Lia Thomas Loses Legal Battle, Won’t Compete In The Olympics

Lia Thomas Loses Legal Battle, Won’t Compete In The Olympics

Lia Thomas Loses Legal Battle, Won’t Compete In The Olympics

Lia Thomas will not be allowed to compete in the Olympics and put women athletes at a disadvantage per the ruling of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) yesterday. Yet, the decision wasn’t about his transgender status.

Controversial transgender swimmer Lia Thomas will not take part in the upcoming Paris Olympics after losing a legal battle in which she argued the rules prohibiting her from participating were “invalid and unlawful.”

Thomas, 25, who transitioned to female via hormone therapy after competing for three years as a male on the University of Pennsylvania swim team, dominated the field of biological women to become the first openly trans person to win an NCAA Division I title in 2022.

Her ascent sparked an impassioned national debate about whether it was fair for biologically male athletes who change their gender to compete in female sports leagues.

*Sigh, I do really wish the media would quit pandering. Thomas is a biological MALE who decided to transition to becoming a pseudo female. Thomas couldn’t hack it as a competitive swimmer as a male, but as a “female” he blew the competition away. 

Thankfully, women such as Riley Gaines said ENOUGH and has led the battle to keep biological males from taking over female sports. 

Well, Thomas decided that he was ENTITLED to compete in the Paris Olympics and brought suit against the World Aquatics after they, rightfully so, banned biological males from competition. You see, he’s now a woman so they can’t keep him out. Or so his misguided logic and enablers have told him. 

Enablers such as NBC News who whines that his hopes were dashed. 

Thomas had asked the sports court in Switzerland to overturn the rules last year, arguing they were invalid, unlawful and discriminatory. The rules were established several months after Thomas, then a student at the University of Pennsylvania, became the first trans woman to win an NCAA swimming championship in 2022.

“The CAS decision is deeply disappointing,” Thomas said in a statement through her attorney. “Blanket bans preventing trans women from competing are discriminatory and deprive us of valuable athletic opportunities that are central to our identities.”

“The CAS decision should be seen as a call to action to all trans women athletes to continue to fight for our dignity and human rights,” Thomas added.

Oh he’s all about dignity and human rights as long as HE gets his way. The women, the BIOLOGICAL women he’s competed against or wants to compete against? Sucks to be them is how he rolls. 

Swimming as with track and field, or cycling is about strength, speed, and endurance. Biological men will ALWAYS have a physical advantage over women. Thus it is right and fair that women ONLY compete against women, and men ONLY compete against men. 

Furthermore, it wasn’t that Lia Thomas’s hopes were dashed, it is that the court saw that his sense of entitlement was far stronger than fair competition and good sportsmanship …for now. 

You see, CAS ruled that Thomas is not qualified at this time to compete in Elite events. He doesn’t have standing because he isn’t a member of the USA swim team, thus CAS ruled that the policy in place does not apply to him. Again, there’s a caveat hidden in there stating this is …for now. So CAS split the baby just a little and left the door open for policy changes in the future. 

Of course, Lia has all the sads because he’s not going to get his way. Cue all the tiny violins!

The interesting thing is, this ruling comes during Pride Month. Which is already on steroids full of asshattery. Cities are painting pride flags on their streets and then getting their shorts in big knots over the fact that *GASP cars and scooters leave TRACKS and deface their pandering ‘art.’ How dare they??! 

Our military has even gotten into the swing of things and is issuing virtue signaling pride statements all over the place. 

GACK. I’d really like it if our military was more concerned with being mission and battle ready instead of pandering to the few. 

Is it any wonder that the pander crowd has Lia Thomas believing that he is totally entitled to waltz into the Olympic Trials because he checks all the cool transgender boxes? 

You know what else is interesting about all of this? It’s only men who are inserting themselves into women’s sports. Women aren’t. 

CAS rightfully ruled that Lia Thomas is ineligible to compete in the Olympics thus kicking his entitlement right in the teeth. 

Feature Photo Credit: Iszac Henig/Wikimedia Commons/cropped/Creative Commons 4.0

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  • Chad King says:

    OH NOOOO! Anyway . . .

  • George V says:

    Methinks the time has come to dispense with sex/gender division in sports and instead use chromosomes.

    “XY, you go over there. XX’s line up here.” Problem solved.

  • Ken says:

    He thinks he’s entitled because the transgender crowd misguidedly thinks trans women are women. Most assuredly, they are not.

  • Scott says:

    Interesting that you don’t see ANY female to male trannies trying to compete in sports against real men… odd how that works..

    Ooh, and Leah Thomas can piss up a rope for all the harm he’s done to women athletes. He is a mentally ill entitled ass, and needs to be treated as such

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