#ReleaseTheMemo: The Top Ten Hot Takes of Doom With James Comey For The Win [VIDEO]

#ReleaseTheMemo: The Top Ten Hot Takes of Doom With James Comey For The Win [VIDEO]

#ReleaseTheMemo: The Top Ten Hot Takes of Doom With James Comey For The Win [VIDEO]

Will the dreaded memo be released by President Trump or not? That has been the question of the day since Tuesday. As we rational beings know, there must be something there since the top guns at the FBI are doing their epic best to keep the memo under wraps. 

The increasingly embattled Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a preemptive strike yesterday against the hotly anticipated foreign surveillance abuse memo in hopes of discrediting the document before it is released in coming days.

Keep in mind that the FBI and the DOJ did their damndest to NOT cooperate with the House Intelligence Committee during their investigation. In fact, the FBI released a strong yet vaguely worded statement late Wednesday claiming there were ‘material omissions’ in the memo which would be problematic. So someone didn’t cross a T or dot an ‘I’? Boo hoo.

And of course, Adam Schiff (Constitutional illiterate – CA) had to sound an alarm or something.

As zero hour approaches today, lets take a gander at the plethora of reactionary Hot Takes from those who want the memo to disappear.

Jennifer Rubin: The liberal masquerading as a conservative had a meltdown.

Good grief woman! Trump Derangement Syndrome has hit you hard. Tinfoil is not a good look on you.

Dan Rather: jumped into the fray and got slammed to infinity

I know the guys at Powerline are laughing themselves silly at this. Particularly since they, along with Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit and pretty much everyone at Pajamas Media had a hand in exposing Rathergate. All due to a guy named Buckhead at Free Republic who sounded the alarm.


The FBI and DOJ:

Oh really? What this tells me is that some of those folks who would be named were probably doing stuff they shouldn’t have been. Such as using FISA warrants against people they shouldn’t have. The more the FBI and DOJ object, the more the swamp stinks.

Eric Holder: Yeah, that guy.

Keep in mind that THIS is the dude who was definitely involved in weaponizing the DOJ. James Rosen anyone? Not only that, but should we remind him about Uranium One? Nahhhh

Jeff Flake: the Flakester who is on his way out and was never really a Republican in the first place:

Soo… will it be CNN or MSNBC who’ll be hiring him as a pundit after his term is done?

Reporters (and I use that term very loosely) chimed in:

Andrea is the same one who was slavering over Hillary during the campaign and now professes to be shocked SHOCKED I tell you that there’s a problem with her emails, servers, and whatnot. Uh huh.

Meanwhile tampon earring Rachel (no, I won’t inflict that photo on our readers -you’re welcome), knows the memo was definitely altered. REALLY? The memo is still in a SCIF and she doesn’t have clearance to read it. Or did someone else tell her about it? Paging Adam Schiff:

California Rep. Adam Schiff claimed Wednesday that Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee altered a controversial surveillance memo after the panel voted earlier this week to release the document to the public.

Inquiring minds would like to know, if Schiffster is so darned certain the memo got modified, that must mean he made a copy of the original and is now comparing the two. Or, this is the real reason.

In other words, something got classified and the rest was grammatical changes. But CONSPIRACY! or something.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CONN):

“The release of this memo is really reminiscent of the darkest days of the McCarthy era, with character assassinations,” Blumenthal told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day.”

Which is totally absurd.

And the Hot Take winner of the week is!

James Comey:

Uhhh…ok. Winning? Yeah, Not. So. Much.

Yeah…that. Serious fail for Comey. Then again, he’s just channeling all the others who are now claiming that Devin Nunes is a Russian agent.

Yes folks, those were just Ten of the multiple over-the-top Hot Takes regarding the pending release of THE FISA MEMO THAT WILL KILL THE WORLD!

I’ll let Dennis Miller have the last word:

The Dems appear to be going through Memopause.

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  • George V says:

    Shockingly, I find myself in agreement with Dan Rather’s tweet. “…And I have found, generally, that those who lash out the most are usually those who are most afraid about having the truth revealed.”
    Seems to be a whole lotta’ lashin’ out goin’ on by the Congressional Dems and the FBI and DOJ leadership.

  • John C. says:

    If they are so convulsed about about the memo being “modified”, the obvious fix is to publish it either in annotated form giving the original words so readers can decide for themselves whether the changes were substantive, or both texts in their entirety with the original version having only the change requested by the FBI, clearly marked. Honestly, people are generally smart enough to understand these things if they are given the actual facts.

  • GWB says:

    In my line of work I’ve come across many people with something to hide.
    Yeah, like you.
    And I have found, generally, that those who lash out the most are usually those who are most afraid about having the truth revealed.
    ‘Cause there wasn’t any lashing out by you and CBS about that TX Air National Guard memo, now was there?

    the bogus, contrived Nunes memo
    And, how would you know this, Eric? Unless someone who had seen the memo had told you what was in it. Which would be a violation of their security clearance since I’m positive you’ve been “read out” on everything by law.
    Or, of course, you could just be a political hack who wants his team (the progs) to win, regardless of truth, justice, or the American way.

    Or did someone else tell her about it?
    She put it in quotes in her tweet. She’s quoting Schiff-for-brains. Heck, she linked the dude’s Twitter.

    with character assassinations
    Wow, that’s a real lack of self-awareness coming from him.

    in the long run, weasels and liars never hold the field, so long as good people stand up
    Which is why you are out of a job, and Hillary will never be president of the United States.

    The Dems appear to be going through Memopause.

  • harleycowboy says:

    ‘.. is releasing names a threat to national security?”
    For people who work in D.C. No.

  • Scott says:

    Hmmm, where to start… ok,
    1. Comey is a leftist hack and an idiot! (and probably guilty of criminal conduct.. me thinks he doth protest too much)
    2 Holder is a leftist hack and an idiot! (and DEFINITELY guilty of criminal conduct.. methinks he doth protest too much)
    3. Dan Rather is a leftist hack and an idiot!
    4. Racheal Maddow is a leftist hack and an idiot! (and one seriously ugly dude!)

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