Saturday’s Story Sequels, Plus a Super Bowl Prediction

Saturday’s Story Sequels, Plus a Super Bowl Prediction

Welcome to a new weekend post here on Victory Girls, Saturday’s Story Sequels. This is the post where we will provide updates to stories previously covered here on Victory Girls, but the follow-up to the initial story didn’t get near as much coverage as before. For all of you who have ever thought “I wonder what happened” – this is the post where we follow up and find out.

Let’s start this week in Colorado, where Shannon Conley was sentenced this week for attempting to aid ISIS. Conley, who is 19 years old, had converted to Islam and gotten a boyfriend over Skype, who convinced her to come to Syria to help out in the jihad. She was arrested at the Denver airport when her parents tipped off authorities that she had purchased a one-way ticket to Turkey.

Conley has now been sentenced to 4 years in federal prison.

Shannon Conley (inset picture from 2012 school yearbook, larger picture from her Facebook account - photo credit: ABC/Denver Channel)
Shannon Conley (inset picture from 2012 school yearbook, larger picture from her Facebook account – photo credit: ABC/Denver Channel)

Shannon Conley told the judge she was misled while pursuing Islam and learned only after her arrest about atrocities committed by the extremists she was taught to respect.

“I am glad I have learned of their true identity here and not on the front lines,” said Conley, whose black and tan headscarf clashed against her striped jail uniform. “I disavow these radical views I’ve come to know and I now believe in the true Islam in which peace is encouraged.”

But U.S. District Judge Raymond P. Moore said he doubted Conley’s views had changed, and she needs psychological help. He also sentenced her to three years of supervised release and 100 hours of community service and barred her from possessing black powder used in explosives, saying, “I’m not going to take a chance with you.”

“I don’t know what has been crystalized in your mind,” Moore told her, adding that he hoped the sentence would discourage others with similar intentions. “I’m still not sure you get it.”

Fortunately, she will have 4 years to sit and “get it” in prison. Hopefully she emerges a little wiser, and to a world where the Islamic State group no longer exists. Fingers crossed.

Our second follow-up this week takes us to the governor’s mansion in Oregon. Governor John Kitzhaber was forced to give a surprise press conference on Friday regarding the issues surrounding his fiancee, the First Girlfriend of Oregon, Cylvia Hayes. If you recall, the news that Hayes had participated in marriage fraud (by marrying an Ethiopian immigrant for money so he could stay in the United States). Hayes got up, cried for the cameras, and then pretty much hid until the election was over and Kitzhaber (unfortunately) was re-elected.

First Girlfriend Cylvia Hayes cries for the cameras, October 10, 2014
First Girlfriend Cylvia Hayes cries for the cameras, October 10, 2014
But the First Girlfriend’s legal troubles are FAR from over.

That’s called tax fraud, and unlike the statute of limitations on sham marriages, it is still quite a prosecutable offense.

But she stayed away from the cameras this time, and Kitzhaber went and squirmed under hard questions (from, among others, radio host Lars Larson) yet again about his girlfriend.

He also said he won’t resign, still loves Hayes and that they still plan to marry, but also said the former Bend resident “will have no policy role and no political role” in his fourth term.

The governor — visibly nervous, his voice shaky at times — noted that when the first reports involving Hayes arose last year, he’d said her role would be “substantially different” than it was before, if he were to win an unprecedented fourth term.

“However, these issues have become such a distraction, I want to make it clear she will have no policy role and no political role in my administration over the next four years,” Kitzhaber said.

As for one new allegation that Hayes might have falsified tax returns, he called them “very serious allegations” that Hayes would have to address, should she choose to do so after returning from a trip to Europe. He said they file separate returns and he has not reviewed hers. Later, he said he would have “nothing to say” on the issue of her taxes.

But Kitzhaber said he and Hayes “took steps to separate her professional role” from the political one as First Lady.

The governor said both he and Hayes are cooperating fully with the state Ethics Commission investigation of complaints that Hayes improperly commingled her work as a clean energy advocate and other business dealings with those of the state or improperly influenced state policy without due reporting.

Expect to see the name Cylvia Hayes pop up again on Victory Girls. This is a story that is sure to keep on going.

And finally, there is a rather big football game on tomorrow.

Super Bowl XLIX - Patriots vs. Seahawks
Super Bowl XLIX – Patriots vs. Seahawks
We here at Victory Girls haven’t covered “Deflate-gate,” simply because everyone else was doing it, and listening to Tom Brady talk about how he likes his balls was late-night comedy fodder enough for months on end. However, several of us here are quite interested in the game itself. I will only speak for myself, but, since I am Seattle-born and raised and have never cheered for any other professional football team – GO HAWKS! Here is hoping the game is clean and free of major injuries. And that the Seahawks win. I would like to see them win BIG (like last year, when they ran over the Broncos), but I’m going to predict a much closer game.

Thanks for stopping in this week for Saturday’s Story Sequels!

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  • Penny says:

    Love the Saturday’s Story Sequels!! I look forward to more!!

    As to Oregon, I live across the Columbia River from the “Keep It Weird” town….they don’t call us the “Left” Coast for nothin’…….

  • Wfjag says:

    Maybe while in prison, Shannon Conley will meet a nice Muslim boy — someone who can regularly beat and rape her. Why should she travel half way around the world to get treated the way she will be treated if she merely walks down dimly lit streets in nearly any American ghetto? (Or, if you believe the Administration and MSM, any college campus?)

    • not ok says:

      Sorry the comment above me is not appropriate. It’s leftists who are always throwing sexual assault in our faces.

      It’s not a joke, and I’m sick of people who obviously have no experience with rape using it to make petty political jokes. My close family friend was sexually assaulted in a ghetto neighborhood. Hilarious, right? So funny you should make a political joke about it. Islam and rape Tee hee! Aren’t you just so funny! s/

      It’s not ok when the leftists do it and it’s not ok for you to do the same thing. Stop using people’s personal tragedies to make petty political internet comments, jerk. It makes you no better than the sleazy dems.

      • not ok says:

        I had hoped this was a conservative site for women, but NOPE just more of an excuse for people to blather about rape cause that’s whats “popular”. Women are tired of BOTH parties throwing rape in our faces to try to get votes. I don’t vote for any candidate that even says the word rape because I know they couldn’t care less about rape and have no plans to help stop it. Stop politicking on people’s personal tragedies. You have lost a reader.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Cylvia??? Oy vey- with a name like that you know bad news is just around the corner.

    Super Bowl? What’s that? 🙂

    • scizzorbill says:

      The Super Bowl is the final game (American Football) of the season to determine who is best at controlling an oblong slightly deflated flexible object commonly known as a football. There is much pomp and circumstance associated with the event, and millions are spent by corporations trying to get humans to buy their product. After 60 minutes of playing time, the team with the most points will be declared the winner unless the score is even, which means the already complicated rules will be extended for 15 more nail biting minutes until the loser is finally vanquished for good, followed by 1/2 of America screaming and yelling in joy while drinking themselves under the table. The other 1/2 will require a suicide watch team to prevent a serious loss of the workforce.

  • MadKalnod says:

    Re: Conley – Western women converting to Islam and trying to join I.S.I.S. or al Qaeda is remarkably like chickens declaring their devotion to Colonel Sanders and applying to work the deep fryer at KFC.

    Re: Hayes – “I want to make it clear she will have no policy role and no political role in my administration over the next four years,” How did we get to a point where the First Lady (at any level of government) has a policy role in the first place? I’m no Constitutional scholar, but I don’t recall anything in there about the power and authority granted to whoever happens to be married to the person who was actually elected. My father was Facilities Director at the Atlantic City Convention Center for years, but at no point did my mother just show up and start telling employees how their new health insurance plan would work or what the cafeteria was allowed to serve. That wouldn’t fly at all. So why do we allow it in our government, of all places?

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