

  • Bevo says:

    Denver will soon be another place with a great numbers of empty buildings
    as the honest people move out as they should. Let the city crumble.

  • Minuteman419 says:

    It’s tough to admit, but in reality conservatives need to accept that the big city cops (for the most part) are not our friends. They are the literal enforcement arm of the midnight blue far-left enclaves. Here and in many other places they show a unwillingness to counter violent lawlessness. And yet, you see them more than willing to inflict violence and even death against the victimless crimes of going maskless on a bus or selling loose cigarettes.

    I still have a good deal of faith in our smaller (and therefore more accountable) local law enforcement departments but the big city police should be regarded with caution and suspicion.

  • beau says:

    choices have consequences. choices have been made. the consequences will be obvious.

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