Real “Tough Guy” Joe Won’t Give Up On Hunter

Real “Tough Guy” Joe Won’t Give Up On Hunter

Real “Tough Guy” Joe Won’t Give Up On Hunter

The Bulwark, the official Trump Derangement Syndrome website for Establishment Republicans, asserts that Joe Biden is the real tough guy in the 2024 Presidential Race. Jill Lawrence, the writer who made the assertion, actually used the words “persistence, restraint, forcefulness, forbearance” to describe Joe’s “underlying toughness”. Joe is empathetic and Donald Trump is a whiner. I hear you. Stop laughing. That was Jill’s gist, not mine.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Bulwark, here are the deets from their website:

The Bulwark was founded to provide analysis and reporting in defense of America’s liberal democracy.
That’s it. That’s the mission.

We publish written articles and newsletters. We create podcasts and YouTube videos. We give political analysis from experts who have spent their lives in the business.

Some of what we do is behind a paywall. Most of what we do is not. That’s because we are a mission-based organization first and a business second.

The Bulwark was founded in 2019 by Sarah Longwell, Charlie Sykes, and Bill Kristol. The idea, then and now, was to tell you what we think—with honesty and good faith.

To put country over party.

To know that we’re all in this together.

And to build a home for the politically homeless.

I am politically homeless and would rather sleep on a park bench than call The Bulwark home. Poor, poor Bill Kristol was completely broken by Donald Trump. Trump is loud and big and Kristol just doesn’t care for the cut of his jib. Kristol and his acolytes will ignore everything that Biden has done to Conservatives over the decades because his TDS tells him he MUST. The Bulwark masthead is full of Never Trump acolytes.

Bill Kristol is a tough guy like Joe Biden is a tough guy. The opening of Jill Lawrence’s Bulwark piece titled “Joe Biden Won’t Give Up on Hunter or America”:

WE GET IT, AMERICA. You think Donald Trump is tough and Joe Biden is compassionate, and therefore not tough enough. But you’ve got it exactly backwards. Trump whines so constantly about “what I’ve been through” that he should adopt “Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me” as his campaign song.

Don’t mistake Biden’s empathy for weakness. The major challenges he has confronted in his first term have required focus, discipline, and strength—from the death, destruction, and global destabilization of two raging wars to his own son’s prosecution on gun charges and the jury’s guilty verdict Tuesday.

Persistence, restraint, forcefulness, forbearance—these qualities speak to an underlying toughness, and Biden has demonstrated them all during his presidency. The Hunter Biden saga is no exception.

Remember Joe Biden’s compassion to those under his command that he lost at Abbey Gate?

Or how about those lost in the fires in Maui, Hawaii?

Right after Hunter was convicted, Joe went to a Gun-grabbing Symposium and this is the Bulwark’s take:

BIDEN WAS STRONG ENOUGH AND TOUGH ENOUGH to choose upholding the law. He was also tough enough to keep a speaking engagement with gun-safety advocates, many of whom have experienced personal tragedy involving guns, a few hours after his son was convicted on all three gun charges. And he was tough enough to weather what happened at that event.

“Never give up on hope,” Biden told the audience at the conference hosted by the group Everytown for Gun Safety. Then a protester began shouting at him about “genocide,” upset about deaths in Gaza amid Israel’s fierce response to last fall’s Hamas attack. The Biden-friendly crowd erupted into chants of “four more years,” drowning out the heckler. Biden’s response was remarkable: “No, no, no, no,” he said. “Folks, folks, it’s okay. Look, they care. Innocent children have been lost. They make a point.”


It also takes strength and discipline for a president to let the Justice Department do its job without fear, favor, public criticism, or outright meddling. Trump expected the department and his attorney general to do his bidding. In the case of his pardon powers, he bypassed official channels almost entirely so that he could, as the New York Times reported, “wipe away convictions and prison sentences for a roster of corrupt politicians and business executives,” as well as an assortment of cronies, allies, advisers, celebrities, and operatives. And their crimes actually harmed people, unlike the crime for which Hunter Biden was convicted. (Not surprisingly, some recipients of Trump’s careless largesse are in legal trouble again, ABC News reports.)

“Strong enough”, “tough enough, with “strength” and “discipline”. What the heck, Bill Kristol and Jill Lawrence? Do you know nothing about Joe’s career? He’s not a tough guy. He’s not a nice guy. He’s not compassionate and certainly not smart.

Jill Lawrence says Joe is strong, tough, strong and disciplined. He’s also a puppet. He reads what’s on the teleprompter (Pause here.) and goes where he is pulled. The world is blowing up and Biden is clueless. Remember the vaccine lies?

Thanks Bulwark, I will stick with Trump.

Featured Image: The White House/Wikimedia Domain

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  • Scott says:

    Ok, can we PLEASE stop calling Kristol and these other fools “Republicans”, they are nothing of the sort. Their unwavering support for the potato in chief shows that they are democrats through and through.

    Let’s be honest, President Trump is an asshole…. But he did good things for this country, and given a second chance, I have hopes that he will move more forcefully to address the problems he noted during his first time, and actually make progress towards draining the swamp…

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