“Safe” Drug Use Is Neither Safe Nor Empowering

“Safe” Drug Use Is Neither Safe Nor Empowering

“Safe” Drug Use Is Neither Safe Nor Empowering

The New York City Health Department unveiled their “safe” drug use campaign. They want New Yorkers to feel “empowered” about using drugs in a “safe” environment, as the story goes.

The New York City Department of Heath wants fellow New Yorkers to know that “drinking hot tea” is not enough to prevent the spread of the dreaded ‘Rona and that if you are indeed a drug addict, you need to be “empowered” to use safely. This has drawn the criticism of many to include Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody. Take a look at this campaign:

There is no ‘safe’ way to abuse fentanyl & these ads do not ‘empower’ users — they could get them killed, I’m astounded how far off the rails NYC leaders have gone. DO NOT follow their reckless advice.”-AG Ashley Moody

Moody also tore into NYC Mayor, Eric Adams (and rightly so):

It is inconceivable that the New York mayor and Health Department are empowering people to abuse drugs. Resources for those struggling should be provided by trained and medical professionals, not by politicians and organizations giving dangerous and potentially deadly advice.”-AG Ashley Moody

It’s no wonder New Yorkers are moving to Florida. Who could blame them? Draconian COVID lockdowns and vaccination requirements. New York is not the only city to push this idea of “safe” shoot-ups. As a resident of the Seattle-Tacoma metro area we’ve seen these campaigns before. King County in Washington State has a slew of resources. Want to use black tar heroin? To be “safe”, read their botulism warning and, by all means, don’t do it alone. Be empowered, they say. But parents of young high school athletes in King County? Don’t dare enter a restaurant with your unvaccinated kid or attempt to attend their sporting events. Double-mask, even in your car, and stop the spread of COVID-19 or you’ll kill Grandma this Christmas. Drug addicts? Don’t forget to smoke your “blues” together. Do it on a bus if you have to. It’s “safe” if you’re not alone, right, Seattle?

Question for you all, liberal law makers: do these addicts actually look empowered to you? Are they “safe”? Is this “safe” for others who you claim to care about?

Avoid using alone and take turns. But, boy, if you’ve got COVID, heaven forbid you enter a restaurant or go to a family gathering. You’re gonna kill everybody in sight. Hot tea will not just cure this, you know. Get vaccinated. Get boosted. Get double, triple boosted because you’re not “safe” to be in school, at work or around your relatives unless you do. Unless you’re off to a protest or a pride parade with a bunch of strangers or a Met Gala or other self-congratulatory event for being a waste of space or to rejoice that the man who made mean Tweets is out of office. Then, you’re completely “safe”. You’re also “safe” if you smoke fentanyl on a bus or on a subway. In fact, you’re “empowered” to do so in Seattle and cities like New York and San Francisco. And, best of all, you’re not alone. Want to shoot up heroin in a dark alley or a public park with a bunch of your friends? Yep, it’s a party. You’re “safe” there, too. Just make sure you mask up while you prep a vein for a syringe that you will later leave for a 3 year-old to step on.

You’ll find all kinds of tips for “safe” drug use not only on Twitter. NYChealthy also has plastered subways, bus stops, newspapers, billboards, you name it with this dangerous, “safe” campaign.

Follow them for more “healthy” tips:

Don’t drink alcohol. But, hey, no shame in smoking “blue”. Feel empowered to do so.

Second-hand smoke from cigarettes? Unsafe. Second-hand chemicals from fentanyl? “Safe”.

In truth, the NYChealth “safe” drug use campaign has been around a bit. The department has relaunched it as of last month with a more aggressive marketing campaign. Although this campaign is slated to end this weekend, NYChealth has reportedly spent $750,000 on these ads.

Every single dollar that was spent on these dumb ads could have went towards another bed in a [drug-addiction] recovery facility or another session of counseling under the city’s Health Department.”-Council Minority Leader Joseph Borelli (R-Staten Island)

Borelli speaks the truth. If only liberals looked at drugs the way they look at guns. They want to impose harsher laws on gun ownership because guns kill people. Newsflash, geniuses. Drugs kill people, too. The difference here? Liberal Democrats want Americans to feel shame for owning guns after a tragedy such as Uvalde because owning a gun is not “safe”. They want to take away the “power” of normal Americans to defend themselves (sometimes from drug-addled, mentally deranged people on the streets who break in to innocents’ homes). But drug-addicts? Getting clean is undignified, shameful, even. These liberals want to empower them to be “safe” when they do drugs. Why? Because shame kills. Yep. And so does crack.

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  • Bill Smith says:

    Don’t feel ashamed. That is the moto of leftism. Unless you are a productive, law abiding white cis male that is. Then shame should overwhelm you.

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