REOPEN America Is Happening In Colorado, Georgia, And Tennessee

REOPEN America Is Happening In Colorado, Georgia, And Tennessee

REOPEN America Is Happening In Colorado, Georgia, And Tennessee

REOPEN America will start happening this week and next in several states. Georgia will start reopening at the end of this week, Tennessee starts next week, and amazingly the Democrat-led state of Colorado will also start reopening on April 27.

As a resident of Colorado, I honestly thought Governor Polis would extend the Stay at Home orders by another two weeks or even a month. So his announcement late yesterday afternoon caused my jaw to drop BIGLY.

“Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) announced Monday afternoon that the state will transfer to a safer-at-home model with a path forward that maintains 60% to 65% social distancing on April 27 after the stay-at-home order expires.

Polis outlined the businesses that will be allowed to reopen — all with strict precautions in place — under the safer-at-home period.”

Other types of critical businesses will reopen. Coloradoans will have the opportunity to see their massage therapist, get some personal training in, get a hair cut, take their pet to the groomer, go shopping at other retail stores not related to grocery, have that elective surgery that was put on hold, and even restaurants potentially in mid-May. ALL with key restrictions in place that includes continued social distancing, major cleaning protocols, masks, and restrictions on the number of people allowed in the business at any given time. 

Common sense protocols that will allow businesses to open, start bringing in revenue, yet do so in a manner that strives to keep everyone as healthy as possible is what America needs right now. 

Tennessee’s EO will expire on April 30 as planned. 

“”Our Economic Recovery Group is working with industry leaders around the clock so that some businesses can open as soon as Monday, April 27,” said Gov. Lee. “These businesses will open according to specific guidance that we will provide in accordance with state and national experts in both medicine and business.”

The Lee Administration will work with Shelby, Madison, Davidson, Hamilton, Knox and Sullivan counties and their health departments as they plan their own re-open strategies, the new release said.

“While I am not extending the safer at home order past the end of April, we are working directly with our major metropolitan areas to ensure they are in a position to reopen as soon and safely as possible,” said Lee. “Social distancing works, and as we open up our economy it will be more important than ever that we keep social distancing as lives and livelihoods depend on it.””

Georgia is going one step further and is planning to reopen starting this Friday. The list of businesses that can reopen is much more extensive than Colorado or Tennessee. Bowling alleys, gyms, and church services can resume. AS LONG AS the safety protocols are adhered to. Furthermore, there is a plan to let restaurants reopen starting April 27th. 

Progress with caution and as many safety protocols in place. 

Contrast that with Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s lecture yesterday. According to her, our Constitutional rights during this time should not matter. Instead the ONLY rights that matter are the rights of our loved ones to live. Therefore the sacrifice is worth it because World War II.

Comparing this virus pandemic to World War II is literally like comparing apples to freaking kumquats. There is NO comparison whatsoever! The virus as with all other viruses is now out in the world. It will never go away. All we can do is hope and pray that we build up herd immunity and overcome the damned thing. World War II? There were very clear winners and losers. The war came to an end. Period. The virus can only be mitigated. Not erased. 

That said. I’m pleased and optimistic for our local and state economy that Colorado will be reopening. Will there be hiccups across America? Absolutely. Will we see more cases? I’m realistic and say yes, unfortunately, we will. Will people be stupid and flout the safety protocols? Yes, because …well Darwin stupidity. 

The complaints about this move are something else. Opening now is bad for America! Death and racism play a prominent role among the whiners.


Wow. That’s one helluva take there.

To be blunt, the costs to America’s health and our staying shut down is unsustainable. I’m very pleased that states, including my home state of Colorado, are taking a big cautious step towards reopening. As for those who think this is a bad idea. Fine. You have the choice to stay at home. 

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  • Dietrich says:

    “As for those who think this is a bad idea. Fine. You have the choice to stay at home.” Snort! These are the people who cannot wait to get back to the public trough. They’ll be out haranguing us, screaming that every Wuhan Flu death is our fault, saying we should all be in lock down, etc.

  • GWB says:

    even restaurants potentially in mid-May.
    About a month too late.

    Will we see more cases? I’m realistic and say yes, unfortunately, we will.
    Why “unfortunately”? 99+% of cases won’t kill anyone. And even fewer of the doom cases should be fatal if proper treatment (not shoving them into an ICU ventilator) is given promptly. And, a vast number of those cases won’t even know they’ve had it unless they’re tested for the antibodies.

    A month and a half of restricted contact will be undone in the first week.
    There’s that Zero Risk mentality. This person believes that we’re somehow preventing the spread of the disease altogether and it will blossom once people are touching each other’s surfaces again. (I have to admit bowling alleys are germ factories in the best of times.) This ignores basic science regarding this virus.

    Oh, I’m finally seeing people discuss the 5th Amendment pertaining to this shutdown. I hope the lawsuits are legion and break the tyrants. I also hope they force a less dictatorial choice next time.

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  • DAVE says:

    Please be aware that the efforts to “flatten the curve” were 100% based on assumptions that the healthcare system would be overloaded and NOT to prevent disease (slow the RATE of illness, not STOP the illness) — the overload never happened and even the liars in NYC are NOT using the overflow facilities set up by supporters (USNS COMFORT, Javits Center, Samaritan’s purse, etc.) — the probability of the virus accelerating is low and keeping a high proportion of unexposed individuals means a LONGER recovery curve overall — SWEDEN is a good example of a good response — the entire nation cannot be destroyed on economic, psychological and social levels due to NYC’s subway disease incubator getting out of control.

  • windbag says:

    We live close to the borders of GA and TN, so this is good news. Hopefully, NC will see the lost revenue as its citizens flee to the free world. I told my wife that McDonald’s might be taking reservations when this opens up. In fact, I’m deciding which restaurant to call and see if they’re already taking reservations for next week. Again, hopefully, the dam is about to burst from this nonsense, freeing up the economy.

    If you’re sick or at risk, stay home. If you’re worried, don’t take visitors. Otherwise, carry on.

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