Russia Has Won So Far, Thanks to Democrats

Russia Has Won So Far, Thanks to Democrats

Russia Has Won So Far, Thanks to Democrats

Today, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Adam Schiff announced two Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump. With this announcement, Vladimir Putin has achieved his goal in the 2016 election. Russia has won. But, this is not the beginning of the end. This is the end of the beginning. In the end, America will win.

In the 2016 Presidential Election, the Russians employed “Active Measures”. Active Measures are warfare techniques by political, economic and military methods. These are not new activities. The Soviet Union employed them within their own country. The NKVD and KGB (and, never forget that Vladimir Putin is/was KGB) and other assets of Russia have long used them. In October, 1981, the United States Department of Bureau of Public Affairs issued a paper. It is jaw-dropping. Before the internet, here are the methods used:

Russia has made great use of active measures in the internet age. Victory Girls’ own Marta wrote about Putin’s use of active measures way back in April. From her post:

Their tactics are nothing new. Their “active measures” have been adapted to today’s technology, but have been in use for decades, and the threat hasn’t changed or evolved. Thanks to continued Russian messaging, more than two-thirds of Russians view the US as their number one enemy – not their government that continues to stifle speech, send military and security personnel to undermine the democratic processes and territorial integrity of its neighbors, thereby bringing international scorn and sanctions, as well as economic troubles to Russia’s door, and refuses to diversify its economy, relying almost exclusively on energy exports while building up its military at the expense of other government institutions. No, the US.

Bot farms, anyone? The Russians didn’t care who won in 2016. Clinton or Trump, either was fine with Putin. The aim of this interference was to sow seeds of discord among the electorate and to rupture our faith in our electoral systems. And, guess what? With the cheerful assistance of the Democrats and the Never Trumpers, Russia succeeded.

From the day Trump was elected, the Democrats have made no secret of their desire for the impeachment of this President. Jerry Nadler ran for the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee on the basis of his ability to impeach Trump. Auntie Maxine Water has been screeching “Impeach 45” since at least 2017.

And, here we are today. Two Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump. Here is the Nadler portion of the announcement this morning:

Who is that standing screen left behind Nadler? Why it’s Auntie Maxine, herself. Are the Democrats Russian assets. No. Not at all.

The Democrats cannot defeat Republican ideals. They must defeat Republican officials. Don’t forget Jerrold was part of an effort to impeach President George W. Bush. In 1983, Henry B. Gonzalez was one of seven Democrats who tried to impeach Ronald Reagan.

Are the Democrats useful idiots? No, Russia is not that persuasive. The Democrats have gone far left, but not that far. This isn’t even a matter of the Democrats hate “Orange Man Bad”.

The Democrats hatred of the population who elected Donald Trump is such that they have tunnel vision. President Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. With Obamacare and crippling regulations, the Democrats were well on their way. Hillary Clinton, as President, would have completed the fundamental transformation. The electorate rejected Hillary in favor of the disrupter President Donald Trump.

We, the Trump voters, recognize the corruption of the swamp. We know that the sons and daughters of the powerful in D.C. get special deals. We know that people go into elected office middle class and come out multi-millionaires. We wanted to disrupt that. Donald Trump is our avatar. He is us.

The Democrats cannot allow us to win. The Democrats hate us more than they love our country or Constitution.

Russia and her active measures are just the means the Democrats are using to punish us. We, the People, defeated the Soviet Union. We, the People, will defeat Russia and the Democrats. We must.

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  • GWB says:

    It’s not so much the Russians as it is the Soviets. This has been their project since the 1950s – to subvert American institutions in order to introduce rot into them. Of course, the Soviets fell before we did. (The better timber you build with, the longer it takes rot to set in.)

    But, one of the institutions they rotted was the Democrat party. The list is pretty long, actually: ACLU, unions, education (higher and lower), business, entertainment, the courts. Anti-Fa is one of theirs. I’m certain the KKK was backed by them at some point. Guarantee the SPLC is one of theirs. McCarthy was actually righter than anyone then knew.

    There is only one cure (besides, possibly, expunging our entire nuclear arsenal in a massive long-range live fire test), and that is to strengthen the timbers of our republic. We do that by re-educating our electorate on their true rights and responsibilities, where they come from (not the gov’t), and then getting them to prune the gov’t mulberry bush WAY back and to retake our cultural institutions. It won’t be easy, but it’s the only way to succeed.

    • MrSatyre says:

      Not really seeing any difference between the Russians and the Soviets. Corruption, fear, oppression, subjugation, and the KGB were all status quo then, just as they are now. The players remain mostly the same. The goals, strategies and endgames remain unchanged.

      • GWB says:

        Well, I will concur there. Russia has always been a bit of a basket case – under the czars, under the Bolsheviks, under the Soviets, and the new “democratic” Russia. Where are the Mongols when you really need them?

        (But, the Soviets were the ones who exported marxism in order to undermine free republics. The czars were old-fashioned tyrants.)

  • Kevin says:

    Here’s all you need to know about Russian interference … Mr. Trump and Mr. Pompeo said that they discussed Russian interference and warned them to stay out of the 2020 elections. The Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, just spoke and said, “We did not discuss the American elections.”

    Lavrov’s words has more credence than that of Mr. Trump and Pompeo given their predilection to spreading fake news.

  • Lindsay says:

    The disinformation and take-over of cultural institutions has been at the heart of the Communist assault on democratic values from the start. Check out ‘Double Lives’ by Steven Koch. The ‘elites’ are especially vulnerable, as they see how little the free market values their incredible talents, and so seek to impose their own self-inflating values on the culture.
    The techniques have proven so successful that other anti-western groups have adopted and adapted them. Notice how the elites seem to be espousing pro-Islamist propaganda, and anti-Christian rules? Anti-freedom, pro-compliance?

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