Want Alyssa’s Charming Anti-NRA Boycott To Fail? #BUYcott Thursday Is For You! [VIDEO]

Want Alyssa’s Charming Anti-NRA Boycott To Fail? #BUYcott Thursday Is For You! [VIDEO]

Want Alyssa’s Charming Anti-NRA Boycott To Fail? #BUYcott Thursday Is For You! [VIDEO]

Boycotts. So hip! So WOKE!! So Charmed! Yeah, NO. Yet that hasn’t stopped the latest stampede of political correctness and virtue signaling from the merry band of anti-gun, anti-NRA enthusiasts and their newest recruits from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Think Progress’s Judd Legum hit the airlines for daring to be tainted with the NRA brush. Parkland student activist children David Hogg, Cameron Kasky, and Emma Gonzalez cheered and jumped on the bandwagon. Now banks who do business with EVIL GUNZ makers and the NRA are the target.

Drama much?

Alyssa Milano, the un-Charmed witch, wants MORE!

24 hours to make your point? Blink 182 is gonna help!

They’re still a thing? Meanwhile David needs a tutor.

Dare I point out the problems with this virtue signaling boycott?

This will be easy for me. I haven’t sent anything by FedEx in at least half a year. No particular reason. Documentary urgency just isn’t a regular thing in my life, and, for packages, the United States Postal Service and UPS are more conveniently located.

Others who’ve announced their determination not to use FedEx will find it more problematic to switch to competing companies. So problematic, in fact, that it’s an excellent bet FedEx won’t notice a drop in business.

“Very few boycotts ever result in a significant change in consumer behavior,” said Brayden King, a professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management who has studied hundreds of such protest actions dating to 1990. Would-be boycotters either drift quickly back into their old spending habits or, like me with FedEx, were never big customers to begin with.

“When boycotts are effective, it’s because the announcement has grabbed the attention of the media and threatened the reputation of the company,” said King. “This makes investors and executives nervous. They don’t want the name of the company dragged through the mud.”

Statistics show that maybe 1 in 4 boycotts actually work long term, as in more than three days long-term.

Memo to un-witch Alyssa and has-been Blink 182, this boycott will only work if the following happens.

Blink 182 must demand that Amazon drop their music and anything to do with their brand.

Alyssa, you need to tell Amazon should dump anything and everything to do with “Charmed” ASAP!


Isn’t that how a boycott works? Not only will you refuse to buy; the service that was providing the particular product, even if it’s yours should be dumped in the trash. RIGHT?

Yeah, they DEFINITELY didn’t think this one through.

Let’s try this instead.

#BUYcott Thursday!! 

  • Download those movies you’ve been waiting for.
  • Ship that gift to your loved one tomorrow rather than waiting for the weekend!
  • Need to buy a gift card for someone’s birthday or anniversary? BUY IT NOW!
  • Supporting a particular charity? Use Amazon Smile and go for it!
  • Stream music for your workout – except for Blink 182 that is.
  • Own a business and need to ship stuff? FedEx can get it there in a jiffy!
  • Need that speciality food item or groceries for the weekend? Order now!
  • Housewarming or graduation gift needed? Jump on Amazon and get it ordered today!
  • Want to stream NRA TV? Go to Roku! 
  • Had a favorite tv or movie you were planning to watch. Set your Apple TV to download in 3, 2, 1…

First of all, buying now shows immediate gains. Secondly, companies that refuse to kowtow to an angry uninformed virtue signaling mob should be applauded.

The long term effects of companies caving to a few only serves to anger their buying public, Chick-Fil-A anyone? As Delta just found out, following the politically correct mob isn’t the best move.

However, a #BUYCOTT will see immediate gains for those companies who dare exercise free enterprise and refuse to discriminate against businesses and people because of an uniformed angry mob says anyone involved with with those EVIL GUNZ is at fault for the Parkland, Florida tragedy.

I couldn’t agree more! Want a double win for your Thursday? #ShopStreamShip and put a massive harsh on Alyssa’s oh so Charmed boycott.

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  • Scott says:

    Hmm, I’ve got a couple items in my cart, and was planning on buying today… But I guess I can wait one day, just to make the point! Thanks for the heads up!

  • MikeyParks says:

    So we hand the reins of power to children and people who think like children? That’s just grand.

  • Nicki says:

    Milano is a moron who really doesn’t understand the way economics works. One-day boycotts do nothing, but shift purchasing to the next day, or the previous day, or the following week, or whatever. People still need what they need, and they will still purchase it from Amazon, because it offers the best pricing and quick shipping. You are not reducing consumption – merely moving it to a different day.

    These people are too stupid to be allowed a computer.

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