Reagan Forum: Carly Fiorina Delivers Major Foreign Policy Speech to Sold-Out Crowd

Reagan Forum: Carly Fiorina Delivers Major Foreign Policy Speech to Sold-Out Crowd

Reagan Forum: Carly Fiorina Delivers Major Foreign Policy Speech to Sold-Out Crowd

Our founders never intended us to have a professional political class. They believed that citizens and leaders needed to step forward…It is time for citizens to stand up to the political class.” —Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina speaks before a packed house at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Monday night. (Photo Credit: Ventura County Star)

Carly Fiorina is trying her darnedest to launch herself onto Fox’s GOP debate stage next week, which will feature the top ten candidates as determined by current polling, marking the first debate of the much-anticipated election season. And last night, to a sold-out crowd, she gave a major foreign policy speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library in Simi Valley. Give it a read (updated with video at the bottom). I’m betting you won’t hear any of the other candidates offer a more detailed understanding of the world today:

Carly Fiorina Reagan Library Remarks as Prepared for Delivery

Steven Crowder has stated that Fiorina is America’s potential Margaret Thatcher. And rightly so. The speech, from my perspective, was both impassioned and genuine. I can just imagine Fiorina debating Hillary Clinton. And if her recent joust with Jess McIntosh of liberal Emily’s List is any indication, it’d be a blood bath:

The words “running away, yelping, with her tail between her legs” come to mind.

Reactions on social media to Fiorina’s Reagan Forum speech were, of course, mixed, but mostly positive:

The current mood of self-described Republicans and conservatives—as witnessed by Donald Trump’s colossal leap to the top of just about every major poll—appears fed up, frustrated, and decidedly anti-establishment. And Carly Fiorina brings that very quality to the race: She’s not a politician, but she is an accomplished, competent leader. Unfortunately, Trump has sucked much of the oxygen from the collective boardroom and been the focus of much of the news cycle of late, overshadowing Fiorina as the anti-establishment candidate. Nevertheless, this Victory Girl hopes that Fiorina, an important voice amongst a field overstuffed with similar candidates, can propel herself onto that debate stage. Why? Because, aside from her fearless throat punches to her (incompetent) female counterpart in the yawn-fest that is the Dem lineup, she handles the liberal media beautifully, never taking their “gotcha” bait or shying away from any question, and provides a quick, detailed solution for every single issue lobbed at her. Strong, decisive leadership, coupled with smart, thoughtful, and thorough solutions to our nations mounting problems, is what’s sorely lacking today, the very antithesis to the narcissistic gasbag currently occupying our White House.

Fiorina has won a much-coveted invitation to this weekend’s donor summit hosted by the influential Koch Brothers. And she will be included in the Reagan Library’s GOP debate on September 16th, which will feature all of the Republican candidates. You can learn a bit more about Fiorina here and here. I wish her luck.

Victory Girls will update with video of Fiorina’s speech as it becomes available.

[UPDATE 7/28]:

Fiorina’s full speech at The Reagan Library

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