Beto 3.0 Runs Again

Beto 3.0 Runs Again

Beto 3.0 Runs Again

Beto just can’t help himself. This morning he announced he’s running for Governor of Texas. He made his grand announcement via Twitter, standing in a field somewhere.

I bet he was wishing for a reboot of that Vanity Fair piece where he was attempting to look western and Ronald Reaganesque. 

So Beto is running again. Like a hamster on a wheel, he just keeps going round and round touting the same old messages that tanked horribly during his Senate and Presidential races. 

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) announced Monday that he intends to run for governor of the Lone Star State, setting up a heavyweight challenge to Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

O’Rourke, who also ran for Senate in 2018 and president last year, made the announcement in a fundraising email to supporters, where he touted himself as a unity candidate and railed against “fringe policies and incompetence that we see in Texas today.”

“I am running for governor to serve ALL of the people of Texas,” he said. “I believe that the only way we are going to achieve great things for this state is by looking out for each other and moving forward together.”

Let’s have a quick recap of the skateboarding, counter surfing candidate’s issues shall we?

Confiscate firearms through a mandated buyback of yet to be defined “assault weapons,”
Tear down physical barriers along the southern border (illegal crossings last year were the highest ever recorded),
Revoke the tax-exempt status of any church or religious group that does not support same-sex marriage,
Eliminate over one million jobs and increase energy prices by 900% throughout Texas with the Green New Deal, and
Close 11-30 rural hospitals in Texas by enacting a “public option.”

He’s STILL on the mandated buy-back of the vewy scawy assault rifle thingies. I tell you what, Beto really does NOT know how to read a room, or in this case, a state. Since Biden took office, the southern border has been overwhelmed by illegal immigration. CBP and the Border Patrol have been ordered to ship illegals to other places around the state and country. Crime is up, WAY up, along the southern border, and Beto wants to confiscate Texans guns?? Oh yeah, that’ll play REAL well across the state. 

Furthermore, Beto still wants to close rural hospitals. NOW, when we are now into two years of Covid craziness?? Like I said, the dude does not know how to read a room. 

Now Beto wants to fix the power grid failure. The one he blames Abbott for. 

He also criticized Abbott over the February power grid failure that left most of the state without electricity in subfreezing temperatures and his response to the coronavirus pandemic that has recently been focused on fighting vaccine and mask mandates.

In a video announcing his campaign Monday morning, O’Rourke focuses heavily on the grid failure, saying Texans were “abandoned by those who were elected to serve and look out for them.” O’Rourke said in the interview that Abbott “has stopped listening to and trusting the people of Texas.”

You know where he’s going with this right? More wind and solar! WHEEE!! Except that wind and solar completely tanked during that massive ice storm. The windmills were iced over and inoperable. The solar panels were covered in snow and ice, and with no sun, they too were inoperable. But Beto rides again! More windmills and more solar panels will for sure be the answer and save Texas from future ice storms! He’s wanting Texas voters to ignore the fact that it was the colossal failure of the ERCOT board. They refused recommendations in 2011 to prepare the grid, and five members (who lived outside the state) resigned in disgrace. 

Here’s the other thing regarding the furry skateboarder, Beto 

Beto is running for Governor in a state that went overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in 2020. Not only that, but the Hispanic vote went massively Republican from the local to the national level during that election. Much of what Beto is touting is completely in lockstep with the Biden Administration. 

Beto wants open borders. I’m sure that will play very well to all the counties along that border. And, this morning, Beto lost a crucial vote. 

Furthermore, Beto is all in on allowing transgenders into women’s sports at the K-12 level, and is promoting Critical Race Theory in schools. 

It’s going to be fun to watch Beto burn through millions of dollars of campaign funds, most of which will come from out-of-state donors. 

He’s already recycled his campaign logo. Will he recycle skateboard stunts, flash mobs, and counter surfing as well? As the photo shows, Beto was substance free in 2020, and 2022 is looking much the same.

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