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Rittenhouse Prosecutor Commits Offenses In Closing

Rittenhouse Prosecutor Commits Offenses In Closing

Rittenhouse Prosecutor Commits Offenses In Closing

“You lose the right to self-defense when you’re the one who brought the gun.” That was said today by the prosecuting attorney, Thomas Binger, in the Rittenhouse Trial closing arguments. That was just one of the jaw-dropping statements and flat out lies he made in his closing. My husband hasn’t watched one minute of this trial until today when I had it on while we had lunch today. Even he was yelling at the television.

On Friday, when both sides rested, anyone who watched knew that the closing arguments were going to be a clown show, and boy howdy did it deliver.

Before the insanely long jury instructions and closing arguments began, Judge Thomas Schroeder dropped the weapons charge against Kyle Rittenhouse. The prosecution had made much of Kyle being 17 years old and possessing an AR-style weapon. However, under Wisconsin law it is lawful to possess a rifle under the age of 18, if it is a long barrel and not a short barrel. Strike One.

Thomas Binger invoked Groucho Marx from “Duck Soup:” “Who are you going to believe: me or your lying eyes?” He showed video clips frame by frame to make it look as if there were more time for Kyle to make different choices. He called Kyle a liar and a coward. He said that Kyle’s breakdown on Wednesday showed that he only cared about himself and had no remorse. How in the cornbread Hell does Binger know what’s going on in someone else’s mind?

Binger even invoked the great Patrick Swayze movie “Road House” with the quote, “You can’t bring a gun to a fist fight,” and a picture, too.

Sweet Georgia Brown! Then, Binger looked at the jury and said, “Many of you may have been in bar fights.” I kid you not. Way to win over the jury, Binger. Strike Two.

From CNN:

Binger’s closing argument began by noting the trial was not about politics, or looting or rioting — but instead about how life is more important than property.
“I think we can also agree that we should not have 17-year-olds running around our streets with AR-15s, because this is exactly what happens,” he said.
The prosecutor challenged Rittenhouse’s motivation for coming into Kenosha that night during the chaotic aftermath of the police shooting of Jacob Blake. He pointed out Rittenhouse traveled across state lines, violated a curfew and was not protecting his family or property. He also spent the night lying about being an EMT, Binger said.
Using several videos, Binger walked through the course of events that night, from Rittenhouse’s decision to go downtown, to the shooting of Rosenbaum, to the second set of shootings while he tried to flee. Jurors were paying close attention to the series of videos and images, according to a pool reporter in court.

Binger did not note how many of the rioters and looters were bused in from out of state. We should make note that Kyle drove about 30 minutes from his lifeguard job and that his father lives in Kenosha. The rioters did not obey the curfew.

I would note that 17-year-olds with rifles are necessary when elected officials won’t protect the citizenry, the governor won’t call the National Guard, and police are told to stand down. Hooray for 17-year-olds with rifles.

We are going to repeat the Four Laws of Gun Safety again:


Binger asked his assistant to hand him the AR-15 style rifle that was used that night. Assistant District Attorney Thomas Krause checked the chamber and handed it to Binger. Binger accepted it, and without checking the chamber himself, pointed it at the jury. Again, I kid you not. That’s the featured image at the top of this post. Thomas Binger went to the Alec Baldwin School of Gun Safety. Strike Three; Binger is out.

As I write this, Thomas Krause is making fun of skateboards as a weapon. If I had a loaded weapon and someone was bashing me with a skateboard, I would shoot to kill, too.

Is it just me or are the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense on trial along with Kyle Rittenhouse?

Featured Image: TwoAForever/Twitter/Cropped/Widely Distributed

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  • Marc says:

    Wisconsin, not Kansas.

  • JmjUSA says:

    Binge-r is so full of himself, he’ll be “beto’s” ag when he enters the oval chamber….

  • Toni Williams says:

    Oh geez. that’s a terrifying idea.


  • Robin H says:

    This is always the result of televised trials. They become shows more than law courts. The MSM will get their 30 second sound bites and be able to splice and dice it to look like Kyle’s guilty.

    • GWB says:

      The problem with un-televised trials is they can become Star Chambers where injustice can run amok under the cover of darkness. Which is how we got this point.

  • Aaron “Worthing” Walker says:

    That gun stunt might actually be a crime in Wisconsin

    I tweeted about it here:

  • SLC says:

    Believe the judge is Bruce Schroeder, rather than Thomas Schroeder.

  • John in Indy says:

    Yes. Quite clearly, the 2nd Amendment and the concept of individual self-defense is what is on trial here.
    The Antifa imports are not even questioned, nor are their identified members charged with the criminal acts they have admitted to, e.g. the man who fired his pistol behind Rittenhouses’ first attacker, nor Grosscruz, for his illegally possessed concealed pistol.
    That the FBI had high-quality video of the entire riot, and concealed the existence of it, supports my conclusion that the FBI is officially supporting Antifa and BLM by refusing to identify known riot leaders to the affected police departments.
    If they can hunt down a bunch of conservative tourists all over the country, and put them in the Bastille, they could stop Antifa if they wanted to do so.
    Antifa and BLM are government supported actors, at the level of their upper leadership.
    The .gov intends to deny the concept of self-defense as a right, gut the 2nd Amendment, and try to disarm the American citizenry.
    I expect them to try. I do not expect them to succeed.
    John in Indy

  • who was worse, the child rapist or the prosecution.

  • Bruce says:

    If that is REALLY Kyle’s rifle in the hands of that bozo, WHO STOLE THE SIGHTS?

    More “official malfeasance” afoot?

  • David135 says:

    The 2nd amendment seems under attack but it’s more basic than that. Just the concept of defending one’s self & property is being discouraged and delegitimized. It’s physical censorship, squelching defensive actions instead of words and ideas. The left has an obvious belief in an entitled right to censor, destroy and assault(and worse when able). Whether an idea or deed, they try to disarm opposition and even bystanders from fighting back. The mere act of doing so is highly insolent and it enrages them.

    • Toni Williams says:

      Insolent! Perfect word. In all of this last couple years, it is our insolence that enrages them. Thank you.

    • John C. says:

      Consider what happened to Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who are now having people call for revoking of their law licenses. There was evidence tampering by the prosecution in their case, even.

  • Elmer says:

    Hard to believe Binger used Patrick Swayze, who was a living god in his prime, as part of his closing argument. Road House was a ridiculous and thoroughly enjoyable fantasy about how bar fights go down. It is matched only by Point Break, one of the 10 best movies of all time. I should know for I was both a bouncer and skydiver at that time. The memes from this ill-advised tactic may be the best this year. And insinuating that members of the jury may have been in some good-natured “bar fights” suggests that Binger never ventured outside to hang out with the neighborhood kids. Despite all that I like the guy for his dumb prosecutor shtick.

  • alanstorm says:

    Looks like Binger (should probably be pronounced “binge – er”, to judge by his actions) violated all four rules in mere seconds.

    Not the kind of record one wants to set.

  • Elmer says:

    Obviously, the prosecutor hoped to swayze the jury. Ta-doom-tish!

  • GWB says:

    You forgot the whiny bit where the prosecutor tried to pull off sarcasm (and failed mightily) about Rosenbaum wasn’t so dangerous because he just swung a chain and committed multiple acts of arson. Oy vey. That one hurt to even listen to.

    Also, he’s legally wrong about bringing a gun to a fistfight. It’s not only legal, it’s a perfectly valid means of self-defense in EVERY STATE IN THE UNION. (Offer void in NJ and CA, which really haven’t been part of the Union for a long time.) So, he’s not just misrepresenting the facts on the ground, he’s absurdly LYING ABOUT THE LAW he’s charging Kyle under! There really should be a limit on that sort of thing, even in opening/closing arguments.

    I would note that 17-year-olds with rifles are necessary when elected officials won’t protect the citizenry
    Yep. That’s how we got our freedom in the first place. Also, some hanging (though, I think it was mostly tarring and feathering) of King George’s judges.

    And I love the “AND” on those safety rules. That’s precisely what Kyle was doing with Rosenbaum: securing his weapon from an unauthorized person.

    I really hope Binger burns for his lying, illegal violation of Kyle’s rights, and his horrible performance as a prosecutor.

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  • Bob says:

    WI Statute 941.20, Endangering Safety By Use of Dangerous Weapon, (1) (c) prohibits intentionally pointing a firearm at or toward another. Class A Misd. From what I could see on TV, two law enforcement officers were seated behind the DA, and if so, covering them with a rifle would be a class H Felony.

  • Bruce says:

    That comment about “two men in a fist-fight. Nobody gets killed ‘ is clinically insane AND a blatant LIE..

    A friend of mine DIED from a single punch that dropped him very hard on a concrete surface.

    It is a regular occurrence in “bar districts ” in all manner of places. Not a gun in sight until the cops turn up to start the paperwork and MAYBE collar the punch-deliverer, generally for his own safety if the “crowd” has already detained him.

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