Save Us From The “Girther” Conspiracy [VIDEO]

Save Us From The “Girther” Conspiracy [VIDEO]

Save Us From The “Girther” Conspiracy [VIDEO]

Ever since Dr. Ronny Jackson got up to give the results of President Trump’s physical at a pretty open press conference, the media has been busy trying to tear it into teeny little pieces to find some big gotcha in there.

There has been note that the president does have cholesterol issues and that his diet is less than ideal. So, he’s over 70 and has cholesterol issues. Are we supposed to be shocked? The media have tried to spin this into “heart disease,” but even Dr. Jackson was not calling it the way the media wanted.

And the continued “cognitive issues” narrative was smashed as well.

So, what’s left. “Girtherism,” that’s what. Welcome to all the conspiracy theories that Trump is heavier than the reported 239 pounds.

Oh, boy. Someone slept through human anatomy class.

And did you know that Dr. Jackson is apparently complicit in concealing Trump’s weight? So says…. Morning Joe and his crack team!

Here’s the video:

So, the doctor is a “political hack.” Except…
And the above tweet was from two days ago! You know who else says Dr. Jackson is great? Former Obama staffers.

And former Bush 43 press secretary Dana Perino.

Dr. Jackson has an apparently sterling reputation on both sides of the political aisle, but the second he didn’t condemn Trump as senile and obese, the media decided he was actively involved in a conspiracy to conceal Trump’s true medical condition from the public.

Hey, Girthers, when you lose Shaun King….

… never mind. It doesn’t matter to them.

Everyone is a doctor on Twitter, don’t you know.

When the masses and the media are so heavily invested in keeping this a conspiracy, even in light of people they supposedly believe on multiple other issues (especially regarding Obama) coming to the doctor’s defense as a medical professional, the only diagnosis left is Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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  • GWB says:

    do not have the same mass-to-weight ratio
    Noooooo. Fat and weight have EXACTLY the same mass-to-weight ratio. Where they differ is in their density, which is a ratio of their volume to their mass or weight.

    (“mass” and “weight” are essentially the same thing, except one – weight – is relative to gravity, while the other is a measure independent of gravity. Your mass is identical on the moon or on the earth. Your weight on the moon would be 1/6th what it is on earth. Some confusion arises because we commonly use mass terms for weight – like kilograms.)

    It’s terribly dangerous to angrily hit the TRANSMIT button when yelling at someone “You don’t know science!”

    Having said all that, the questions … no the downright insistence that the man who is much smarter than anyone else in that room must just be wrong, because of their preconceived ideas is, well, hyshersterical.

    For those who think they can tell someone’s weight by just looking:

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